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Instant-Capture Kunai
Name Instant-Capture Kunai
User(s) Kakushi Ken

The Instant-Capture Kunai are weapons designed specifically for disabling and capturing opponents by rendering them immobile. Unlike most of the other weapons created by Kakushi, these weapons inflict no actual damage to the opponent when used. The Instant-Capture Kunai are exactly identical to a typical kunai regarding appearance, allowing the user to maintain the element of surprise. When thrown the four sides of the blade open in order to release the capturing device sealed within the kunai, the device used is either a weighted net or a Boleadora and each is woven from a sturdy metal alloy to effectively detain the opponent. The alloy is designed to electrify itself when it comes into contact with excess chakra, effectively preventing the opponent from strengthening their body through the use of techniques such as Chakra Enhanced Strength to break the restraints. That being said the restraint is able to be broken through brute force but at the cost of the restraints digging into the skin of the opponent before breaking and due to the durability of the restraints they may only be broken by opponents with immense physical strength or their allies.

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