Immature Hoshigatagan

Hoshigatagan fully mature

Name Hoshigatagan
Kanji 星型眼
Rank A
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

Hoshigatagan (星型眼 Star Shaped Eye) is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Hekireki Clan. While not being one of the three great dōjutsu, it possesses considerable nonetheless.

Stages Edit

The Hoshigatagan appears in all member's of the Hekireki Clan at birth, when it is in it's first stage. In this stage, the eye is merely a pupilless purple eye that quickly deactivates upon the Shinobi's birth. It later be unlocked through training, or through a stressful or emotional condition, after which the Hoshigatagan can be used whenever the user pleases. In it's first stage, it possesses the diamond-like circular markings around the eye. Through more training, the Hoshigatagan gains the star shape in the middle of the eye where the pupil would be. As the Hoshigatagan evolves, the user gains heightened abilities. Unlike other dōjutsu, the Hoshigatagan manifests in one eye only.

Abilities Edit

Like other dōjutsu, the Hoshigatagan's first and foremost ability is to be able to see the flow of chakra. While paling in comparison to the Byakugan, it's abilities are strong enough to recognize when a target is under genjutsu and detect different chakra types. The Hoshigatagan's second and most power ability is allowing the user the use of Raijin and by extension, Thunder Release. These abilities are enhanced Raiton techniques, similar in power to the Mangekyō Sharingan's Amataerasu, and take a great deal of training to unlock.

Hoshigatagan Implantation Edit


A "'Kangantsui" as seen in the manga. Note the more detailed markings

The Hoshigatagan can be transplanted into other Shinobi's eyes, and this practice is often used by Hekireki clan members when a clan member has died, to obtain what they call a Kangantsui (完成眼対 Complete Eye Set) of Hoshigatagan. When this is done, the markings in the eyes become much more detailed and elaborate, and this method increases the power of every technique used by these eyes, and increases their power of perception as well.


BunkaT Hoshigatagan

The Bunkat Hoshigatagan

Other than the Kangantsui (完成眼対 Complete Eye Set) the other form this dojutsu can take is called the Bunkat Hoshigatagan (分割星型眼, Divided Star Shaped Eye) which takes the form of a strange V-shaped array in the users eyes, It enhances the users powers and perception tenfold. The requirements for it's activation is that the user has to end an internal conflict and once they are free of false thoughts caused by doubt and fear they awaken the full powers of the Hoshigatagan. The Bunkat Hoshigatagan is on par with the Mangekyou Sharingan in terms of rarity and power as to obtain not only the condition above need to be met but the Kangantsui needs to be obtained prior to the internal battle as balance needs to be maintained in the user or else the power increase can kill them. Like the Mangekyō it also grants the user a special techniques, One called Sumeramikoto and the other called Yomi.