Jinsei Shinsha
Rogue Samurai
Name Jinsei Shinsha
Kanji 親炙人性
Personal Status
Age 45
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 65kg
Blood Type AB
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Rogue Samurai
Previous Occupation Samurai
Team N/A
Previous Team Unknown
Partner None
Previous Partner Unnamed Samurai
Rank S Class Criminal
Jinsei Shinsha
<p style="font-size:smaller;line-height:1em;text-align: right">—Committing a Sin. An easy task for all of man and being alike. However the most difficult of tasks is an acceptance of these sins. Once you have accepted your sin, one of the thousands of burdens is lifted from your soul. Next is the forgiveness of one self. Even if others keep it in no regard. Self esteem is an importance that should not be forgotten even through the most dire of situations. As once your view of oneself has been cleansed you may lead a life of closed regret which cannot haunt you ever again.


Jinsei Shinsha (親炙人性 Shinsha Jinsei) is currently a rogue samurai who traverses the entire world in search for rest from conflict, or at the least a way to end it completely. Once known by many as the Detached Force (枝隊 Shitai) he is said to be one of the more powerful Samurai to live despite his old age. Currently known as the Mimicry Blade (人真似腕木 Hitodane Udegi) due to his implanted Sharingan given to him by an unnamed Uchiha Clan member before his death.

Formerly an active and dutiful samurai who was known to be a prodigy in all Samurai Arts, he was a comrade of Mifune and many of the older samurai. He had also fought alongside the latter against Hanzo's forces, albeit he had fought another commander instead of him. However, a few years after that battle, he would be one of the main causes for the limited Samurai Teachings in the present Era. This would be due to the massacre caused by him many years ago of the samurai, which very few had survived. Straight after this, he was given a powerful sword by an unnamed individual and fled the Land of Iron.

However, he would soon meet an unnamed Uchiha who would then explain to him the gift of comradeship, and he had then realised his impotence and foolishness. Discarding the blade known as The Sword of Kusanagi (草薙の剣 Grass Cutting Sword) it would later have been unknowingly discovered by the sinister Orochimaru. Since then, he had been wandering the world as an outcast and a scholar of sorts. Attempting to find the roots of the ninja world.


Unlike most rogue ninja or samurai who have a cold and ruthless personality, and present a cool and collected demeanor, Jinsei's personality is known to be almost opposite to this. This could possibly be attributed to his experiences throughout his life and overall goal that he possesses in life.

Commonly expressing a mildly cheerful and laid back demeanor and is commonly seen napping or just enjoying the free time that he has. It should be noted that he never sips alcohol, especially Sake due to his sensitivity towards it and even one drop can cause him to explode in a drunken outburst. He is known to wander throughout the world and has set goals in mind, although he is known to drift off of his tasks most of the time. He can be considered rather blunt and rarely keeps opinions (good or bad) to himself. He can also be considered rather bad when conversing with someone of the opposite sex, due to his unfamiliarity with them. Despite this, he is actually quite intellectual and due to his experience and natural genius he is aware of most things around him. He is also known to eavesdrop on conversations for no apparent reason, all while the people conversing have no idea he is actually listening in to them.

Jinsei usually despises battle of any kind and due to the experiences that he has had with it, knows the consequences of large scale wars. Despite this, he will actively partake in battle when the time arises. He is known to be merciful to an extent, and will grant certain opponents the opportunity to live while others a swift and painless death. Even while in battle, he attempts to remove their will to fight through conversation in order to prevent blood from being spilled.

However much earlier in his life, when he was younger and was still a loyal samurai he was known to be evasive and rarely ever conversed with others. He was known to be extremely dutiful and couldn't think of anything but his loyalty to the samurai. He was known to be calm, collected but easily angered from provocative remarks. However, he was known to be easily influenced by power and due to this, had caused the Samurai Massacre with no regret.

However after a fated meeting with an unnamed Uchiha. He was known to travel with him and had formed a bond with him. This Uchiha had explained the meaning of bonds to him, and since then Jinsei has shown regret for his actions. After his death and the implantation of the sharingan into his eye, Jinsei has begun to search for the origins of the Ninja World. He also adopted this careless and cheerful personality and the wisdom needed to fulfill his goals.


A man who has been through both struggles and happiness throughout his entire life, Jinsei's appearance reveals much about his past life. He is tall, standing at a full 6'0 and very well built, due to his previous training as a samurai, he has well built biceps, forearms and a highly developed chest and abdomen. Although he does note that due to lack of training this is less noticeable somewhat. He is also noted to have very pale black eyes which constantly express a feeling of fear and sadness inside them. Jinsei himself has said that these eyes are a "prison" to his true emotions.

Jinsei has rather long black hair, which goes down to his mid-vertebrae when straightened completely and let loose. It is known to be rather spiky although it doesn't flare outwards but rather long, thick streaks of hair go down his face and to his bottom lip even. It is tied in a ponyttil, with the hair tied protruding back in singular streaks of clumped hair and are spiked.

His attire is that of a traditional Rōnin (浪人 Wandering Samurai). He wears a short sleeved Kosode which is black and wears ragged and cut hakama which have the appearance of dark green shorts. Over this he wears a murky green and brown Haori with frills on the sleeves. Along with this he wears armguards which reach up to his elbow and commonly wears a straw hat with these articles of clothing. His blade is also kept sheathed at his waist for easy access.


Performing Massacre

Samurai Massacre Taking Place



Sharingan Sealing Straw Hat: Jinsei's straw hat that he almost always wears actually functions as a seal to cover the sharingan that is in his possession. This hat serves as a seal to reduce the chakra usage of these eyes dramatically, allowing him to literally keep the sharingan active for entire days while using this hat, although the effectiveness of the sharingan is reduced somewhat.

Ama no Murakumo

Ama no Murakumo

The Sword of Heavenly Gathering Clouds (天叢雲剣 Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi): is a powerful sword that has been in Jinsei's possession his entire life as a Samurai and even before then. This katana is said to have power that is only slightly less than that of The Sword of Kusanagi. However, it has a certain ability that gives him an edge over most opponents. When this sword is being wielded by it's wielder, it allows a veil of an unknown energy to prevent any chakra from being sensed at all. Although Jinsei possesses all his chakra, sensor types are unable to discern it's presence at all.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jinsei's views on combat

—Undignified and brutal. The true essence of battle comes from not the Execution, but the Result. No matter how perfectly you carve an enemy. Their death will remain death no matter how you look at it.


Swordsmanship Capability

Jinsei's instant execution

Jinsei's comments on swordsmanship

—Swordsmanship is at first glance an easy art to accomplish. After all, anybody can swing around a stick or two and make do with it. However these people fail to realise that there is much more to swordsmanship than just it's appearance. You must smell, hear, taste, touch and even feel the pain of cutting down an opponent. Achieving this won't even make you a master. As no matter how far you dive into the art, there is always more to delve into, in every manner and direction.


Implanted Sharingan

Jinsei's implanted sharingan active

Jinsei commenting on his implanted Sharingan

—A disgrace in the eye of the Samurai. This eye isn't gained for my own power. But it is in tribute to the one friend of mine who helped me gain a new understanding.


Behind the ScenesEdit