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Illusionary Panels
Name Illusionary Panels
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Illusionary Panels are a groundbreaking invention devised by Kakushi Ken after experiencing a mirage caused by the reflection of the image in a mirror. These panels are made of a highly polished metal alloy designed to bend and reflect light in such a way as to create mirror "clones" of whatever falls onto its reflective surface. For example, when set up beforehand a skillful user can make it appear as though he has created a large amount of Shadow Clones by positioning the panels in a manner that they can not be seen by the opponent. Each panel also holds a far greater use, the ability to record short spans of time and project them into the environment. For example, if a user previously encountered a Mangekyō Sharingan user who employed Amaterasu and the user managed to record both the activation of the technique and the flight of the black flames, they would then be able to make it seem as though they possessed the Mangekyō Sharingan and used the technique. That being said, due to this merely being a mirror image it will inflict no damage and will seem to pass through any obstacles.

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