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Itazura Fūma (イタズラ 風魔, Fuma Itazura) is a former member of the famed Fūma Clan, a master of the Fūma Shuriken and a renowned Missing-nin. His country of origin as well as hidden village is unknown. A mercenary for hire, Itazura usually partners Hageshi Inuzuka. He is also a wielder of the Sharingan through his mother, a once Missing-nin of Konohagakure who was on the run during the events of the massacre. He learned everything he knew from his father who spent his time traveling from one country to the next on a never-ending journey with an as-of-yet unknown motive, with Itazura in tow. He has occasionally used the alias Itazura Uchiha (イタズラ うちは, Uchiha Itazura) depending on his current location, among other names.

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As a member of the Fūma Clan trained in their usage of the Fūma Shuriken, Itazura is masterfully skilled in utilizing Kunai, average Shuriken and other projectile weapons with unerring accuracy and pin-point precision, and not only because of his Sharingan. He can easily track a target, predict their movements and ultimately throw towards the area his target will soon be moving to completely catching them unawares. His skill is further demonstrated by his ability to hit one as fast as Hageshi Inuzuka and their personal Panther summons during sparring sessions. Coupled with his Sharingan, Itazura rarely misses his targets once he lays eyes on them.

In addition to his analytical abilities, Itazura is well versed in jutsu geared towards Shuriken and other projectiles. During his early childhood training with his father, Itazura showed himself capable of using techniques like the Shadow Shuriken Technique as well as the Manipulated Shuriken Technique, which allows him to control the path of giant shurikens with great ease and amazing skill. Also, due to the Sharingan inherited from his mothers blood, he can use an advanced version of the former jutsu, the Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades to ensnare his targets before moving in for the kill.

When it comes to the Fūma Shuriken itself, Itazura is just as deadly at close-range as he is at a distance. He is fit to use the shuriken as a melee weapon without being inhibited in any shape or form and can even match masterful practitioners of Kenjutsu using nothing more than a Fūma Shuriken. And to keep a steady supply of projectiles or his signature weapon, Itazura also wears seals which allows him to instantly summon them to his hand. Finally the speed at which he can throw his projectiles as well as how fast he can summon them to hand allows him to nullify Ninjutsu used against him, as the opponent simply can't work their Hand Seals fast enough before the projectile strikes. The method of summoning, coupled with his accuracy, not to mention throwing speed makes Itazura an incredibly dangerous and difficult opponent for even the most skilled of Ninja.

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