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Isao Tamura (田村功, Tamura Isao) is the second leader of the Tamura Clan and the son of the clan's founder. He is the father of Nao Tamura as well as the grandfather of Taro Tamura, Seiji Tamura, and Saburo Tamura.


Isao is an elderly man with wrinkly fair skin He is bald headed due to hair loss with age. He has a long and shaggy gray beard which reaches far down below his waist. On his forehead he bears a scar resembling an x, a reminder of an encounter with the leader of the Kamizuru Clan. In his build, Isao is stunningly muscular despite his advanced age. In accordance with this, he is also remarkably physically strong as well. His endurance is also enhanced as well. In terms of height, Isao would be considered average as he only stands at 5'10". His usual everyday outfit consists of the traditional robes worn by high-ranking members of the Tamura Clan. In combat he usually fights shirtless.


In his younger days Isao was once a proud and optimistic individual, far from being the strict and paranoid leader. There is also nothing that Isao cherishes more than his family, this is why he was devastated at the murder of his son. Nao's death instilled both paranoia and depression within Isao as part of his dream for his clan had been ruined. He had dreamt that one day his son would grow up and become the next great leader of the Tamura. His death left his eldest grandson as the next heir to the clan's leadership. Isao, being as skeptical as he already is, suspects that none of his grandsons are ready to assume the position of the Tamura Clan's third head.

As mentioned before, Isao suffers from depression and is known to unleash his frustration whenever suitable. His reputation amongst fellow members of his clan is that he is very intolerant. Insubordination is also something he detests as he already suspects a member of his own clan of murdering his son. In correspondance Isao also is quick to make accusations in an attempt to halt any betrayal before it is too occur. Isao's relationship with his grandsons is that of a mentor/student one. His heart has pratically turned cold and he has lost any and all patience for children. When it comes to his descendants his primary goal is prepare each one of them for leadership of the Tamura Clan as they are each in the line of succession.

In combat Isao is known to be a ruthless individual. He isn't all that compassionate therefore enemies expect little to no mercy when facing him on the battlefield. Combat is also the place were Isao unleashes most of his pint up frustration. Over the years he has built up a significantly large amount of anger due to experiencing the loss of many loved ones. As of late the only time he is known to even smirk is when he strikes an enemy down. This is due to the fact that he believes that he is avenging the deaths of his lost comrades in doing so. Isao values the life of a fellow clan member more than his own and he values the life of an outsider none.


Isao was born as the son of the now deceased first leader of the Tamura Clan. Upon his birth the clan was only just beginning to grow in strength and it was still rather small in size. As a child his father thought it important to condition his son's mind into that of a warrior. Needless to say Isao's upbringing was extemely unique. His father forced the ninja lifestyle on him as soon as he was able to train. His father was also verbally abusive towards him as well. Only encouraging Isao when he managed to accomplish something and doubting him everytime he failed.

The harsh behavior of his father only made Isao more determined to become a successful ninja and the second leader of the clan. In time he grew to ignore his father's wishy-washy attitude towards him and he kept training. He had something to prove and he knew that he had to prove it. It wasn't only his father that was watching him but it was also the whole entire clan as well. The fledging Tamura name all depended on him. While the expectations added more stress Isao thought of it as hidden encouragement.

Then it soon came time for Isao to step onto the battlefield where all of his training was put to the test. At the time the Tamura Clan was being heavily pressured by a rival clan and it was only a matter of time before Isao's father declared war. In addition to being put out in his first battle, Isao's father also sent him on many missions throughout the war with their rivals. These consisted usually of sabotage, spying, and ambush missions. In all scenarios Isao was chosen to be the leader of each squad during these missions. This was obviously to test his skills as a leader. By the end of the war Isao had grown a lot mentally. With his father being killed in the war he was now the leader of the Tamura Clan and he had now learned to kill.

During the war, while the Tamura Clan had made camp in a small village, Isao met a young woman working at the inn. He was immediately infatuated with her and at the war's end they married. They went on to have a son which they named Nao. Immediately Isao named his newly born son as the heir to the leadership of the Tamura Clan. Like his own father had did with him, Isao began to harshly train Nao as soon as he was able to walk. Nao caught on quick and grew to be a splendid shinobi whom Isao could be proud of. Then came the day that Nao was murdered.

On the day of Nao's death Isao himself felt like he had died as well. If it weren't for his duties as clan leader then he would have gladly committed suicide upon seeing the body. Still, he had to be strong for tough times would be ahead for the Tamura Clan. Not long after Nao's death, Isao's wife died of illness. This only destroyed Isao more because now he felt as if he were all alone. He now had to handle a whole entire clan by himself as well as three orphaned grandchildren. Stress became his mortal enemy.



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