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Isamu Yamanaka
Name Isamu Yamanaka
Romanji Yamanaka Isamu
Personal Status
Birthdate 7th of November
Age Upon Joining Akatsuki - 18
Full membership - 20
Present - 28
Gender Male Male
Height 191.59 cm (6'4)
Weight 85.33 kg (170 lbs)
Blood Type 0-
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country 70px-Land of Fire Symbol.svg Land of Fire
Affiliation Akatsuki Symbol Akatsuki
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Yamanaka Symbol Yamanaka Clan
Partner Marami Natoro
Classification S-rank


Ninja Registration N/A
Hiden Techniques Isamu is capable of using any hiden Jutsu within the Yamanaka Clan at will as a direct result of his powerful telepathic abilities, he's also capable of using several direct applications of his telepathy to achieve results like telepathically concealing himself or an ally or warp the perceptions of his opposition in order to confuse their senses and cloud their mind.
Nature Type Nature Icon Yang Yang Chakra
Nature Icon Yin Yin Chakra
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Chakra
Jutsu Nature Icon Yin-Yang Izanami
Nature Icon Yin Blade of Yin
Nature Icon Yin Step towards Yin
Nature Icon Yin Shadow of Yin
Nature Icon Yin Yin Replication
Nature Icon Yin Eye of Yin
Nature Icon Yin Voice of Yin
Nature Icon Yin Fox-Fire
Temple of Nirvana Technique
Chakra Scalpel
Mystical Palm Technique

Isamu Yamanaka (勇山中, "Courage, In the middle of the Mountain") is the name of an S-rank Missing-nin, hailing from the Yamanaka Clan of Konoha, Isamu is noted to be one of the greatest prodigies hailing from Konohagakure, in particular due to his natural powers which he has had since birth. He's also noted to be incredibly skilled within the various Jutus normally performed by Medical-nin: The infamous Chakra Scalpel in particular.

Also, Isamu is noted for his ability to make use of the Yin half of his Chakra to make use of several unique techniques, of which useage he has become infamous, earning him the epithet of "Isamu of Yin" (勇殷の, "Isamu in No"): The most famous of these techniques being known as Izanami; after his defection from Konoha - Isamu became a full member of the Akatsuki at age 18; giving him ten full years to prove his worth. To this day, he's still trusted by the organization with various tasks; including recruiting new members to their cause.

Isamu is infamous across the Shinobi World as an individual who has never lost a single battle; this is also appearantly due to his ability to look in the hearts of other Shinobi; determine what they fight for and seize control over their very ambitions - using their own emotions - primarily their doubts and fears to force them in knee. He's also feared for the very same ability, as he's gotten families, friends and trusted teammates to turn at one another in the blink of an eye and kill each other before his very eyes; it is also evident that Isamu finds the thrill of turning brother against brother, parents against child and friend against enemy to be highly amusing - believing it strengthens and ascertains his superiourity.

Isamu is known to hunt down any surviving Uchiha Clan members in his spare time for their Sharingan; finding them to be beautiful to behold and maintaining a haughty disdain of the Clan in question; Isamu is especially interested in any remaining Mangekyō Sharingan's and would go trough great lengths to get them, because of how no Mangekyō Sharingan pair is ever alike, he treats them as extremely valuable collectibles, it is believed that his collection is as big as six Sharingan pairs, and a single Mangekyō Sharingan pair, although he won't betray where he took them.



Isamu's general appearance

In addition to being blessed with excellence in the many arts of the Yamanaka Clan; Isamu was likewise blessed with several attractive features, standing at an impressive 6'4 feet in height, he towers over the majority of people he encounters, something he seems to take an unusual amount of pride in: Isamu's face is comely and highly symmetric, with warm amber eyes, dirty blonde hair, fair-skinned and currently being at the peak of his physical fitness he is rather well buildt; with agile and flexible muscles that come as a result from years of physical training in order to defend against the vast excess of hunter-nin that seek to claim the bounty on his head. He's been described by associatees of his organization to have the face and body of a chiseled statue; Isamu's angelic features are known to strongly bely his brutal and gruesome nature.

Isamu normally projects a warm, compassionate and gentle nature, a combination of his attractive features and his amber eyes; strengthened by his confidence and superficial charm -- which are noted to have a soothing effect on others; and lull other Shinobi into a false sense of security; and make them easier to handle both emotionally and physically. Isamu carries himself with utmost grace and any movement he makes are done with great care and precision; his stride practically exuding his great confidence, both in his abilities and in his strength of personality and physical appearance.

In everyday situations; Isamu prefers to flaunt his wealth and high social status by wearing a dark-blue suit made of excellent textures and materials and sewed together by a tailor who loved his craft; Isamu claims that it was specifically tailored for him because he found the current fashion for suits to be too simple and too overused -- the fact that he went to such great lengths just to get a suit that he could live with suggests a large degree of vanity as well; he always keeps his personal charm around his neck -- and many people take note of the ring that he wears on his right middle finger; which sports a large white stone of what most assume to be large, perfectly cut Diamond; an attribute which has lead many to attempt to steal it, always without success.

At the rare occassions that he is fully garbed in the clothing of the Akatsuki; he wears the robe itself open, revealing a fair portion of his chest revealed, much like a former member of the Akatsuki; and oddly enough, he chooses to wear the Charm of Soothing in full view, dangling at his throat. The red clouds remain scattered across the clothing and number four in total, one rather large one is located at his lower back, two are located on either of his sleeves and a single one of moderate size rests on his left shoulder.

While dressed like this, Isamu wears his Akatsuki Ring in full view and sports dark-grey nail polish, as is traditional. Like all other members of the Akatsuki he wears the headband of his home village, with a horizontal line gouged across it, representing his broken ties to his former village. Isamu's Akatsuki Ring is also worn in full sight and he doesn't bother with hiding it in any way whatsoever, it is colored a pure iridescent white and thus appears to change color when a different angle of illumination is applied, it bears the Kanji of 白 (bya,"white") and is worn on his right middle finger.


Superficially, Isamu appears as a kind-hearted, compassionate, polite and warm individual; perpetually wearing a refreshing and highly welcoming smile and always willing to exchange pleasantries with anyone he meets, he's humorous, flirtatious and projects a sympathetic persona to the world around him, and thus invoking little suspicion when he goes about the buisness of his organization. Beneath this pleasant charade though, lies a consumate Sociopath with no regard for anything but his own personal freedom, aspirations and ambitions. Isamu has no qualms whatsoever about using his abilities to realize his own wishes and fantasies; even at the expense of someone elses mentality and dignity: Indeed, Isamu has crushed more than his fair share of Shinobi into the dirt trough these methods, always making sure that they never, ever, forget him.

Isamu's sociopathy is a direct result of his training with Root and a lack of parental guidance, both of his parents having met their respective ends shortly after his birth. He was also, like the rest of Root subjected to Danzo's gruesome and inhumane training regime --- a training regime he seemingly excelled at despite the need for him to understand the emotions of others; in order to be capable of employing his abilities as a natural empath; when the time came for him to murder his "siblings" in Root, he did so without any remorse or shame; completely and utterly killing his empathic and sympathetic side forever and securing himself a place within the ANBU faction Root. He was also revealed to have murdered many of his "siblings" and seniors in Root even before the exams took place, particularily in a long serie of murders which took place shortly after Isamu had been taught the secrets of the Chakra Scalpel technique.

Despite Isamu's volatile mental condition and disturbingly high body count, he doesn't appear to enjoy fighting. Mostly being content with standing on the sidelines and let others kill one another as they please, usually playing a part in manipulating the combatants to hold grudges against another; finding it highly amusing that he can so easily divert attention from himself and have humane viewpoints and goals ripped to shreds and tatters simply by making a few illicit suggestions and clumsy oberservations: Also, in an interesting direction of events, Isamu has come to despise killing and usually prevents people from getting killed when he can, this is not due to some streak of sympathy though; but due to the fact that he conciders killing to be highly unsophisticated and inimaginative. Naturally though, he frequently uses this trait of personality to demand favors, they, feeling indepted to him for sparing; and in a few cases perhaps even outright saving their lives are more than willing to do what he asks in return: thus, killing is more than simply untasteful to Isamu; it is unessecary squandering of future resources.

Isamu is also noted to possess a great deal of arrogance, believing himself superiour to all but the most powerful of Shinobi; this is due to the fact that he even as a child was used with people bowing down and weeping before him, while he used his techniques to the utmost of his ability. Having the power to break, change and dominate people at his disposal since prematurity it was indeed inevitable that he came to view himself superiour: however, with his detached and calculated nature, along with his prodigal intelligence and lack of regard for the lives, opinions and mentality of others it has served to make him into a highly cunning and dark-minded man. Calculating just how many people his actions will kill or crush as unburdened as if he was preparing the ingredients to a cup of hot tea. Despite his feeling of being superiour to all he meets and lack of regard for rules, regulations or any authority but his own - Isamu is known to project a meek and subserviant persona when the situation warrants it; such as in Akatsuki meetings or when talking to fellow missing-nin and uncertain village leaders. When he's together with his Akatsuki partner though, he is prone to be very demanding and bossy, and displays a complete intolerance for any form of insubordination and disrespect, often responding to such by using his telepathy to ravage trough every hidden aspect of their mind and force it all to the surface at once; with all the associated emotions - this puts extreme pressure on the victims conciousness and leaves their mind in complete tatters, and left completely to Isamu's mercy; or lack thereof.

Isamu's ultimate goal has been described as shattering the social order and bonds that have been established over time; his desires curve around the will to instigate civil wars and break what others have used centuries to uphold, for this reason he attembs to turn friends and family against one another and tempt anyone to forsake their vows and taboos, tearing down the order that many so desperately cling to and it can be assumed that Isamu's ideal world would be a dystopia where parents and children killed one another, siblings fought for the their heritage and no law nor regulation were present, an eternally self-destructive world where nothing could ever thrive for more than a few years at best.


Isamu Yamanaka was born shortly before the Fourth Great Shinobi War to Fū Yamanaka and an unknown woman as a gift to the ANBU, or more specifically; Root: Given to them in order to ensure that they'd have a significant 'supply' of Yamanaka Clan members, Isamu's mother named him "Isamu Yamanaka" shortly before she was executed, an occurence that was carried out in utmost secretly ---at the age of five it was discovered that Isamu had inherited all the abilities of the Yamanaka Clan and possessed tremendous talents within the Clan's teachings, most impressive of all though was that the young boy was in possession of very powerful telepathy of the natural kind; this allowed the boy to read the minds of anyone within four yards of himself; which constituted roughly 3,6 meters in any direction. Furthermore, he was also soon discovered to have the innate ability of empathy as well.

Root soon became aware of Isamu's unusual and highly useful abilities and decided to put him trough an extremely strict and rigorous training regime in order to make the most out of these abilities, Isamu's training consisted of a great degree of mental challenges in order to reinforce and focus his telepathic powers, intense physical labor and Taijutsu training; he was also used to forcefully repress the empathy of his "siblings" on many an occassion, in order to make it easier for them to cut off their emotions, while simultaneously increasing his precision and and skill with wielding his empathic abilities. These tasks were performed in addition to the normal training of any Root member, a type of training which was buildt around the aspect of forcefully killing off ones own sympathy and empathy to better fill the roles of their missions; this training seemingly succeeded, but due to the constant intervention of his telepathic and his empathic capabilities, he was not made into a mindless killing machine, but rather an extremely resourceful and manipulative Sociopath.

Root and the ANBU helped Isamu develop two unique Jutsu which would later be used solely for his own illicit and selfish gains and purposes; the name of these two techniques were Eye of Yin and Voice of Yin; the former was a Jutsu used by the means of direct eye-contact that drew simultaneously upon his telepathic and empathic abilities; and the great ties he had to the Yin half of his Chakra to force people to see the errors of their ways by not only reading their mind and visualizing it into their full conciousness, but also strengthen their shame of what they had done - and so it was that even at the young age of 10 years, Isamu had already witnessed countless Shinobi, both of Konoha and from other villagers; break down in tears under his ruthless gaze and quiver in fear and shame - while their mouths frantically answered anything that Konohagakure needed to know; just for him to release them from his gaze. The Voice of Yin did much of the same, only that it affected anyone who he directed his voice at and while less potent than the Eye of Yin; it was still an extremely powerful weapon for Konoha -- as he with a simple command could get every weak-willed person that heard him to stop flat out in their tracks by simply saying "'Stop'!", or even turn entire Ninja platoons against one another with equal lack of effort.

Isamu was by no means happy with his situation though, finding the very notion that he was ordered around by mere commoners and lesser people to be abhorrent; despite his loathing of the circumstances he firmly believed that his chance would come sooner or later and was patient to that end, putting up the same meek and empty facade as the rest of the members of Root; pretending to always follow his commands to the letter and do as he was told; When Isamu had recently passed his 18th birthday, the remnants of the notorious Akatsuki had managed to use their myriad of contacts to ascertain his location; and trough means which remains undisclosed they managed to infiltrate Konoha and even Root, and steal Isamu away from his village of origin --- the recently reformed Akatsuki having found out about his special capabilities, and thought them to be crucial to ensure their continued survival: Akatsuki though, had not expected how easy it would be to get Isamu to forsake his village of origin - when interrogated by the organization, Isamu saw his oppurtunity for freedom and to do what he wanted to do, and entered the organization quickly; however, he's not above making it seem as though he was forced to become one of them though, if the situation would make it worthwhile to do so.

Equipment & ItemsEdit

Akatsuki Ring: Isamu's Akatsuki ring is located on his right middle finger and is ring identified as; 白 (bya, "white") formerly worn by the now deceased Konan, it is, as its name suggests pure white in color and resembles a finely cut diamond: due to the fact that very few people are aware of the existence of the Akatsuki rings he usually wears it at all times - although he conceals the Kanji from prying eyes with his telepathic abilities; it works as his proof that he is indeed a member of the Akatsuki and is vital for when he wishes to extract information from one of the many spies of his organization located all around the World; to Isamu though - the ring is far from useless though, as Isamu; with his considerable knowledge of Fūinjutsu has managed to seal a self-replenishing Izanami Jutsu within it -- the self-replenishment working by continously sapping away at the life energy of non-sentient organisms; particularily plants and small animals; it is rarely enough to kill them though - and Isamu has roughly calculated the time for the "charge" to be replenished to approximately 28 hours in normal conditions, and 18 hours if he's walking trough woodland or other similiar areas.

Sharingan Collection: Enchanted by the beauty of the Sharingan, Isamu has hunted down several of the scarce but present surviving Uchiha members and descendants; indeed - even other Ninja whom have transplanted their eyes for themselves are hunted down; Isamu's not above instructing others to hunt them for ransom as long as they leave the eyes perfectly intact; Isamu has hinted at that he may be willing to part his regular Sharingans at the right price, and its also very likely that he can transplant them successfully as well: In such a case however, the contract would be constructed such that if they were to die before he did; he'd get the eye he "lended" them back. Isamu also has a single Mangekyō Sharingan pair, which he's known to treasure as the jewel of his collection; he has revealed to his fellow Akatsuki members that he got this by first locating a surviving Uchiha; which he manipulated into achieving her Mangekyou, only to kill her and steal the eyes the moment she activated it for the first time: Isamu never brings his Sharingan collection with him while he's out on missions for the Akatsuki - leaving them safely back at the main Akatsuki hideout.



The only thing worse than being killed by Isamu, is to survive an encounter with him.

—, -

Having received intensive training in the Shinobi arts in conjunction with his own unique abilities from an organization like Root; Isamu Yamanaka is an exceedingly powerful Missing-nin, so much so that he after his defection from Konoha was immediately classified as an S-ranked Criminal and earned himself a place in his village of origins Bingo Book: His bounty is currently stated to be at 80.000.000 Ryo; Isamu is also a prodigy the likes of which has never been encountered before within the Yamanaka Clan; a scion of all the techniques of his clan; this also extended to other techniques as well and he's grown tremendously in both knowledge and power from an early age -- when he was merely 12 years of age, his skill was already much greater than many older members of Root. In battle, Isamu usually relies mostly upon his ingenius use of the Chakra Scalpel in conjunction with his excessive speed and agility to systematically defeat his opponents, usually breaking down or severely impairing their bodies internal and external function, sometimes permanently.

Isamu's known to having been capable of mastering the entire Yin portion of his Chakra resserves so as to give birth to several unique techniques and making him a Master of Genjutsu the likes of which is only seen once in a century; his greatest claim to fame however, is his incredibly powerful telepathic abilities which; when used allow him to achieve near omniscience in regards to enemy plants, tactics and strategy as well as allowing him to chain others to his will with very little effort, using their very mind against them to the point that they no longer can refuse him.

Chakra: According to Isamu himself, his level of chakra is below average for a Shinobi of his caliber, and he admits, almost proudly so, in fact. That his level of energy is much inferior to that of pretty much all other members of the Akatsuki; referring to himself as a mere candle when compared to them; this is the result of his Chakra being mostly composed of Yin, with only the slightest hint of Yang; this leaves him with lesser than average resserves; but has granted him a near unparalled control over his chakra - to the point that he finds extremely little difficulty in manipulating his Chakra into all kinds of shapes and forms; and allows him to easily grasp most aspects of Jutsu creation, learning and casting. The latter part is so expanded that he's capable of using high-level techniques and Jutsu with just the minimum amount of Chakra expenditure, this reduce in Chakra useage is in fact so great that most opponents he faces confuses him for a Jinchūriki because of the fact that he tires at very slow rates, an ironic misunderstanding that amuses him to no end. As an after-effect of his tremendous control over his Chakra, as well as its relatively small amount; he's known to be capable of supressing it to almost non-existence with nothing less than his force of will -- neatly augmented by his telepathic prowess.

Immense Speed, Agility & Acrobatics: Isamu is noted to be extremely fast and agile in battle; possessing such raw undiluted speed that it is as though he simply fades from one position to the next; leaving intangible afterimages in the wake of his movement; however; the fading doesn't signal that he is about to depart from his current position but that he has already departed, leaving opponents to make fatal miscalculations in battle, in addition to his almost peerless speed, Isamu also possesses tremendous acrobatic prowess; frequently attacking opponents with unusual methods of movement, such as backflips, cartwheels, somersaults and roundoffs; furthermore, Isamu is also capable of great feats of balance; and he's capable of moving quickly along thin cords and narrow lines in order to reach his destination; in essence - Isamu is physically fit and skilled enough to be capable of attacking from absolutly any position, situation or direction. Equally impressive is his exceptional agility which when used in accordance with his incredible balance and acrobatics makes him almost impossible to hit in close-combat, slithering and bending away from sword, kunai and fist in order to make a lethal counterattack with his Chakra Scalpels.

Strength: Isamu, unlike many other members of the Akatsuki; doesn't posess superhuman strength -- because of the simple fact that he feels he doesn't need it; as the master of the Chakra Scalpel that he is; therefore Isamu's strength level is that of a well seasoned athlete of a male of his age, height and build who engages in intense regular exercise. Although he has stated that it would be a relatively simple matter for him to learn how to drastically augment his strength to tremendous levels; by exercising pinpoint chakra precision and time the flow of his own chakra; but, being the arrogant man that he is; he lets it be and is content with what he actually has - not seeing the effort invested in such training to be a proper useage of his ever-so-valuable time.

Master of the Chakra Scalpel: Isamu was taught the Chakra Scalpel by a medical-nin of Root at a young age and immediately grew very fond of the technique; he would go on playing around with it; coercing several of his "siblings" to play the "Doctor Game" with him: often with gruesome results --- not surprisingly, the older members of Root took this as a very good sign and applauded Isamu for his quickness of wit and excellent ideas; believing the young boy to be "eliminating his competition early on" while playing it off as a childish game; the notion that to Isamu it actually was a game never once hit them --- at least not until he began to "play" with older members of Root as well, some of which had already graduated from their respective training; more often than not, the officials of Root would find gruesomely mutiliated corpses around their hideout; all of which had the same distinctive feature upon their bodies; they were brutally dissicated from the throat and all the way down to the hips in a single thin line. These occurences, as frequent as they were, was always hushed down to silence and noone ever confronted Isamu about this; both due to respect for his already very high body count, and because they feared that he might misunderstood their reprimands as if they too wanted to play with him for a while. Having grown up a long time ago, Isamu has ceased with these childish urges and instead focused his attention on mastering the technique in question. Something he's done to such tremendous lengths that he's turned the technique, from a tool of healing to a perfect weapon of slaughter - being so keen and talented in its use that he uses it as his primary source of offense and has even created several expansions of it, even going so far as to apply shape and nature manipulation to the normally simple technique.

Master Medical-nin: Isamu is, despite his lack of interest in healing others a medical-nin of great ability; having studied under several highly experienced individuals in the past, and being a natural genius within the field. His skill with the Mystical Palm is at such a high level that he's capable of healing several people at once while still keeping himself at a decent range from his patients -- although this is usually undesirable due to the fact that the individual healing on each patient is greatly reduced; although it is very useful to use in order to quickly heal small injuries and immediately let the formerly wounded Shinobi back into the fray; Furthermore, Isamu; like fellow Medical-nin Kabuto Yakushi, has demonstrated great knowledge of the Chakra System and by sending an excess amount of chakra into the patient's body, Isamu can quickly overload the patient's normal circulation, trapping them in a comatose state; something he prefers to do on his assignments; as opposed to going out of his way to kill them; if the assignment requires the targets death, he uses this first and then slits their throat while they're "asleep", saving himself alot of time. Isamu is however generally unwilling to use his healing abilities to help others unless they can offer something worthwhile in return -- he finds the notion of desperate parents pleading for him to save their only child quite amusing; and while he usually ends up helping them out for one way or another - he can't help but want to amuse himself by listening to their groveling. Within the Akatsuki; Isamu is often tasked with healing and patching up members whom have been harmed in battle --- a task he accomplishes with frightening enthusiasm, very frightening enthusiam: seeing as he understands that he can only get positive results from doing such, allowing him to reap the benefits, and the debts, of those he saves on a later occasion.

Taijutsu Adept: Isamu's great training within various other arts demand that lesser skills suffer; and indeed, while his Taijutsu prowess is noted to be very adept and skilled - it is substantially less developed than his medical arts and Genjutsu; Isamu has stated this to be due to the fact that he. as a master of the Chakra Scalpel, needn't make use of complicated hand-to-hand skills in order to defend himself. As no matter how well trained a ninja is, they will all fall to the Chakra Scalpel; and by his own admission, the only reason he at all trains with Taijutsu is to be capable of better handling enemy Taijutsu Specialists -- referring to the well known rule of battle, namely: "Know thy enemy".


Isamu was born as exceedingly in-tune with the natural abilites of the clan he hailed from, so much so that he became a natural Telepath; and while Isamu initially had difficulties with controling and harnessing his powers at a young age, rigorous mental excersises and the gruesome training of Root has allowed him to become much more adept at using it; although its sheer overwhelming power and potency still makes controling it completely nothing short of impossible. The telepathy is so incredibly potent that he constantly reads the minds of whomever are within 15 meters of him, an effect which cannot be mitigated by anything else than stepping outside of his sphere of perception or knocking him unconcious; or by a special necklace which he always carries on his person -- the telepathy being strong enough to invade the minds of even users of the Byakugan and the Sharingan, as well as the upgrade of the latter, the Mangekyō Sharingan; furthermore, he may project his empathic and telepathic abilities trough these links; allowing him to directly control the mind of up to three adversaries at a time so successfully that they're usually not aware of being manipulated and confuse his commands and instructions as their actual will; making Isamu's telepathic control similiar in strength to the infamous Genjutsu that Shisui Uchiha once possessed. This particular ability is very taxing mentally though, as expected and he can only use it once each day before he needs to supress his telepathic powers - lest it becomes too intense for him.

His telepathy has a single severe drawback in that its powers are simply so vast and encompassing that Isamu is incapable of supressing them without proper equipment; and he always need to supress his telepathy before venturing into any establishment, village or town where there is more than ten people, including fighting enemy battleparties of such numbers; also, for every additional enemy he faces and every additional person present, his telepathy becomes much more taxing and disturbing, and thereby limits his combat prowess. Should he fail to abide by any of these conditions, he will be assaulted by constant influxes of thoughts that would crush his conciousness in a heartbeat and drive him into absolute insanity, It is also known that he also needs to keep his telepathy supressed for a whole two days each week in order to not succumb to his own powers, those two days providing something of a breather pause to him and is currently the only thing preventing his mind from being shattered. The incredible potency of Isamu's telepathy also makes him fully capable of sensing and connecting with any mind within the vast range of 65 miles in any direction; although he can only connect with the mind of one he's actually met in person; and which he knows the name of (though its not nessecary for them to know his name) ---furthermore, he's capable of telepathically communicating with such individuals freely and they in turn can use him as a medium of communicating with other people again, people that they both know. Isamu's telepathy makes him very well-suited as a Sensor-type Shinobi, despite the majority of his abilities not centering around such. He's also demonstrated the ability to attack the mind of an adversary within his sphere of perception, trough the user of his telepathy alone; commonly manifesting themselves as powerful bursts of pure psionic energy and willpower; these "mind blasts" directly attack the conciousness of the subject by overloading their thought processes with tremendous amounts of falsified information; the power of the psionic blasts is sufficient enough to cause temporary blackouts, immediate nausea and excessive dizzyness, and may leave painful migraines that persist up to several days after the first blast was unleashed --- however, Isamu is required to focus for about a minute each time he uses this ability in order to gather the nessecary information required to perform the feat; the process is also very taxing on his mind and he's not capable of using these blasts more than twice each day.

The Charm of Soothing (スー中な魅力, "Sūchūna Miryoku"): Is a necklace crafted at the behest of Root and infused with powerful Jutsu when the then seven-year old Isamu experienced great difficulties with sleeping; being plagued by nightmarish visions in his waking hours, and not being capable of fleeing from the myriad of voices that always seemed to chatter away incessantly in his mind. The charm brings great reprieve and comfort to the mind and body of Isamu by dilating the overwhelming power of his telepathy tenfold when it is worn around his neck; even the conciderable powers of the Charm of Soothing cannot repress it entirely though; but then again - it was never intended for it to do so --- while wearing the charm, Isamu retains only a sliver of the full brunt of his telepathic prowess, but in return. That little sliver is entirely within his control and is just great enough for him to be capable of utilizing his specialized Ninjutsu, nor does it run any chance of harming his mentality either; Isamu prefers to keep it on at all times, only removing it when the situation neccessitates it or if he feels a particularily powerful opponent will beat him otherse; if there's more than ten people present, he'll flee instead of taking it off; should the Necklace ever be removed at a place where there is more than ten people present, Isamu would be instantly devoured by his own telepathy and left in a permanent vegetative state.

Scale of TelepathyEdit

The Charm of Soothing restrains, conserves and focuses Isamu's telepathy into an ascending scale of sealing; at the maximum amount of restriction he only has access to about ten percent of his telepathic abilities; when the seal is undone completely however - he has access to the full brunt of his Telepathic prowess: Each of the "levels" of Telepathy steadily increase his mental prowess considerably and certain telepathic abilities can only be used at certain levels, furthermore the opening of the seals also increases his Chakra Resserves as well duringt the last three stages of the release; specifically the Yin half of it in accordance with the number of seals released; Isamu can loosen the seal at will by muttering the small phrase "I see"; no matter how the context it was used, this phrase will release an additional ten percent of his psionic powers.

  • 100% Released: The full brunt of Isamu's telepathic powers is only released in the most exceptional of circumstances, and only when facing opponents with power which he deems to surpass his own by a great amount, Isamu doesn't do this with a light heart though, as the tremendous amount of telepathic might puts a great strain on his psyche and causes him great agony, but more importantly, whenever he releases this much of his telepathic powers his mind is torn away after each use, piece by piece; when he chooses to relinquish his last ounce of control over his curse though, it makes his power rise to be on par with that of a Kage albeit for only a short time - anyone in his immediate vicinity will experience great discomfort as they can feel him worming about inside their mind, this sensation is very unpleasant and can reduce the battle prowess of all but the most hardened Shinobi. But at this level, Isamu no longer has a choice in how his telepathy is used, he will automatically read the mind of anyone within his vicinity whether he wants to or not and can project his telepathic and even empathic powers trough any of these connections to allow for complete control over their thought processes, although making such active use of his incredible abilities would put tremendous strain on his psyche, fragile in comparison to the vast powers it holds. Isamu's greatest strength though, at this apex of his power is that he is rendered near omniscient in regards to all opponents, for as long as they are within a 15 meters reach of him. Beyond 15 meters, Isamu would need to focus on them alone to be capable of continuing the telepathic link, which would leave his constant telepathy less potent.
  • 90% Released:
  • 80% Released:
  • 70% Released:
  • 60% Released:
  • 50% Released: Isamu only releases this much energy when faced with truly dire situations; such as ambushes or the likes; at this level of telepathic power, his automatic telepathy is so strong that it is virtually impossible to shield oneself against it without the aid of specialized Jutsu or items; he can project powerful blasts of psionic energy which afflicts the target with great discomfort and causes immediate nausea and sickening state; making it harder to focus on battle; he's also capable of telepathically cloaking the presence of others by manipulating the mental engrams. While at this level, his Telepathy can read and influence any sentient mind within a full 10 meters of his current position; and can automatically sense the exact location, presence of anyone beyond that range up to the maximum range of 15 meters.
  • 40% Released: Its quite rare for Isamu to release this much of his latent telepathic abilities; but when he does it is a clear compliment to his opponent, as for him to go this far certainly shows the sheer skill of his opposition; this compliment is generally mentally transmitted to his opponent along with a hidden suggestion, which is meant to use the compliment to warp the perceptions of his flattered opponent to his benefit; the difference between this state and the previous is noted to be very high as while like this Isamu has access to many of his more powerful telepathic abilities; such as the ability to telepathically mimic certain abilities, in particular he's been shown capable of using his thought waves to project astral bodies with which he can communicate over large distances : an ability he also uses in Akatsuki meetings in order to allow each of the members to talk to one another at the same time; by working as a sort of "assembling point" for them all; he's also capable of letting others speak trough him similarily to the workings of one of his clans higher ranked Jutsu, albeit Isamu can do so at will at this point; other than this, the range of his telepathic communication expands to 30 miles, and his psionic attacks are also amplified greatly.
  • 30% Released: If an opponent proves him/herself tougher than Isamu might've first anticipated; which is generally the case due to his habit of understimating others; he might occassionally be willing to release a further ten percent of his telepathic powers to compensate; doing so gives him heightened telepathic senses, and allows him to sense any mind within 15 meters; and is capable of extending his senses even outward of that sphere of influence to feel and even telepathically converse with others in the span of roughly 25 miles; provided he knows their name and have met them in person; furthermore, he's capable of influencing any mind within six meters of his current position directly; and automatically reads their outermost thoughts, although unlike the previous stage, he can concentrate on them in order to extract more information if nessecary; he's also easily capable of discerning the general direction of any sensed opponent, although he still cannot pinpoint their exact location.
  • 20% Released: Upon sensing danger of any sort, or in general whenever he enters a situation or sees someone with whom he isn't familiar, Isamu will ascend from the previous stage to this one; this grants his telepathic abilities a significant boost and makes them viable for combative purposes; and as such he activates this in such situations, if the opponent is not ridicolously weak. While like this, Isamu constantly senses the presence of all minds within a range of ten meters; and gains the ability to automatically read their outermost layer of thought if they venture closer than five meters to his current position, or vice versa, despite its many uses though; his telepathic reception isn't strong enough to determine the targets actual location, not even their general direction and he's forced to wait patiently, lest risk running into a trap.
  • 10% Released: This is the absolute maximum point that the Charm can constrain his telepathic abilities to; the Charm of Soothing is incapable of sealing it completely due to the sheer power of his psionic capabilities - this is the level that Isamu usually keeps it at and it allows for minimal amounts of psionic ability - Isamu only being capable of reading the uttermost shell of thoughts in this stage; and he can only read minds by conciously concentrating upon the subject in question - and only within a five meter radius of himself; This can be foiled by most means of mental defenses, and like all other incarnations of his telepathy - the target is aware of it: Upon detecting the least form of hostility or encountering people he doesn't know - he's instantly release an additional ten percent of his telepathic power, the change from 10% to 20% is also minor enough not to be identified by an enemy he's connected to.


Isamu has the ability to use telekinesis in addition to his vast telepathic prowess; as a direct after-effect of his tremendously large Yin resserves; he accomplishes this by using Yin energy, which is known as the pointer for Yang to manipulate the latent Yang within an organism or object to produce a field of kinetic energy with which he can manipulate the organisms or objects remotely. This allows Isamu to manifest a small selection of telekinetic powers such as telekinetically grabbing people and manipulating objects from afar, repel projectiles and hurl people backwards; or similar actions; usually; he uses this to make an invisible field of kinetic energy which is projected from his body in a sphere-like shape; this serves to protect him from lesser weapons and ambushes and keeps his mind sharp, furthermore - he's capable of moving the sphere telekinetically as well; allowing himself the ability to hower and fly short distances.

Telekinetic Strength:


Empathy is the power to telepathically discern, sense and even manipulate emotions in another creature; the Yamanaka Clan's techniques briefly touch upon this aspect of powers and Isamu was born with the power of empathy as well as that of telepathy; the former being a natural extension of the latter. Much like his telepathic powers, Isamu was tormented by his empathy while he was young --- in the wake of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Isamu was frequently assaulted by feelings of loss, mourning and sadness, feelings that didn't belong to him but was drawn to him from the many who lost loved ones in the war; this plunged Isamu into a deep depression and forced him to isolate himself from others, in order to not be overwhelmed by the erratic emotions that wormed their way into his heart despite his resistance: Like with his telepathy, Isamu received rigorous training in the useage of his empathic powers and it was even the basis for a set of unique Ninjutsu abilities which only one with these two abilities could effectively perform. Isamu's empathy varies in power depending on how much of his telepathy is currently free from being regulated by the Charm of Soothing, albeit there is lesser restriction on his empathy than on his telepathy as the former is a lesser deviation from the latter; while at the peak of his empathic abilities Isamu is capable of implanting false emotions in another human; forcing their minds to adapt to the false emotions and allowing him to take advantage of them in any way he'd like ---he enjoys using his empathic powers on people, both ally and enemy alike in order to toy around with and experiment with the emotional sides of their conciousness; most commonly turning them into slaves and servants to follow the decrees of himself and his organization, but its also common for him to use these abilities simply to entertain himself, one way or the other.

Also, while Isamu's own sense of empathy is dullen to almost naught, his empathic abilities still allow him to sense emotions and vibes in others and understanding them and by acting in accordance to his memories of those emotions he's capable of "emulating" them with almost flawless precision; fooling others to believe that he is trustworthy and when combined with his other abilities; in particular his telepathy and ability to instill subtle but highly effective suggestions; his charade is very rarely revealed.

Chakra Scalpel VariationsEdit

Having taken the Chakra Scalpel to a point it has never been taken before; Isamu has managed to create several variations to the technique in question, all of which are based upon the Chakra Scalpel, but works in different ways and have different perks and means of useage. All of which are named after distinct snake genera - being variations on a technique which he has thoroughly mastered; these abilities consume very small amount of chakra and Isamu is as a consequence capable of manifesting these techniques at will with minimal drain on his chakra resserves.

  • Viper (毒蛇, "Dokuhebi"): A simple, but very useful technique invented by Isamu; it expels several chakra threads from any number of his digits, which he can manuever with utmost precision and perfection - when they're used in combat they resemble a several actual vipers repedeatly attacking a helpless enemy; these serves as Isamu's main mode of attack when he doesn't use Genjutsu or Izanami; they're unusual among his Chakra Scalpel techniques though in that they inflict physical wounds; usually working like a large assortment of flexible and incredibly dynamic spears - capable of breaking trough most defenses, and because of how they're accomplished they also serve to disrupt chakra in their immediate vicinity which makes them capable of piercing trough low-ranked Ninjutsu techniques and attack the caster undisturbed; for all purposes though, they can be used just like any other rope and he can restrain people and objects with ease - furthermore, Isamu can change their trajectory however he pleases, to attack from all conceivable directions; even his blind spots. But despite its formidable combat-ability it is actually a high-ranked healing technique, the "snakes" summoned being normally used to re-attach severed body parts and heal the bone, tissues and the tendons to make the re-attached limbs as good as new; they can also be used to close any other wound as well - provided it is not too severe; the "snakes" also have innate healing properties and any wounds they're adminstered to will heal at highly accelerated rates (even wounds which are directly caused by them).
  • Serpent (蛇, "Hebi"): A variation only recently completed by Isamu, due to its great difficulty -- it is primarily constructed as a means of combating close-combat opponents whose skill levels may greatly exceed Isamu's own, the technique itself is entirely based on Chakra Control and works in several ways, first, this 'stance' drastically increases the reach of Isamu's Chakra Scalpels to the degree that they resemble energy-replicas of traditional Wakizashi; this is nothing too impressive though, what really sets this variation apart is what Isamu himself does with the chakra in question, by undulating the visible chakra flow at tremendous speeds, the chakra scalpels move in a persistent rippling motion, this erratic and highly unusual movement makes predicting the trajectory of, or blocking the Chakra Blades very difficult --- the techniques difficulty stems from the fact that it makes use of prolonged chakra control and that it must be manually kept active to maintain. To counter this drawback, Isamu proceeded to internalize this specific part, and now he reflexively keeps it active after useage; switching it off manually when he feels he doesn't need it anymore.
  • Adder Palm (加算ヤシ, "Kusan Yashi"):


Having been gifted with extraordinary skills in the Shinobi Arts, and been born with supernatural abilities relating to the mind - Isamu doesn't need to use Genjutsu to cloud the minds of others, in order to make them see what he wants for them to see; this is not to say that he's not skilled in Genjutsu though, far from it: His skill in Genjutsu is second only to his prodigous skills within the arts of Medical Ninjutsu - his natural gifts having made him naturally adept at this art and thus it was incredibly easy for him to use high-level Genjutsu at a very young age and his gift has allowed him to make his Genjutsu incredibly realistic and potent; so much so that it requires immense amounts of concentration and chakra to release one whom is trapped in one of his illusions, indeed, his skills with Genjutsu allowed him to complete a very complex technique which a whole monastery of Cultists had been incapable of completing, namely the Yin Replication Jutsu: Furthermore, it allowed him to perfect another Technique which is much more complex and is concidered the anti-thesis to Izanagi; Izanami -- both of these remarkable feats being performed by him alone and being direct after-effects of his gifts in the art.

His Genjutsu being formidable already as a child, it is not the least bit surprising that he has grown to become one of the most adept Genjutsu users of the current ninja world, his skills are in fact so refined and elaborate that he's been known to reverse Genjutsu effects cast on him onto the caster themselves, much like the ability refined users of the Sharingan are known to possess; as well as to be capable of employing it very effectively in combat; Isamu has claimed, with confidence that his Genjutsu prowess and defense surpasses that of many users of the Sharingan; in fact, he contemptfully states that the Sharingan is nothing when faced with his gifts; and would kill a surviving Uchiha at any chance he got, and he's already done so many times - and kept their eyes as trophies and additions to his ever-growing collection.

Genjutsu Resistance: By his own admission, Isamu is almost impervious to all forms of Genjutsu; this is due to his gift of Telepathy, reading an opponents mind he's instantly capable of analyzing any Genjutsu in use down to their last little figment and then proceed to use his prowess in order to reverse the effects of the Genjutsu upon the original caster - he's also capable of breaking most Genjutsu with startling ease for the very same reasons, though he'd rather reverse the effects upon the original caster for the purpose of psychological damage.

Isamu's FūinjutsuEdit

Isamu's greatest source of amusement is to train with his skills at Fūinjutsu; his skill within this field easily makes him an expert among his peers --- Isamu states that he has practized it ever since he was a child, after he witnessed a fellow member of Root seal a powerful Jutsu into a Charm meant to keep his Telepathy at bay, and prevent it from crushing his mind: As is expected, he saw the extreme usefulness of the art at that point and convinced the creator of the Charm of Soothing to teach him what he knew; predicting that the child would undoubtably have great use of it incase his Charm ever broke, she complied. The training was arduous but highly rewarding; as he learned how to seal chakra and objects into other objects and at the later stages of his training, even people; above all else though, Isamu found a great deal of facination with Scrolls; and later chose to specialize in creating, reading and modifying them as need be - and it was trough this that he learned how to create a new type of scroll with which he managed to make himself into a rather wealthy man; when compiled together with the amount of cash he earned from his missions.

Isamu's Scroll of ElementsEdit

Element Scroll, (要素の巻物, "Yōso no makimono"): Is a specialized type of scroll which is concidered to be ideal for the sealing of various Techniques -- the Scroll consists of several seals and symbols meant to direct and augment the flow of Chakra and in the middle of the scroll the five Kanji; Earth (土, tsuchi), Water (水, mizu), Fire (火, hi), Wind (風, kaze), and Lightning (雷, kaminari) are inscribed into a perfect pentragram, inside of which is two circles - the outer circle is where the Kanji of the desired technique is meant to be written and in the inner circle, the seal of supression: 押 (ō) is located -- which is meant to keep the scroll from leaking Chakra and thus alerting enemies to their presence; furthermore - the Kanji Yin (陰, in) and Yang (陽, Yō) are inscribed outside of the pentagram; positioned at just the middle of the paper but placed opposite of one another; these two act as the focus for the Chakra which is inevitably used to activate the scroll; whereas the elemental symbols are meant to mold the Chakra channeled trough the scroll to match the nature of the desired Jutsu.

In the lower right corner of the Scroll is a another small circle in which is located a smaller, red spot - this red spot indicates where the user stamps a drop of their blood, infused with the nessecary Chakra; in order to "pay" for the Jutsu.


Timeline Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Joined Akatsuki 3 3 4 4 2 3 3.5 5 27.5
Became a full Member 4 3 4 4.5 2 4.5 3.5 5 30.5
Present 5 3.5 5 5 2 4.5 3.5 5 33.5


  • Isamu is openly gay, and is the first homosexual villain in the works of the author
  • Isamu's theme song, as chosen by the author is Final Judgement by Jonathan Beaudette
  • Miscellaneous Information:
    • Isamu's hobbies are further honing his telepathic abilities, hunting down surviving Uchiha members and using his abilities to manipulate or experiment upon others
    • Isamu wishes to fight against nobody; finding battle to be both boring and uneventful, thus he usually leaves such to any henchmen he has at hand, or possibly his Akatsuki partner.
    • Isamu's favorite word is "Judgement" (判断, handan)
  • By the word of the author, Isamu is intended to fill the following tropes.
    • Complete Monster: Expanded upon in Sympathy.
    • Evil Is Sexy: Obviously, given the work I've put into his appearance section
    • Depraved Homosexual: This one is simply obvious given the above tropes.
    • The Sociopath : This and Complete Monster is pretty much the same although this reflects more on his type of personality.
    • Chaotic Evil: Isamu's Alignment, according to the nine most common ones; befitting his brutal, possessive, impulsive and highly dangerous and osciliating nature, the author has choosen to identify him as being a Type Four of this alignment; properly described on the linked page.

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