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Instant-Kunai Powder
Name Instant-Kunai Powder
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Instant-Kunai Powder is a immensely useful tool created by Kakushi Ken. The powder is composed of finely ground black metal shavings that are completely harmless in their inert state, this allows the user to bypass guards who may remove apparent weapons in order to protect a certain individual. The powder remains useless until the user directs a small amount of their chakra into the granules, this is able to be done without attracting attention or even prepared a short period of time beforehand. After the powder has been imbued with the user's chakra a handful of the powder is thrown or blown in the general direction of the intended target; once thrown the powder quickly combines into a single kunai which travels with the combined velocity of each granule that was thrown. Due to this, the kunai literally tears through the air at a much higher rate than that of a regular kunai and has increased lethality due to the speed at which it travels.

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