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High Frequency Lightning Release Blade
High Frequency Blade
Name High Frequency Lightning Release Blade
Kanji 高周波雷遁刀
Rōmaji Kōshūha Raitontō
User(s) Reika Masamune

The High Frequency Lightning Release Blade is a standard japanese longsword currently wielded by Reika Masamune, it is her most frequently used weapon in combat. It is a straight and single-edged sword with a rectangular grey guard, and black hilt. By channelling her lightning chakra into the blade with chakra flow, it resonates at high frequencies, raising its temperature, thereby increasing its cutting ability. By doing so allows Reika to cut through almost anything, as well as burn the target that has been pierced by this lightning blade in the process. A proficient user like her can wield the blade with such speed and accuracy that she can deflect several kunais. The increased vibrating frequency gives it more cutting power than the standard wind release techniques.

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