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Hurricane Edge
Hurricane edge
Name Hurricane Edge
Kanji 疾風刃
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu
Hurricane Edge (疾風刃, Shippūha) was the signature technique of Manshin no Mikoto, which he developed during his clan's nomadic travels. Manshin would later pass this technique down to his grandson, Nōsei, after the latter was selected as a future heir to the Mikoto Clan.

According to Manshin this technique possesses all of the force of a hurricane compressed into width of a swords blade. While it is entirely possible that this is simply an overstatement of the creator, this technique does have a destructive potential reminiscent of a natural disaster. The amount of destructive force generated by this technique is determined by three independent factors.

The first of these is a unnaturally high mastery of the element of wind, which allows the user to remain in generate of the massive of amount of chakra necessary for this technique. Inability to satisfy this condition will prevent the technique from ever being formed. Second is perfected shape manipulation, which is necessary to compact and channel the aforementioned mass of chakra into the sword and for the unique shape of blade of wind (discussed further on). It should be noted the only swords of incredible quality can handle the stress of Hurricane Edge's chakra flow. The final requirement, and perhaps the one most effective on the range of damage possible, is the speed at which the massive blade of wind is released from the user's sword and launched forward. While the speed at which an arc of wind is launched can effect its cutting potential, a true performance of this technique requires speed for a secondary reason. Unlike most techniques, which cut through the air, Hurricane Edge collects and augments itself with air as it travels forward. This is possible due to the unique shape of the blade of of wind, which cuts into the air and reroutes it into the blade itself. This design requires that the technique is launched with incredible speed, which without would cause the burst of wind expand dramatically as it traveled forward; this would cause its force to diminish too rapidly to serve any real function.

When Hurricane Edge is performed the user concentrates the necessary chakra onto their blade of choice and releases it in the form of the aforementioned shape and incredible speed. This process can take a considerable amount of time for beginners, as seen with Nōsei when he was first learning the technique. Manshin, on the other hand, could activate this technique in an instant with a simple flip of his wrist. Nōsei, through several years of training, has been able to reduce the preparation time of this technique to a few seconds. In term of destructive capability the forefront of this technique possesses a blade of wind of considerable cutting potential. Behind this sharpened wind is a vacuum generated by blades quick traversal of space, cause a wave of destruction when it is violently filled with air.

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