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Iai Blast
Name Iai Blast
Kanji 居合爆破
Classification Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Other Jutsu
Iai Blast (居合爆破, Iai Bakuha) is a highly variable kenjutsu technique that utilizes chakra flow in conjunction in with an iai sword draw to release a powerful burst of destructive chakra. The form of this technique is nearly completely dependent on the type of chakra that is flowed into the technique. Despite the fact that several different kinds of chakra can be used with this technique, unaltered raw chakra is useless with this technique. The power of this technique seems based on the speed that the user draws the sword. Furthermore, preparing this technique can be done without an opponent noticing. This is due to the fact that the chakra can be channeled onto the user's blade while it is still hidden within its sheath.

Nature Release VariationsEdit

This technique is most commonly performed with chakra that has undergone a nature release of some sort.

Lightning ReleaseEdit

When this technique is performed with lightning chakra user is able to generate a wave of uncompressed chakra that can electrocute targets in a wide arc, yet shallow, in front of the user. Such an attack can disable lesser opponents with ease and disrupt the formation of Earth Release techniques. Additionally, one can also compress the lightning chakra in question into a crescent shaped burst of lightning that can be launched toward targets. This arc of lightning can cut through most substances with ease, thus granting it potential lethality. The secondary performance notably takes a high level of skill to perform to the degree mentioned.

Wind ReleaseEdit

Several variations of the Wind Release version of this technique have been demonstrated by Nōsei no Mikoto, as it has often become is opening technique upon drawing his sword. From simple gusts of wind to several different types of wind based blades are possible with this technique. Nōsei has even shown the ability to fire several blades from his sword with a single draw. The blades formed from this technique can reach an incredible level of destruction, easily cutting through a variety of natural and man-made constructions without inhibition. Of course, cutting potential of this level takes years of practice to master even for the most skilled kenjutsu practitioners.

Other VariationsEdit

More to Come

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