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Horned Falcon
Name Horned Falcon
Kanji 角鷹
Literal English Horned Falcon
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
By using Chakra Flow upon a sword, or any bladed weapon for that matter, the user is able to imbue this object with additional properties. So far this technique has only been utilized elemental chakra, so it is unknown if other variations are possible. While this technique has been no different to kenjutsu chakra flow already in place the true ability of this technique is for one to quickly alter the nature of the being utilized through the blade. Nōsei no Mikoto has demonstrated incredible mastery of this ability, rapidly switching between his wind and lightning natures. This ability to alter the chakra nature utilized increases the difficulty of Horned Falcon beyond most chakra flow techniques. This is due to the increased chakra control such a performance requires.

The known variations of chakra utilized include:

  • Lightning: As seen with other techniques enhancing a blade with lightning chakra dramatically increases its cutting potential, allowing such blades to cut through steel and stone without inhibition. Additionally, lightning chakra used in this manner can paralyze those that it comes in contact with, due to the effect the chakra has on the nervous system. Nōsei's use of this variation makes a high frequency chirping noise when the sword cuts or pierces a target.
  • Wind: Like the lightning release variation the use of wind release in chakra flow increases the sharpness of the blade in question. Such blades could even theoretically cut through those utilizing lightning release chakra flow. Furthermore, the user is able to extend the reach of their sword, via a blade of chakra, effectively increasing the range of their strikes.


The Horned Falcon is a shōgi piece used in a large-board variant called taikyoku shōgi, which is possibly the most challenging chess-like game in existence. This technique's name shares its origin with Flying Swallow, a technique possessing similar properties.

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