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Princess of Flames
Affiliation Land of Demons
Partner Tenshi Noriko
Classification Summon
Nature Type(s) 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Jutsu Exploding Flame Shot
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet

Homura (炎, "blaze") is a Kajijū that has been aligned with Tenshi's family for many years. This creature is coveted by fire release users as it is thought that her race was the original users of the element before the Sage of Six Paths.


Homura Kitten Form

Homura has a feline appearance, often getting confused for a Tailed Beast due to her fire attribute and twin tails. She has silky smooth white fur with black ears, feet and a black stripe on her tails. Sprouting from her mouth one can see sharp saber-tooth tiger like fangs and her eyes are red with slits in the middle. She is often seen with fire sprouting from her ankles as well as around her body.

She has the ability to convert to a small kitten form at times where she is not in battle or not needed to serve as Yue's personal transport. While in her kitten form her appearance doesn't change much other than the shortening of her fangs and proportions of her body.


Fire ManipulationEdit

Homura has an exceptional ability to control the fire element, as she is able to withstand the flames of Amaterasu as well as produce flames of equal intensity. Her willow wisps are highly destructive and can be used in conjunction with her summoner to use several enhanced fire release jutsu.

Speed and StrengthEdit

While in her main form she can carry things on her back weighing several hundreds of pounds, and still maintain a high rate of speed. This is seen by her being able to carry both Tenshi and one other person on her back as they traveled back to the Noriko Shrine. Her speed is what makes her name known as a legend as she is able to keep up with Tenshi while she is using her natural speed, something that not many can do. Her speed also aids in her facilitation of flight, as she is able to "run" on the air currents.


Homura is a very intelligent beast, able to use and understand ninjutsu as well as distinguish between different techniques. While she cannot speak she is able to understand human speech and often replies with a series of chirps that to her partner portray a meaning.


  • This is based on Kirara from Inu-Yasha.

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