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Ice Release: Omnidirectional Howling Ice Dragon
Omnidirectional Ice Dragon
Name Ice Release: Omnidirectional Howling Ice Dragon
Kanji 無指向性ハウリングアイスドラゴン
Rank A-Rank
Range Long Range
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seal
Other Jutsu

Is an especially made move by Koga Kuramoto in his youth some time ago. This technique is incredibly powerful and strenuous upon Koga's being. It uses up a considerably amount of chakra and is taxing on the body while in usage. It works by converting any nearby water into ice, changing its shape into multiple dragons, however the ice can still move freely. Therefore it isn't as solid as normal ice is. The extremely cold freezing liquid is sent amazing speeds toward the foe. Capable of decimating landscapes, blanketing entire lands, and causing mass freezing. It has an extremely high durability for fire release techniques. When used at full power it can easily freeze nearly ten kilometers of land.

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