Iduna Sanjōki
Genjutsu User
Name Iduna Sanjōki
Kanji 山上鬼 飯綱
Personal Status
Birthdate February 7
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 177 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Twelve Guardian Ninja
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Jōnin
Previous Occupation Chūnin
Team Twelve Guardian Ninja
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Several
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Unknown
Rank Jōnin
Classification Fire Daimyō Bodyguard
Ninja Registration 010826
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Genkai None
Tailed Beasts None
Hiden Techniques None
Nature Type Lightning Release 100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg
Jutsu Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Temple of Nirvana Technique
Lightning Cremation
Weapons Unknown

Iduna Sanjōki (山上鬼 飯綱, Sanjouki Iduna) is a Jōnin of Konohagakure as well as an illustrious Genjutsu user. Iduna serves as a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja although unlike the others, protects the Fire Daimyō from the shadows, constantly remaining out of sight.

Personality Edit

His silence is evidence of his submissive nature, choosing to remain in the shadows and avoiding direct contact. His skills dwarf many members of the Twelve Guardian Ninja but his lack of ethics and silence have left him as an outcast among the group. Iduna is highly loyal to the Hidden Leaf, having been saved by Konohagakure Jōnin after his village was destroyed. His position as a bodyguard to the Fire Daimyō has allowed him to repay the village as much as he can.

Despite his lack of connection to the other members, Kurikaze Akahada is very lax when talking about Iduna and calls him a fried, implying that they have had a background together. Iduna's choosing to remain "secluded" and in the shadows is something the other members understand, but are also unsure about.

Appearance Edit

Iduna wears standard Jōnin apparel, this consisting of a blue long sleeved shirt with red swirl patterns on both shoulders. Over this, he wears a green flak jacket with several pockets for scrolls. To go along with his seclusive nature, Iduna masks his face with a scarf and covers his head in a bandanna with an unmarked metal plate on it. He is always seen wearing a dark blue cloak with a black strap going diagonally across his chest.

Abilities Edit

Iduna is a Jōnin-leveled shinobi who boasts considerable power. As a user of Genjutsu, Iduna is an expert in chakra control. Boasting tremendous levels of chakra, Iduna is cunning and intelligent in its use, two things any Genjutsu user must have.

Iduna has shown skill in Bōjutsu, using an iron staff if ever forced into close combat. By manipulating chakra through his Bō, Iduna can extend his reach as well as create distance between himself and his opponent, something any skilled Genjutsu user must accomplish.

Genjutsu Edit

A master in the art of Genjutsu, Iduna serves as the expert in this field among the group. Relying on diversionary tactics to protect and serve the Fire Daimyo and the country, his skills are inclined towards laying low and tricking his opponents. Capable of engaging even the strongest willed enemies in Genjutsu, using harsh tactics and vicious forms of Genjutsu to break his opponents.

His signature technique, Lightning Cremation, is a blend of Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, capable of killing an enemy without their notice. Using Genjutsu to keep them sedated, Iduna will proceed to dull their nerves by applying Lightning-natured chakra. Placing a tag onto them, he will form a seal that will act as a magnet, pulling together any Lightning chakra and effectivley releasing it. The results have turned enemies to nothing more then dust in the past. This technique is homage to the tactics Iduna employs, his skills truly being something to fear.

Quotes Edit

— Iduna on most occasions

"This ends now..."
— Iduna after entrapping an opponent in Genjutsu

Behind the Scenes Edit

Iduna was created to serve as the behind-the-scenes member of the organization, using advanced chakra control and skill to remain out of sight to assist his teammates from a distance.

Iduna's likeness comes from that of Mystogan from the manga series Fairy Tail.