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Illusion of the Dancing Flame
Name Illusion of the Dancing Flame
Kanji 踊るを炎の幻想
Literal English Fantasy of Dancing Flames
Classification Supplementary
Rank C
Range Short
Other Jutsu

A technique that mimics Shadow of the Dancing Leaf where one follows the opponent, closely matching his or her body's movement, just like the flickering shadows of a dancing flame. The technique is usually preceded by a swift attack or slash meant to launch the target into the air and is mainly used to position an opponent into a vulnerable aerial position. While this technique by itself is harmless, it is used as a stepping stone for powerful techniques such as Maitake Style: Descending Crash and Blade Dance: Illusions of Grandeur. That being said, it also has a rather high degree of difficulty due to the required mastery of one's body needed to perfectly match the position and movement of the opponent's body.

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