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"Don't I just... Chill your blood? So... Scream for me, alright?"
— Heishiro Maitake, Icarus Awakened

Background Edit

Heishiro was born to a clan of assassins, the Maitake, during their wandering days as nomadic people. Born with the ability to sense the chakra of other beings, Heishiro was considered god-like among the Maitake due to the fact they had never witnessed anything like it. From the ages of three to five he was used as a secret weapon, taken along to complete their assassination contracts and detect their target and any possible guards. Soon after he reached the age of five his entire clan was murdered and his memories were sealed. He was taken and thrown into the barren deserts of the Land of Wind

For him, life in the desert was difficult. At first he struggled, nearly dying countless times only to find some unwavering resolve to live. During this time he began to refine his ability to sense the chakra of others, increasing the distance he could detect chakra over and making it so he could detect a single person in a large crowd due to their "chakra signature". He used this ability to detect traveling caravans or single travelers and quickly steal what he could before fleeing the scene. Unfortunately, his antics eventually caught up to him when he targeted a lone ninja traveling slowly across the sands, he rushed in, only to be instantly ensnared in a devilish Genjutsu. Once the Genjutsu was released he vowed to never go through that again, hating the powerless feeling it gave him. He went through the belongings he had obtained over the years and found a scroll on Genjutsu, studying it intently and seeking to memorize everything he could. He began practicing simple Genjutsu, selecting the lizards and desert birds around him as victims. Slowly he increased his proficiency with Genjutsu, now using the Genjutsu on the travelers and caravans that went through what he considered his land.

Eventually he grew satisfied with what he knew of Genjutsu and studied the other scrolls he had obtained. His days were divided between snatching what he needed from travelers, studying his scrolls, and putting what he read into practice. He steadily learned jutsu after jutsu, yet it irked him that he came across mentions of things such as the Sharingan that he couldn't obtain. He studied more and more, seeking to make up for his lack of a special bloodline and fill the gap with pure skill. It was then that he found scrolls on Chakra Natures and he filled his days studying only these, seeking to determine which he possessed. He tried every training mentioned, failing at most but finding that he possessed three natures. Wind, Fire, And Earth. He focused his training on the Wind and Fire natures, only toying with the Earth nature as a sidenote yet still developing a few unique jutsu. Believing that he learned everything he could from the scrolls that he possessed he scattered them throughout the desert, leaving them for either the elements to claim or for some other curious being to learn from them.

He began to wander aimlessly, picking a direction and simply walking as if it didn't really matter if he reached anywhere in particular. During his wanderings he encountered many rouge nin, very few of which put up anything he considered to be a good fight. Whenever he would run into a group of bandits or some rogue nin he would remain in that area long enough to track them to their hideouts and level them, claiming whatever he found useful for himself. In one of the bandit gang's hideouts he found a live prisoner, a swords-master that piqued his interest. He released the man under the condition that he would teach him to wield a blade to the best of the man's ability. Of course, the man quickly agreed and obtained his sword from above his prison before leaving with Heishiro.

Heishiro trained rigorously under the swords-master, taking every task he was told to perform a step further than needed to ensure he mastered it. No matter the task that was thrown at him, he strove to complete it and did so without complaint. He quickly became proficient with a blade, followed by beginning to rival the swords-master, and finally surpassing him after many defeats. Heishiro announced that he would take his leave, no longer having any need for the man. The swords-master merely chuckled and gave him a parting gift, two sword hilts and a single scroll. Heishiro thanked the man and left, slightly confused as to why he was given two hilts with no blades.

When night approached he took to the trees and selected the tallest one he could find, scaling it quickly and resting on the treetop. His thoughts wandered back to the gifts and he toyed with the hilts, running his fingers over them as he examined them. He shook his head and set them down before selecting a scroll and opening it. It read "Shuso" and contained the details on how to create a blade of chakra that held the wind nature and place it into the hilt with the Kanji for Fujin, 風神, embellished on it. He opened the other which read "Retsujitsu" and contained the details on how to create a blade of chakra that held the fire nature and place it into the hilt with the Kanji for Kagu-tsuchi, カグツチ, embellished upon it. he poured over these scrolls, taking in every detail and practicing constantly. He slowly but surely mastered the technique and immediately burned the scrolls afterwards, destroying the last trace of the jutsu. From then on he wore the hilts on his person constantly, holding them in improvised sheaths on each of his hips.

He began to wander once more, never traveling in any particular direction but always looking for an opponent to test himself against. He has recently began taking on the traits of his clan, becoming an assassin known by few but feared as the "Assassin of the Inferno" (インフェルノ中暗殺者, Inferuno no ansatsu-sha) due to the fiery appearance of his hair in battle.

Personality and Character Traits Edit

Heishiro has been described as "convoluted" and has never believed himself to be all that complicated which, according to those around him, makes him even more complicated than before. While he often seems disinterested and aloof when in new environments, he carefully pays attention to every detail and ensures that he knows his surroundings. In truth Heishiro loves being introduced to new things or people and has repeatedly stated "I'll try it, long as it doesn't kill me... Don't think that would be too fun" and despises things of the rudimentary or repetitive type, preferring to have a constant stream of interesting stimulus. Due to this Heishiro has been said to be markedly cold as he quickly distances himself from people he finds "painfully ordinary" and has even gone as far as chiding opponents during battles or bouts he finds boring. He is rather analytical and can be shockingly cold or distant at times, yet he has a humorous and warm personality in general, often cracking jokes at the strangest times and is almost always seen with a smile on his face when among company he enjoys. Despite his typically warm disposition Heishiro has been seen to quickly become cold and calculating during an intense battle, his demeanor quickly swinging to adapt to the situation. Among other things, Heishiro takes great pride in his skill with a blade and holds to a strict code of honor. As such he refuses to use a sword or blade that has been poisoned and views doing so as "ultimately dishonest, no one should die from a scratch" and believes simply that if you can't kill with your skill then you aren't fit to bear a blade.

Heishiro has a habit of staring through people that he is unfamiliar with, his eyes focused as if he were looking past their exterior with a simple gaze, and this tends to have a disconcerting effect on those who aren't used to such gazes. Heishiro himself often chooses to ignore that most can't hold his gaze and immediately takes a genuine interest in the few that manage to hold his gaze without flinching or looking away. When at ease Heishiro has been said to have a "lazy" look about him; his eyes half veiled by his lashes, an easygoing and relaxed look settling into both his facial expressions and body language, and distinctly "slacker-like" air radiating from his persona. In truth Heishiro is still alert, steadily tracking his surroundings from behind half-closed lids with a hand nearly touching the closest weapon. Due to this he has often been chided by Ayatsuri, his traveling companion, for being overly paranoid and has simply replied "maybe you're overly at ease, besides this is my relaxed face" on multiple occasions.

While in the midst of intense combat Heishiro's true intelligence shines through as he rapidly analyzes the situation along with his opponent before forming flexible strategies on the fly. Due to his prowess in the field of strategy he has been deemed one of the few who can defeat an opponent using only his cunning and nimble wits to direct and manipulate his opponent into a sound defeat, an impressive feat in of itself.

Heishiro strangely maintains a nearly neutral, almost positive, outlook on his occupation as an assassin, holding the belief that "there must be someone who kills quickly, silently, and without prejudice to balance those who kill for sport or hatred, and that's where I come in. My balancing act simply comes at a cost". Despite his claims to hold no prejudice in his kills he openly refuses to kill a child for any amount of money and on the occasions that he has been asked to do so he blatantly refused before shadowing the child to kill any and all assassins which were hired in his place.

While Heishiro has a formidable appetite, his skills in the "culinary battlefield" are limited to making his favorite food and drink, which are notably simple dishes. Despite his lack of skill, and knowledge of that skill, he has attempted to learn many times, each effort failing horribly and a notably number ending with the entire kitchen being singed.

Abilities Edit


Heishiro possesses extremely high speed and is able to output an impressive amount of damage with physical attacks such as punches and kicks, yet he tends to rely on his blades and high chakra levels to make the most of his offense although he has been seen to fight purely hand to hand when challenged. Due to his slim build his physical defense isn't very high, but he has an extremely high pain threshold and due to this his body will give out on him before he loses the will to fight. He uses his chakra to supplement his defenses but he much rather simply dodge his opponent's attack, using his speed to his advantage. He has an increased stamina level due to his life spent in the harsh deserts and the need to survive hours of intense heat and strain. The sheer speed of his strikes give them an increased impact damage, allowing him to topple opponents with superior physical strength.

Inner Demon Edit

Heishiro possesses another, more vicious, "personality" within himself. He's dubbed this personality "Icarus" and strives to fight without allowing him to surface most of the time. When angered immensely or put into extreme danger Icarus will surface, influencing both his personality and fighting abilities. Icarus seems to hold an increased repertoire of techniques, often using ninjutsu and forms of taijutsu that Heishiro himself has never utilized. Heishiro has hypothesized that Icarus never sleeps, meaning that he is constantly taking in information and learning even while Heishiro himself is not. While Heishiro values his life, Icarus wants merely to win and as such is willing to risk life and limb in order to defeat the opponent. Due to both the fact that he values his life and that he wishes to control himself Heishiro has begun gaining mastery over Icarus, giving rise to different "forms" and abilities.

Suppressed Form Edit

In this stage or form Heishiro is fighting to contain Icarus, striving to keep him from surfacing. Due to this Icarus is unable to surface completely and as such a demented/deranged personality is created which is characterized by the permanent grin plastered on his face and nearly constant maniacal laughter. While in this stage Heishiro's natural abilities are slightly enhanced by Icarus, the most notable of which is the increase in his speed. The knowledge that Icarus holds is limited in this form and due to this most of the techniques used are along the lines of taijutsu. The only change in appearance which occurs due to this stage is the alteration of his natural eye color, changing from a warm amber to an icy blue. The balance between the two beings is extremely instable while in this form, which may lead to jerky movements and constant internal conflict. Due to these factors, this is the weakest form and is arguably more detrimental than it is beneficial.

Awakened Form Edit

In this stage Heishiro loses or gives up control, allowing Icarus to fully surface. This results in drastic changes in things such as appearance, fighting style, personality, and chakra levels. While in this form Heishiro's personality is completely suppressed by that of Icarus, creating a cold and empty being which no longer feels emotionally. Heishiro's physical abilities remain unchanged while his chakra levels flare, rising to the point that his chakra becomes visible to the naked eye and he seems to be cloaked in cold chakra. His appearance changes drastically and while there is no change to his facial features his hair color, length, and eye color are altered to the point of making him seem as if he is a different person entirely. His hair shifts to a snow white which seems to almost glow in its brightness and his hair lengthens rapidly, growing to the point of falling to just past his lower back. His eyes become truly cold, shifting to a harsh icy blue so pale its nearly grey, and hold an intense emptiness which tends to have a disconcerting effect on those who meet his gaze. The balance between the two beings is entirely one sided, Heishiro's personality and traits disappearing almost completely. Due to this he functions at his normal level, able to perform as if there was no change.

Nirvana State Edit

In this stage Heishiro and Icarus are in perfect balance, allowing feats which would normally be beyond the abilities of either to occur. This results in a blend of changes in appearance, personality, chakra levels, physical abilities, and fighting style which makes this the most powerful form of any Heishiro possesses. While in this form Heishiro's personality is mixed with that of Icarus, leading to a blend of warmth and emptiness which creates an almost unearthly feel. This results in most opponents being disturbed by his simple presence, a mix of awe and fear rising in most. His physical abilities are boosted drastically, the most notable changes being in the fields of speed and strength. The sheer speed at which he moves is enough to overwhelm most opponents, his movements seeming nearly instantaneous as he moves at speeds which even skilled Sharingan would find nearly impossible to follow. The power behind his strikes increases tenfold, behaving at level with or slightly above users of Chakra Enhanced Strength techniques. Heishiro's appearance becomes split between the two in every feature: one eye retaining its natural amber coloration while the other shifts into the icy blue of Icarus, his hair lengthening slightly and splitting down the middle in terms of color; half snow white and half fiery red. While in this state Heishiro is unable to speak, remaining trapped in the absolute silence of Nirvana. The knowledge of Icarus is used to its entirety, allowing access to more powerful techniques which were previously beyond the capabilities of either being. While in this state Heishiro is said to be able to gain the upper-hand against a bearer of Orochimaru's more powerful curse marks and is rumored to be able to hold his own against a Jinchuuriki, the latter claim has yet to be proven. The raw power granted by this form doesn't come easily, absolute inner peace must be achieved and maintained throughout the duration of the use of this form.

Master Swordsman Edit

His swordplay style uses both hands, wielding Shuso and Retsujitsu in his left and right hands respectively. He has also had a katana forged using his Alloys, wielding this with a single hand and using his speed to his advantage. His strikes are extremely precise and come at amazing speeds while still seeming fluid and effortlessly graceful. He has been seen to hold his own against multiple swordsman attacking him as a unit, stating that he has defeated an entire unit of 10 swordsman on his own using only his blades and has defeated a unit of 20 but he had to resort to using ninjutsu to come out victorious. His style focuses on allowing the opponent the first strike to get a feel for their style as he picks out their strengths and weaknesses before deploying a strategy devised mid-combat.

Weaknesses and Strengths Edit

The rigorous training he imposed upon himself allows him to recognize that he has been trapped in most Genjutsu faster than most, although he never uses Genjutsu himself. His life in the desert gives him an increased tolerance to attacks that deal with heat and wind, but makes him slightly more vulnerable to attacks that deal with the cold. He contains an average knowledge of ninjutsu due to his never having an academy education but he has absolute mastery of those he knows. He quickly learns jutsu he acquires a scroll for and rapidly picks out the details of the techniques used against him in combat, allowing him to recognize them later in life and take the action he deems appropriate. He is considered to a master of taijutsu, holding his own against multiple opponents in both swordplay and hand to hand combat. When facing a new opponent he tends to stare them down, motionless but ready to spring into action as he allows them the initiative so he may observe their movements and techniques to devise a strategy mid-combat.

Trivia Edit

  • Maitake is also a mushroom known as the "Dancing Mushroom", ironically enough Heishiro is allergic to Maitake Mushrooms
  • Heishiro's personal traits are:
    • His favourite food is giant Onigiri with a sweet peach center, his least favorite food is anything fried.
    • His favourite and least favourite drinks are Ginkgo or Ginger Tea and Green Tea respectively.
    • His hobby is reading anything he can get his hands on, as long as it "bears even a sliver of new information or is deemed interesting".
    • His's favourite phrase is "Muon kiru", Silent Kill.
    • The colour associated with Heishiro is Crimson.
    • He only long term goal is to gain more knowledge, while his short term goal is always to find something of interest.
    • His deepest fear is finding himself powerless; explaining his constant training.
    • As of late Heishiro has completed a total of 425 assassinations, ranging from no-name ninja to powerful missing-nin.
  • Heishiro is considered an S-Rank criminal due to his line of work, despite this he seems to be welcome in any village that he strolls through due to his warm personality and the aid he provides... for a fee of course.
  • Heishiro is an animal lover in general, instantly playing with dogs, cats, wolves, or any other animal he can get close to. He seems to have a natural gift for dealing with animals as he has been seen several times walking up to feral beasts and petting them as is they were domestic without receiving any harm. His reasoning behind it is simply "It's an animal thing"
  • Heishiro currently has a large bounty of 49,500,987 ryō on the black market, strangely enough he constantly keeps track of the worth of his bounty and was rather insulted when it dropped on one occasion.

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