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Ikki Yama (いっき やま, Ikki Yama, lit. Riot Mountain) Is one of 3 Land of Wind Guardian Ninja and presumed to be one of the decedents of the Sage of the Six Paths. Being the First ever in the land of wind history to obtain the rank of Wind Guardian Ninja Ikki is well known all around the world as Ikki the Scorching Sun of the Desert. Even with all his well known adventures all around the world Ikki still is a chunin and refuses to gain any other rank then what he has right now tell he thinks he is ready for the responsibility regardless of what anyone else may say.


Ikki is an easy-going and laid-back person. He's also warm-hearted and kind, and has great interest and faith in the new generation of Sand Shinobi. He is well respected by the whole Village. He also appears to be a bit absent-minded and oblivious, and apparently doesn't pay attention to what he's doing, such as not recognizing the Kazekage after returning to the village from a long mission. He also has a tendency to burn anything in his way in order to pass, rather than simply using the door.

When he enters a fight, he often points out that he is bad at and dislikes holding back, and the Kazekage made it clear that Ikki is well known for obliterating his opponents. When fighting, Ikki would often employ exclusively hand-to-hand combat while using Scorch to destroy things other than humans, such as the surrounding area or a Jutsu, to avoid human casualties. Should he be pushed to the limit, or choose not to hold back, his Scorch Release would react similarly to standing on the surface of the sun except it doesn't destroy everything around him in terms of distance rather then intensity. He also won't turn down a fight challenge offered to him, but he may ask to fight later after some urgent business is first dealt with.


Academy Student Starting out his life as a Academy student Ikki struggled and learned the basics of being a ninja slowly he learned to control his chakra and manifest it in the form of jutsu then learning to detect if they where under genjutsu illusion even forming there first clone and transformation jutsu. Not long after that the year had pass by in a flash and ikki was give his new title as a Genin of the Sand village.

Genin With a group of 2 other genin Ikki was given a special teacher the Third Kazekage. With the Kazekage as there teacher Ikki and his teammates struggled together through long and deadly mission, learning to control there chakra for more complex jutsu. slowly the team learned to control there powers and reach the Chunin exams. passing all the test with ease Ikki finally awakened his Scorch release and reach the rank of chunin.

Chuunin After learning of there teachers odd disappearance Ikki set out on his own searching all around the world in order to find clues on where his teacher could have run off to. This lasted for over nine years traveling around to each nation and learning anything he could about the Third Kazekage. Unable to locate any further info Ikki returned to the Village of the sand and this is where his story begin.


Cleaver Sword-Butsuzoo, The Cleaver Sword Butsuzoo is able to hold on to Ikki's Scorch chakra nature. The blade can be super heated to the point where its able to cut metal with a single strike, set a tree on fire by simply placing the blade on the tree and once it cuts human flesh it evaporates all the liquids inside that area of the body and leaves a much deeper wound that is mummified.

Butsuzoo has six hinges that allows him to fold the blade itself when not in use and unfold it in battle. The full hight of the blade is 6 ft. when in combat and Ikki is focusing his chakra into it the blade has a odd heat like aura around it that gives it a almost demonic like look.


Physical Prowess and Chakra Generally while fighting, he combines strong taijutsu strikes with his Scorch skills. He has been seen displaying astonishing raw speed and immense physical strength, making it highly difficult for his opponents to directly overpower him. Ikki has an unusually large amount of chakra, even by Guardian Ninja standards.

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