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Jiyūjin Shinkirō
Jiyuujin Manga
Name Jiyūjin Shinkirō
Kanji 蜃気楼自由人
Personal Status
Birthdate July 25
Age 15
Height 165.1 cm (5'5")
Weight 52.1 kg (115 Ibs.)
Blood Type B-
Sunagakure Symbol
Home Country
Land of Wind Symbol
Land of Wind
Sunagakure Symbol


Occupation Ninja
Team Team Setsuko
Partner Setsuko Yosano
Kuma Murakami
Ami Okano
Family Unnamed Adoptive Grandmother (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Chūnin Symbol
Classification Jinchūriki
Ninja Registration 99-033
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Tailed Beasts Son Gokū
Nature Type 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire
Nature Icon Earth Earth
Nature Icon Lava Lava
Jutsu Lava Release Armour

Lava Release: Rubber Ball
Fire Release: Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Release: Earth Flow River

Jiyūjin Shinkirō (蜃気楼自由人, Shinkirō Jiyūjin) is a chūnin-level ninja from Sunagakure. As a newborn he was abandoned in the deserts of the Land of Wind by his original birth parents. Fortunately, Sunagakure ninja found him and took him back to the village where he was raised by an adopted grandmother. Early in his life he was designated to become the next jinchūriki of the Son Gokū, which, had fallen into the possession of Sunagakure after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Due to the fact that he is the host of Son Gokū, Jiyūjin has the ability to use the Lava Release.

As with other jinchūriki, Jiyūjin led a pretty lonely life growing up due to the fact that many feared the tailed beast living within him. When he was young, Jiyūjin held no control over Son Gokū which often went on rampages throughout Sunagakure. This caused the inhabitants of Sunagakure to fear him even more due to the destruction that Son Gokū continued to cause. Eventually, Jiyūjin took it upon himself to enroll in the ninja academy so that he may eventually learn to control Son Gokū's power. During his time in the academy he struggled a lot but managed to eventually graduate. Afterwards he was made apart of Team Setsuko and is currently an active member.


It is unknown where Jiyūjin and his biological family originally hailed from. What is known is that Jiyūjin's mother had given birth to him while traversing the Land of Wind with his father. His parents then immediately decided that they did not want him. This resulted in them cruely leaving the newborn baby to die in the desert. Luckily, the cries of baby Jiyūjin alerted nearby Sunagakure ninja who then quickly took him back their village. Jiyūjin was given to an elderly woman who offered to raise him as her grandson.

At the age of three Jiyūjin was specifically chosen to become the jinchūriki of the Son Gokū who had been captured by Sunagakure. Jiyūjin's grandmother fought hard so that the beast would not have to be sealed within him. She failed and Son Gokū was sealed within Jiyūjin anyway. Shortly afterwards, it became evident that Jiyūjin would have complications with being Son Gokū's vessel. There were times when Jiyūjin lost control over Son Gokū and allowed to run rampant, this left parts of Sunagakure devastated on numerous occasions. Residents of Sunagakure came to quickly despise Jiyūjin because of his status as a jinchūriki.

At first, Jiyūjin did not wish to become a ninja as he initally feared the shinobi lifestyle. He was a peaceful child as well as a pacifist and greatly disliked fight. However one faithful night caused Jiyūjin to change his mind. Once again he lost control over Son Gokū who then went on another rampage throughout the village. Jiyūjin's adoptive grandmother attempted to stop the beast from taking control over him. Subsequently Son Gokū burned her to death with lava that it had spewed from it's mouth. When Jiyūjin finally regained control of the beast, he was shocked to discover his grandmother, the only person who had actually loved him, was now dead.

After the death of his grandmother, Jiyūjin vowed to never let Son Gokū manipulate him again. He had learned the importance of learning to control the powers of Son Gokū the hard way. He knew that if he didn't then more innocent people would be harmed by the beast's deranged rampages. The academy was very difficult for Jiyūjin as he had little to no ability to control his chakra, thanks to Son Gokū's uncooperative behavior. After years of intense struggling Jiyūjin managed to barely pass the graduation exam and finally become a genin.

Jiyūjin was then specifically signed to Team Setsuko in hopes that the expert teachings of his sensei, Setsuko Yosano, would be helpful in his learning how to control Son Gokū. In the beginning, he had a rather rocky relationship with both Kuma Murakami and Ami Okanao as they too looked down on him. It was very difficult for Jiyūjin to develope a friendship with Kuma. In the midst of one of it's rampages, Son Gokū brutally murdered Kuma's parents. This caused Kuma to in turn resent Jiyūjin.

Nevertheless, Jiyūjin was eager to make a name for himself as a shinobi. In order to do that he would need to earn the trust of his team. On numerous missions Jiyūjin would work hard in order to prove how useful and kind he really was. While he had overtime gained the approval of his sensei he was still marked as a menace by his peers and the rest of Sunagakure.

Jiyūjin would eventually get his chance to finally prove himself on the team's first mission outside of the village. The mission at hand was to apprehend a group of bandits which had been causing trouble in a small village outside of Suna. Jiyūjin and the rest of Team Setsuko wound up in a tight spot and cornered by the enemy. Son Gokū, not wanting to perish, triggered it's lava abilities within Jiyūjin which caused him to defeat the bandits and save his team. Despite saving them on accident, Jiyūjin had successfully gained the trust of his teammates.

The newfound trust established between Jiyūjin and his teammates was tested during the chuunin exams in which they participated in. Through determination and cooperation Jiyūjin, Ami, and Kuma managed to progress through the exams and make a good enough impression to be promoted to the rank of chuunin. Still, the main challenge for Jiyūjin was controlling Son Gokū, which was essential in order to progress through the exams. Thankfully he managed to succeed with limited access to his lava techniques.


Jiyūjin has a rather pleasant nature which he developed early in his life as a defense mechanism against the harshness he recieved from the Sunagakure residents. Overall he is rather carefree and optimistic and often tries his best to look onto the good side of things, no matter how bad the situation may be. Jiyūjin however is not known for his intelligence and can at times be very oblivious and naive. Nevertheless he has proven to be a great friend and is even willing to give up an arm and a leg for his teammates.

Despite being mistreated by Sunagakure throughout much of his life, due to having Son Gokū sealed within him, Jiyūjin is shown to be fircely loyal to the village. Jiyūjin is also very understanding of why his fellow Sunagakure inhabitants dislike him so much as he himself has a dislike of Son Gokū. Like other jinchūriki Jiyūjin does long to fit in with the society of his village although it isn't a priority for him. At times he feels all he really needs is his fellow teammates to support him.

When it comes to combat Jiyūjin is very reckless. He never hesitates to engage opponents and almost never analyzes the situation at hand. Commonly, Jiyūjin thinks that all of the battle strategies should be left to either his sensei or Kuma Murakami, his teammate, and he heavily depends on them in that department. In the event that Jiyūjin does decide to use a battle plan it is usually a last minute idea and not at all thought out.


Jiyuujin's General Appearance

Jiyūjin's general appearance.

Jiyūjin is a boy of average height for his age, standing around five feet and five inches. He also has tanned skin and a lean body build. One of his most self-defining characteristics is his unique, spiky, rose colored hair which goes down to his neck. Jiyūjin also possesses black almond-shaped eyes as well as thin eyebrows. Jiyūjin's teeth are also somewhat unique when compared to those of another average human, for instance he has slightly longer canine teeth. This is possibly due to having Son Gokū sealed within him as he did not possess this characteristic beforehand. Also noticeable, located on Jiyūjin's right shoulder is the seal which keeps Son Gokū imprisoned within him. He also has a scar on his neck, how it was obtained is currently unknown.

Jiyūjin's usual attire causes him to stand out within Sunagakure. Instead of wearing an outfit such as an robe, commonly sported by the residents of Sunagakure, Jiyūjin can often be seen wearing a blue sleeveless waistcoat with a gold trim. Usually, Jiyūjin doesn't wear an undershirt due to the intense heat of the desert. The rest of his attire consists of baggy white pants which go down to his knees, black sandals, and his signature white scarf. Jiyūjin's Sunagakure forehead protector is brown in color and is always worn around his waist as a belt.


Jinchūriki TransformationsEdit

Main Article: Jiyūjin Shinkirō's Jinchūriki Forms

As the jinchūriki of the Four-Tails Jiyūjin is gifted with an assortment of abilities. One of his prime abilities being the mainpulation of lava. Other abilities include his augmentation of chakra which is due to Son Gokū being sealed within him. At the time of his promotion to chūnin however, Jiyūjin hasn't had much skill in successfully mainpulating this chakra which at the time was entirely under the influence of Son Gokū. Still the amount of chakra he possesses in total is abnormal when compared to that of other ninja.

The charka of Son Gokū usually comes to Jiyūjin whenever he is faced with a life threatening situation. This is always because of Son Gokū's own will to live which means that he also has to save the life of Jiyūjin for the
Jiyuujin's Jinchuuriki Chakra Cloak

Jiyūjin's inital Jinchūriki form.

time being. One of the most essential times that Jiyūjin ever accessed the chakra of Son Gokū was during a mission outside of Sunagakure. During the mission his team was cornered by enemy bandits who were able to kill them. Son Gokū gave Jiyūjin's it's chakra which caused him to accidentally kill the enemy and save his team.

In Jiyūjin's younger days when the beast was first sealed within him he had even more difficulty in controlling it. Similar to how the Shukaku would take control of Gaara, Son Gokū would take control of Jiyūjin. This was primarily because of how small Jiyūjin was. At the time, similar to Naruto, Jiyūjin's body was too small to successfully contain and control the tailed beast within him. Son Gokū would release itself from Jiyūjin's body and attack Sunagakure many times through the boy's past.

After the end of the chūnin exams in which he and his team passed, Jiyūjin grew more serious about finally mastering the chakra of Son Gokū as the safety of the village also hung in the balance. Jiyūjin began to undergo more serious training in order to control the chakra of the beast and soon learned how to control it's initial form with much resent from Son Gokū who enjoyed the control it had over Jiyūjin. As of then Jiyūjin still had great difficulty accessing larger amounts of the beast's chakra as well as effectively using lava techniques.

Nature TransformationEdit

Due to his having Son Gokū sealed within him, Jiyūjin has been given the ability to use the Lava Release as well as the fire and earth chakra natures. While he is without a doubt fluent in using fire and earth techniques he has in the past had great difficulty in controlling his lava abilities. This is mostly due to the fact that the Lava Release chakra has been largely under the control of Son Gokū as it is the only reason that Jiyūjin is able to
Jiyuujin Using Fire Chakra

Jiyūjin using a Fire Release technique.

use the advanced nature. In the past he has only been shown to be able to use lava techniques with the will of Son Gokū. Jiyūjin has also accidentally used lava without the consent of Son Gokū. Every now and then he would suffer a discharge of lava due to the restless Four-Tails within him.

After his participation in the chūnin exams however Jiyūjin, when he managed to gain control over the inital transformation of Son Gokū, he also managed to gain some control over the Lava Release. The control he got over lava was minor however as he was only able to access and manipulate some of the chakra of Son Gokū. This is shown with the usage of his signature technique, the Lava Release Armour, which he is only able to maintain for a couple of minutes at a time.

As mentioned before, Jiyūjin has rather well prowness for the fire and earth chakra natures. While he was not able to freely manipulate lava to his full ability he began to work on moulding his earth and fire releases. Since doing so he has gained the ability to manipulate both chakra natures with techniques which are decent in strength. Examples of such techniques which are used by him include the Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet and the Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet. Both techniques are used in conjuction by Jiyūjin to unleash searing hot rock towards his opponents. Both jutsu have become signature techniques of Jiyūjin and they are often used by him separately as well as in their combined form.


While Jiyūjin is certainly proficient is ninjutsu and long-ranged combat, it can be said that he is more accustomed to close-ranged and physical combat. Jiyūjin is a frequent user of nintaijutsu, using the fighting style to combine his nature transformation with his taijutsu prowness.The Lava Release Armor, despite only being able to use it for a few minutes at a time, is utilized often by Jiyūjin to gain a physical advantage over foes. The technique makes him practically invulnerable to physical attacks, the armor burning enemies before they can even get within range of him. When not depending on the Lava Release Armor, Jiyūjin can be seen using general martial arts skills. Due to his brute strength and speed, a result of having Son Gokū sealed within him, Jiyūjin is effective in dishing out kicks.



Kuma MurakamiEdit

Ami OkanoEdit

Setsuko YosanoEdit


  • Jiyūjin can translate to either "son of freedom" or "free spirit" while Shinkirō translates to "mirage".
  • His faceclaim is that of Natsu Dragneel from the Fairy Tail manga/anime series.
  • He is a remake of Hayato Takeda, an old character of mine's on the old Naruto Fanon wiki who was also a Four-Tails jinchūriki from Sunagakure.
  • According to the Naruto databooks:
    • Jiyūjin's hobbies are rock climbing and exercising.
    • Jiyūjin wishes to fight the Kazekage .
    • Jiyūjin's favorite word is "determination" (決定, kettei).
    • Jiyūjin's loves to eat seafood.


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