Ikab Ikazama
Blue Death Jester (青い死の道化師, Aoi Shi no Dōkeshi)
Name Ikab Ikazama
Kanji イカになるイカ座間
Romanji Ikazama Ikab
Personal Status
Birthdate 23 May
Age 31
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 163lbs
Blood Type AB
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Missing-nin
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team None
Previous Team Unnamed Team
Partner None
Previous Partner Xerxes Takaraku
Family Unamed Parents (Deceased)
Rank S-Class
Classification Missing-Nin
Ninja Registration Unknown
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 16
Jōnin Prom. Age 28
Tailed Beasts Kurama
Nature Type Nature Icon Explosion Explosion Release
Jutsu Clone Technique

Body Flicker Technique

Explosion Release: Explosive Hand

Explosion Release: Revolving Destruction Sphere

Explosion Release: Exploding Stream

Explosion Release: Doomsday

Weapons Explosive Tag

Ikab Ikazama (イカになるイカ座間, Ikazama Ikab) is a missing-nin originating from Konohagakure, He is known as Blue Death Jester (青い死の道化師, Aoi Shi no Dōkeshi) for him being the one who killed his entire clan as well as his somewhat dim witted personality and his blue mask which he constantly wears.


Before he became a missing-nin, Ikab has been shown having a carefree look on his face nearly everytime he apeared, He had black short curly hair, Ikab apears to be heterochromia because of his different eye colors on both sides, His right eye is green while with a black pupil and his left eye is orange also with a black pupil, Ikab used to wear a round earing around his right ear, He wore a red shirt with long sleeves, Over it he wore a blue sleeveless jacket, He wore black pants with a brown rope belt tied around his waist along with a black sash tied around nearly close to his left ankle, And finally the standard shinobi sandals.

Now Ikab changed his apearance and wears an Akatsuki-like uniform only completely black, He wears a pair of black gloves on both his hands, His Akatsuki-like uniform has a few differences between the actual uniform the most noticable difference is the color of the uniform it being completely black without red clouds, It also doesnt have an openning like the actual uniform it being shorter only crossing Ikab's chest not reaching his stomach, It has a hood that Ikab always puts on to hide his hair, A blue mask with two eye holes that reveals his eyes, It also has longer sleeves that hide Ikab's entire arms, Under it he wears black pants with a white sash tied around it yet it isnt very visible under Ikab's uniform, He wears the standard Shinobi sandals with black socks that hide his feet.

By the look of Ikab's current apearance it is clear that, For an unknown reason, Ikab is trying to hide every single part of his body, The reason for that isnt very clear, Yet it has been said that it might be because he regrets the fact he killed his own clan despite them betraying him and shows his regret by not revealing himself to the world.


Worthy of his title Blue Death Jester, Ikab is a carefree, Kind, Insane and somewhat absent minded individual as he would normaly do things aside fighting such as eating, Drinking, Taking walks, Fishing or anything else that doesnt involve him fighting, Above all of his characteristics he is mostly carefree and insane as we would hardly take anything seriously or try to do anything serious such as fighting (Which he tends to avoid), Running or other kinds of things such as sports as he prefers to simply enjoy himself instead which shows some laziness.

Yet Ikab has shown a different kind of behavior mostly when in a fight, He is seen insanely laughing to show his enjoyment of fighting he would even show some carefree attitude in the fight not showing any care for his opponent being infront of him, He would also show a somewhat serious behavior something which is odd about him because of his extreme carefree attitude.

Ikab has also shown being sadistic and extremely cruel to his enemies hardly showing any mercy to them while fighting them, He shows that he intends to toy with his opponent a little in battle and to nearly whatever it takes to defeat or even kill them.

Ikab apears to have a Aquaphobia (Fear of water) as he is always seen quickly trying to get away from Water Release techniques and places that are near beachs, Fountains, Wells and when on a ship across the ocean, Yet if he is then he would quickly faint from fear, He is also afraid of sea creatures such as fish which is why he never eats fish.

Following his Aquaphobia, Because of Ikab's fear of water he can't swim and so if he falls into the water he would'nt know how to escape which is one of his obvious weaknesses.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Ikab has shown his capability of using Ninjutsu yet hasnt shown many forms of Jutsu, His only known release is Explosion Release which allows him a large variety of destructive effects, He is mostly known for using a dangerous technique in which he condenses explosive chakra in his hands turning them red which then cause a large explosion when Ikab either hits or touches his target, Yet with the cost of putting damage to his hands.

He has also shown being capable of creating a stream of explosion by putting his hand on the ground and focusing his chakra in a stright pattern which later explodes which is what causes the stright explosive stream, He has also shown the ability of making his chakra stick to objects and make them explode, Yet it doesnt apear to be affective on living targets such as humans and animals.

Memory Erasing JutsuEdit

Even though he only used it once and it was never named, Ikab has shown his capability of erasing Xerxes' memory that being that he was searching for him and the fight they had, While its unknown if its a Genjutsu or a Ninjutsu, Its probably affective only against enemies who lost too much chakra such as Xerxes who is the first person to be a victim of this unknown jutsu and most likely the last, This jutsu wasn't shown needing Hand Seals to use.

Physical Prowess And Chakra ReservesEdit

Ikab has remarkable strength, Durability and endurance as he can easily lift a large boulder with both his hands and even break it with only a few hits, His strength is so great he can throw an enemy through several walls with a single hit allowing him to cause great damage to his enemy, His durability is also great same as his strength as well as his endurance, He can come out of the powerful explosions caused by his Explosion Release technique unscatches and still standing, Even with his tecnique that gets his hands damaged by making them the bomb itself, He can still continue using his hands in combat and act as if nothing had happened to him.

Ikab doesnt have much speed yet still contains great reflexes and because of his massive strength even in his legs, Ikab can jump to incredible heights even reach a top of a building in one jump and if not then he can run on the building's wall to reach the top, He has shown great reflexes as how he can dodge attacks at the last second once it is incredibly close to him, He can also choose to dodge an attack or not by reflex which is something that is hard for many people.

While not apearing very intelligent because of his dim witted behavior, Ikab actually shows some intelligence about certain technique as he can understand how technique that he had never seen works and counter it later on, And because of his dim witted personality, His enemies would never suspect him being able of understanding their techniques.

His most amazing capability is his large chakra reserve that despite him mainly focusing on close combat in fighting he still has a great amount of chakra even without the use of Kurama's own chakra, It has been mentioned that Ikab can keep his chakra flowing for 24 whole hours nonstop which is a great advantage for him in long battles, Yet its time can lessen by the number of Jutsu's he may perform.


Ikab's use of Genjutsu isn't neccesarily for combat but more for his own purpose which is creating an illusion of the lower half of his mask openning a mouth with shark-like teeth that usually open up in a smile, He mainly does that to show his face expressions.


Ikab's main fighting style is Taijutsu which he has mastered, Combined with his massive strength, Great reflexes and astonishing durability, Ikab becomes a very powerful opponent in close combat as well as combinning it with his Explosion Release: Explosive Hand technique to make his punch cause an explosion when hitting an enemy thus causing more damage to his opponent.


Unnamed Blue Mask: Ikab's mask which he constantly wears on his face to hide it for an unknown reason, The mask is light blue colored with two eye holes for Ikab to see through, Though this mask apears to have a different purpose as the mask itself is a unique explosive tag made out of wood seen by the special writing written from the inside of the mask and the kanji for explode in the center, Ikab can make his mask explode remotely with the use of hand seals to make it cause a large explosion.

Explosive Tags: Ikab hides explosive tags around his arms for quick use, It is the only known weapon that Ikab uses aside his exploding mask.


  • The first three letters of Ikab's first and surname, Ika, Means "Squid" which is ironic because of his Aquaphobia and hate for fish.
  • Aside from not eating fish because of his phobia, Ikab also apears to get severe stomach aches from a single bite of fish, If its an allergy or a simple reaction of his is unknown..
  • Ikab apears to fear Amegakure greatly and not because of the village's power but because of its constant rainning.
  • Ikab's favorite food is Miso Soup and he doesnt have a particular favorite drink.
  • Ikab's hobby is laughing.
  • Ikab's favorite word is "Insanity".
  • Ikab has an explosive theme for his Explosion Release, Explosive Tags being his main weapon and his own mask being a bomb itself.

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