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Hitori Koyama
Name Hitori Koyama
Kanji 湖山ひとり
Rōmaji Koyama Hitori
Personal Status
Birthdate June 7
Age 21
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 108lbs
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Daystar Clinic
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Land of Iron Symbol Land of Iron (Undercover)
Previous Occupation ANBU Symbol ANBU Operative
Samurai (Undercover)
Team Death Dealers of Kura-ku
Partner Tokino Hanamitsu
Family Kiyoka Koyama (Half-sister)
Rank ANBU Symbol ANBU
Classification Missing-nin
Ninja Registration 649401
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Assassin's Dagger Technique
Blade Barrier Technique
Body Elimination Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Clone Pincer Attack
Dance of the Crescent Moon
Death Blossom
Fire Release: Force of Flames
Fire Release: Phoenix Bullet Technique
Fire Release: Sacred Fire Barrier Wall
Fire Release: Spark Stream Technique
Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Incendiary Clone Technique
Katsuki's Juinjutsu
Manipulated Shuriken Technique
Samādhi Fire
Samādhi Firestorm
Samurai Sabre Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Time Reversal Technique
Wind Release: Hawk Bullet
Wind Release: Pressure Bomb
Wind Release: Razor Wire Technique
Wind Release: Gale Palm
Wings of the Phoenix
Weapons Bái (白) and Qīng (青) (Dual Tantō)
Fūma Shuriken
Wire Strings
Hitori Koyama (湖山ひとり, Koyama Hitori) is missing-nin from Konohagakure who served undercover in the Land of Iron, while utilizing the codename Shisaku (シさく). After defecting from Konoha she's worked closely with associates of Katsuki's clinic, particularly Tokino Hanamitsu.


Early LifeEdit

Hitori was born into a family that was trying to establish itself as a prominent clan within Konohagakure. Due to this both her parents were quite absent from her early upbringing, instead focusing on their sociopolitical objectives. This left Hitori to be raised by various attendants to her family, but prevented her from developing a close relationship with parents. Despite their lack of presence Hitori's activities were incredibly structured, often focused around education and physical skill. It was during this time she was tested for her elemental affinity, which is quite odd for someone of her age. From the time she was identified as having an affinity for fire, which she would master outside of the academy's education.

Young Kunoichi of the LeafEdit

Showing exemplary talent and skill in the academy Hitori managed to graduate to the rank of genin at the age of nine. This led to her immediate placement upon within a squad of four, who would undergo several missions together over the course of two years. This would finally lead to their participation in the Chūnin Exams, where one of Hitori's teammates would be killed during the final stage. Gravely troubled by this event, and more so by the fact that the conclusion of the fight was cheered on by the spectators, Hitori first began to question her village's practices. Despite this, she was able to become a chūnin herself during that same examination.

Darkness and IronEdit

Relieved from duty temporarily after being promoted to chūnin Hitori returned home, expecting her parents to congragulate her on her advancement. Unfortunately, this was not the case. While becoming a chūnin by the age of eleven was a notable feet, the fact that it took two years from her academy graduation was considered to be unacceptable. As such her parents had managed to pull strings in order to have Hitori removed from the village's regular forces and have her transferred into the ANBU.

Following of her enrollment into the ANBU her first assignment was the being placed as an undercover operative in the Land of Iron. Utilizing her young age Hitori was able to feign orphanage when she was recovered from a harsh storm in the snowy country. From here she eventually managed to achieve samurai status after enduring intense training. It was here that she received her dual tantō, Bái (白) and Qīng (青). The conditions of Konoha's mission stipulated that Hitori completely assume the role as a samurai in the Land of Iron, under the name Shisaku. During this time she was to fulfill her position with the utmost perfection, even if it meant killing Leaf shinobi.

For a total of seven years Hitori assumed the role of Shisaku, dutifully serving the Land of Iron. It was then that she received word in the form of an envoy from Konohagakure, giving her secret orders to return to village.

The True Will of FireEdit

Upon returning to the village Hitori discovered that the situation for her families attempts to become a recognizable clan changed considerably. In the time she had been in the Land of Iron her family had gained a sizable estate, seemingly through their endeavors. While Hitori initially found this accomplishment to be quite significant, she soon came to question her family's secretive behavior and quick advancement in status. Separate from her ANBU objectives Hitori began to personally investigate what her family's activities behind the scenes. It was here that Hitori discovered that the Daimyō and various lords from Land of Fire had been hiring her family to perform missions of varying legality.

Soon after her discovery Hitori was requested to serve the will of the nobles for her family's benefit. In particular members of the Daimyō's court asked that Hitori execute a prisoner as a sign of good faith that she was in line with her kin. This prisoner, Tokino Hanamitsu, was captured during a skirmish with a noble clan to the south and had refused to divulge any information about her former employer. Since she refused to cooperate, the court decided Tokino was of no use. Witnessing the corruption of the Daimyō and her family Hitori freed Tokino in deviance of the Land of Fire. Realizing that she would be criminalized for this due to her actions, despite her motive, Hitori fled from the village. Though, before she left, she razed her family's ill-gotten estate to the ground with an incredibly destructive display of fire. Leaving the charred remains of her life as a shinobi behind Hitori vowed to stand against corrupt institutions and individuals.


Hitori Full

Hitori is a young woman of above average height and a light, yet athletic, build. Furthermore, she possesses dark hair she has tied back into a spiky ponytail since a young age. While Hitori usually has dressed for the situation at hand, such as specific uniforms while in ANBU or as a samurai, she appears to prefer dark colored clothing that allows her to maximize her mobility. As such she has been most recently observed wearing a sleeveless high collared shirt, which displays her her midriff, along with baggy shinobi style pants. Additionally, she still possesses the metal arm guards and characteristic tattoo from her time as in ANBU operative, though she often disguises the latter with chakra.


Hitori is a cynical and sarcastic individual who conceals her nature with a serious and focused demeanor. She appears to value autonomy for both herself and others extensively, displaying disappointment when faced with opponents who are being controlled by others. Despite this, she has come to develop personal survival, and the survival of her allies, as an objective outweighing all others. To this end she is willing to end the life of an opponent to secure the protection of her friends and family. While in combat Hitori displays a calculated advance, carefully analyzing her opponent's strategies as she initiates her own. Additionally, both in combat and in simpler circumstances, she has a habit of providing her own input or explanation on whatever nearly any topic. While she is confident with her own abilities and intelligence she does recognize when others have superiority in particular fields, albeit reluctantly.

Upon discovering that she has a younger sister Hitori devotes a significant amount of effort towards security of this bond. Despite Hitori's initial trouble seeing eye to eye with Kiyoka their shared experiences, and mutually troubling childhoods, permits an irreplaceable bond to develop between the two.


Hitori Stats

Hitori is a flexible and an extremely powerful individual whose natural abilities have been honed to perfection following years of training under various institutions. These institutions, ranging from Konoha's ANBU to a samurai serving the Land of Iron, have necessitated that she master an impressive variety of abilities and apply them in an extremely effective manner. These trials have also imparted an unquestionable level of experience upon the relatively young Hitori, granting her nearly incomparable expertise in the realm of combat. Able to fill countless roles in battle Hitori has been considered to be the perfect kunoichi.

In addition her her combat abilities, both natural and refined, Hitori chakra has been described as extremely intense and powerful. While her chakra reserves are only slightly above average, the quality of her chakra allows her to produce effects that can far outshine most individuals. Furthermore, Hitori's chakra has been noticeably marked after critical injuries she was branded with Katsuki's own juinjutsu, in order to facilitate regeneration. While couldn't synchronize her chakra with the cursed seals, prompting Nōsei no Mikoto to seal it, Hitori does receive slightly enhance regeneration from Katsuki's technique.


A product of her tutelage, and vast amount of experience, Hitori wields a great amount of knowledge that she is able to apply to nearly every situation that she encounters. Spending several years of her life undercover in various locations, with the Land of Iron being the most notable, Hitori boasts high levels of observational ability that she can instantly apply to blend into her surroundings. These observational skills can also be applied to combat, allowing her to recognize trends in her opponent's combat style; in turn permitting her to exploit an enemy's weaknesses with the utmost precision.

Developing a number of original techniques that are only dwarfed by the Nōsei's own expansive arsenal, Hitori possesses an great understanding of practical chakra manipulation. This specified knowledge also allows her to break down the performance techniques she observes, potentially allowing her to reverse engineer the technique after sufficient practice. This is best observed when Hitori was able to redevelop Nōsei's Blade Barrier Technique, after only witnessing it on a single occasion.


Hitori's most refined abilities likely fall under her masterful usage of taijutsu. Claiming that her hand to hand combat abilities are the only ones that she could openly reveal during her more secretive missions, Hitori perfected a fighting style designed around counteracting her opponent's movements. Coupled with advanced acrobatic feats, and a fluid barrage of strikes, Hitori has been described to possess a nearly untraceable attack pattern, even for the most seasoned of warriors.

In addition to her form focused taijutsu style, as opposed to merely power focused, Hitori boasts a considerable amount of raw speed. Taking advantage of her light frame, she has demonstrated the ability to evade the attacks of several enemies simultaneously before defeating them in a mere instant.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Due to her training as both a ninja and a samurai Hitori has a high level of ability when it comes to weapon utilization. Particularly, her mastery of her dual tantō, Bái (白) and Qīng (青), allows her to fight on par with kenjutsu masters and taijutsu specialists alike. Additionally, she can channel through these blades in order to increase their range and cutting potential. Furthermore, she has developed methods of modifying and enhancing the performance her chakra flow.

While her weaponry skill is most refined in the form of kenjutsu, Hitori is also proficient with the usage of ballistic weapons as well. From summoning a barrage of weapons with deadly accuracy to manipulating wires for various purposes Hitori shows notable lethality at long range as well.


Hitori's widest range of skills fall under the category of ninjutsu. Acquiring numerous techniques over her career as a Konoha kunoichi she is able to adjust and apply the proper techniques for the situation at hand.

Nature TransformationEdit

Amongst her impressive arsenal of ninja techniques Hitori's most directly destructive abilities are attributable to her elemental natures. Naturally gifted with the element of fire she can easily conjure massive blazes for both attack and defense. Furthermore, with her secondary element of wind she can enhance her flames beyond the potency of most water techniques. Furthermore, Hitori possesses the unique ability to manipulate fire according to her own will, even if she wasn't the one from whom in originated. With this ability she can shape flames, and increase their intensity, beyond the normal means of the Fire Release, solidifying her mastering in the element.

In addition to her normal elemental techniques Hitori has also developed Samādhi Fire, a which take wind enhanced flames to the next level. Displaying high levels of chakra control Hitori is able to concentrate and control wind and fire simultaneously. This allows her to rival, but not surpass, the elemental control of kekkei genkai users. The intensity of Samādhi Fire allows her generate flames hot enough to even surpass wind enhanced water and torch nearly everything in her path, though it requires a massive expenditure of chakra on her part.


Birth of the Death DealersEdit

Main Article: Birth of the Death Dealers

Coming Soon!


  • Hitori's surname, Koyama (湖山), means "Lake and Mountain", while hitori could be translated to "fire bird" (火鳥).
  • According to her Fanon databook entry:
    • Hitori's hobbies include calligraphy and dance.
    • Hitori wishes to fight several members of the Fire Daimyo's court.
    • Hitori's favorite dish is Zaru udon served with wasabi.
    • Hitori has completed 829 official missions in total: 91 D-Rank, 385 C-Rank, 278 B-Rank, 52 A-Rank, and 23 S-Rank.

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