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Himizu Chikamatsu (火水, Himizu, lit. Fire and Water) Consider to be a hermit of the sand village Himizu is not very well nown out of the village other then what rumors and hints the other villages may have on him this makes Himizu a secret weapon in the war between villages.


Himizu has bright blond hair that he grows out to his shoulders, and he has purple eye liner under his brown eyes. Himizu wears a royal purple sweater with golden collar and a orange under t-shirt.his pants are the same as his sweater royal gold trim with royal purple.


Himizu is smart, quick-witted, and inquisitive, and is often in good humor when he's able to pursue his work, but has a strong dark side. He is very proud of his creations, even keeping choice Puppet creations of past successes in his room, and is always interested in new research opportunities, but barely cares for the lives of others, or even the Village itself, focusing instead purely on his work. He cares more about the ends than the costs in getting there, though his ends aren't always exactly in line with his comrades.


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The family consists of master Archers, and Himizu follows that tradition. To that end he has trained his body to have the maximum strength and flexibility possible. It gives his body an almost rubber-like repulsion power, absorbing impacts through impact dispersion as he calls it. This allows him to take much harder hits with minimal damage.

Himizu Sling

Himizu with his elastic material wrap around his body and left arm

Although he can shoot a bow fairly well, he usually uses an elastic material he wraps around his body to fire ninja tools, or simply throwing them. If the ninja tools do not prove effective he uses his chakra to focus pellets of pure chakra and fires them with the force of a Cannon ball. depending on the focus and chakra compress into a pellet Himizu can make the impact of a single pellet as great as a massive explosion or as weak as a drop of rain.


Himizu's Custom Recurve Bow

He follows what he calls the "you have 3 outs law" of archery: Center, Pierce, and Endurance.Center is the ability to be on target, Pierce is the power to penetrate the target, and Endurance is the ability to persevere. He calls them the 3 outs because in archery without all 3 you will die. Taking his training to new levels of difficulty Himizu needed away to restrict his own movements and force his body to build up more physical endurance so he could use much more strength with little choice Himizu had six Restrictive rods implanted in his arms and upper body so to build more physical endurance that would be normally unachievable to any normal person with out activating there inner gates.
Restrictor rods

restrictive rods popping out of himizu's body

By fully flexing his body to the point of the restrictive rods partially removing themselves from his flesh Himizu can use his true strength after removing the rods he is able to triple his strengths of all his Archer skills.

Chakra Focusing

Himizu has the ability to focus his chakra into small objects, strengthening their destructive power. These objects range from playing darts, blade of grass, and even his own teeth. Using the flexibility of his body (or even a rubber sling wrapped around his body), he slings them with enough speed to tear through trees, human bodies, and even thick steel doors with little effort.

Puppet MasterEdit

Instead of making a puppet like all normal puppet users Himizu is extremely reluctant to use his real puppet skills unless he is in a life or death situation Himizu very rarely relays on his families skills as a Master Puppeteer.


Himizu's Silver Haired Monkey Hermit puppet

Monkey Hermit Puppet

Himizu's first puppet and the only one he has ever needed to use in combat. Being Himizu's first puppet this Monkey is full of hidden weapons and its own unique set of items that makes it a deadly opponent on the battlefield.


It looks like a normal silver haired Monkey with a robs over its body. Under the robs the puppet is cover in a thick silver hair that is able to natural grow when enhance with chakra.the Monkey is over 4 ft and is built to be very slim made for speed not for protection.

special itemsEdit

The Silver Monkey Hair is from a ancient Monkey breed that live hidden away in a unnamed jungle that is so massive that it has no way of gathering food so it uses its own hair to gather it. By focusing its chakra into the Hair it can grow out the Hair to a insane length and cover a large forest in hair with ease. By taking this Hair and placing it all over the puppet Himizu can focus his chakra into the hair and use it as a weapon for the Puppet trapping weapons or even opponents in waves of hair.

When Himizu is focusing his chakra in the hair the puppet is made to look like it is manipulating the Hair with hand jesters to give the illusion as if it is controlling the hair itself. The hair can be made to stop almost any form of physical attack or direct jutsu attack unless its fire. By focusing a large amount of chakra to a single point of Hair it can be made to be hard as steel or soft as normal hair.

Hidden away out of site The silver Haired Monkey is always in a seal contract tattooed to Himizu's left arm.


Three-Headed Guardian Beast commonly called Three-Heads, is a creature sealed in Yumegakure and appears in Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive. It is said to be a solid concentration of energy that brings about cataclysms. After hearing about a monster from Yumegakure able to do the same damage as a Tailed beast Himizu hunted down and through unknown means trap this three headed monster forcing it into his personal summon.

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