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Hitsuyō no Mikoto
Hitsuyou 1
Exorcism Priestess (厄払いの尼僧, Yakuharai no nisō)
Name Hitsuyō no Mikoto
Kanji 必要命
Rōmaji Hitsuyō no Mikoto
Personal Status
Birthdate November 19
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 108lbs
Hometown Okuyama
Occupation Head of the Mikoto Clan
Previous Occupation Priestess
Family Mikoto Clan Mikoto Clan
Manshin no Mikoto (Father)
Nōsei no Mikoto (Son)
Hitsuki (Daughter)
Ryu (Cousin)
Classification Clan Head
Kekkei Genkai Reisei Reisei
Hiden Techniques Godaidō
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Jutsu Incomplete List
Chakra Weave
Mikoto Sealing Style
Mikoto-Style Smite Palm
Mikoto-Style Vanquish Cutter
Shadow Invocation
Weapons Myaku-giri (Formerly)
Hitsuyō no Mikoto (必要命, Hitsuyō no Mikoto) is the current leader of the Mikoto Clan and the mother of Nōsei and Hitsuki. Her relentless extermination of demonic entities in the past has earned her the moniker Exorcism Priestess (厄払いの尼僧, Yakuharai no nisō) amongst her peers.


Hitsuyō was born into the final years of the Mikoto Clan's nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, from an early age she was subjected to incredibly intense training from her father, the leader of the clan. Despite this, it is suspected that Manshin's founding of the Shrine in Okuyama is directly attributed to his daughter's birth. This change in lifestyle for the clan didn't lessen Hitsuyō's development into a powerful demon slaying force worthy of the Mikoto's attention. In actuality, her development and subsequent awakening of her clan's kekkei genkai nearly sealed her a future position as the next head of the clan.

While her professional activities were aligned with her clan's philosophies, Hitsuyō wasn't personally interested in the expansion and domination of her clan. This difference in ideology was further expressed after a catastrophic blow to the Mikoto's numbers, after a large battle against demonic entities. Particularly, Hitsuyō, who was in her late teens at the time, was one of two members of her generation to escape being killed or maimed. After this, she openly began to voice her dissent against her clan's anti-demon activities; due to the fact that she was noticing a trend of increased destruction that was beginning to involve innocents. Unfortunately, her opinion was not received well by the older generations, who continued on without considering the repercussions. After only a few years only Hitsuyō, her father, and a handful of others still survived. It appeared as if the Mikoto's days were coming to a close.

By the time her son, Nōsei, was born the Mikoto Clan had resigned most of their past ambition, leaving the once prideful clan to what many would refer to as a simple existence. Hitsuyō, who was content with the non-combative environment that her son could be raised in, didn't even find it necessary to lobby for the Head position in the clan. Though, due to the fact that her father still held power, she was unable to do much when Nōsei was determined to be the key of revival for the Mikoto. Troubled by the intensity of education that her son was subjected to Hitsuyō initially planned to abandon Okuyama with Nōsei and her daughter, Hitsuki, in tow. Unfortunately, after word of demonic activity began to spread once again, she sorrowfully allowed Nōsei's training to continue.

After her son left Okuyama, and her clan pondered the idea of pursuing him by force, Hitsuyō took the opportunity to take over the position as head of the Mikoto. Utilizing the great deal of fame that had earned her title Exorcism Priestess in the past she was able to assume control of the clan, thereby granting her son the freedom he so desired. Despite this, Hitsuyō began to personally ensure the safety of the surrounding provinces from demonic threats, and took a more direct role in her daughter's training. Nōsei's eventual return, was only accepted due to the influence Hitsuyō had earned in her son's absence.


Hitsuyō is woman of above average height possessing the trademark silver hair of the Mikoto along with a slender frame. She has dull greys eye which can assert a stern gaze upon individuals when she's serious. Additionally, she bares a thin scar under her left eye, which she received during the battle which decimated the Mikoto's numbers. Unlike her children, who usually wear clothes of primarily dark coloration, Hitsuyō has a tendency to dress herself in lighter apparel. Particularly, since her teen years she's worn a long white coat, similar in design to that of her son's, that bares the Mikoto crest along with grey shinobi style pants. Before handing Myaku-giri over to her son she strapped the blade to her back.


Hitsuyō is known to have quite a unique personality which resulted in many people to be subconsciously drawn to her. Naturally calm and easy going she is able to keep her cool in all but the most stressful situations. While this trait was practically useful in combat situations where staying would calm would make surviving a great deal easier, she is regularly confided in by complete strangers. It is as if her mere willingness to listen to another and respond attentively allows people to reveal their souls before her. Furthermore, with the addition of her impeccable memory and intellect, Hitsuyō can observe and analyze everyone she came in contact with. Whether this is done out of precaution, due to the high risks associated with her profession, or something else all together may never be fully known.

While she has been shown to be particularly well versed in combat, Hitsuyō loathes its necessity. Considering death and destruction are the most disgusting of human attributes, she often voiced an opinion that was denounced by the majority of her clan. Furthermore, she had really hoped that her children wouldn't be forced to fight for their own survival on a daily basis. This point also exemplifies the fact that Hitsuyō considers the well-being of her family to be the most important thing in her life. Her dedication to her family is also seen when she takes in Ryu, another member of her clan, after he loses his father.


While Hitsuyō's abilities haven't been witnessed to the fullest, it's evident by her position and survival in comparison to her clansman that she possesses significant skill in her clan's techniques. Furthermore, her son Nōsei has attributed the technique Godaidō to his mother; he claims her mastery of this technique allowed her to manipulate water in all of its forms in the surrounding area. Finally, the fact she bears the "no Mikoto" after her given name indicates that she has awakened the kekkei genkai Reisei.


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