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Name Kāmavāsanā
Kanji 欲望
Literal English Lust
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank S
Range Short to Mid-Range
Hand Seals Crossed Tiger → Zai
Other Jutsu

Kāmavāsanā (欲望; Lust) is the name given to the powerful ninjutsu conceived by Hisashi Shinja as one of his signature techniques. By tapping into the vital energies passively siphoned by his Han'nya Sūnyagan, he is able to produce and project white flames impregnated with the properties of Yang Release. However, unlike what the traditional definition of Yang Release, the technique is said to "consumes all life from form" as opposed to "breathing life into form".

Though Kāmavāsanā is not a technique of the Fire Release, its behaviour holds many similarities to that of the natural element. When inflicted upon a living target, the flames consume the victim's vital energies in the same manner that typical flame consumes oxygen as its fuel source. Upon contact, the affected area is wreaked with unimaginable pain; as a portion of the body is literally subjected to the siphoning of it's own life force. The flames of Kāmavāsanā continue to burn until the affected area is ultimately drained of all vitality, leaving behind nothing but a withered husk. However, when the technique is utilized upon an inanimate object, the flames of Kāmavāsanā cause no adverse effects, for there are no vital energies to consume. In these cases, the flames generally diminish on their own, or they can be prolonged by the user should he so choose. Through this, the flames can be flowed through inanimate objects, such as tools, until they reach their victim.

The flames of Kāmavāsanā are extremely versatile and are capable of being conjured anywhere within the user's line of sight. However, the technique comes with an exceptional cost of chakra on the part of the castor, but this cost is generally abated by the energies siphoned from the Kāmavāsanā's unfortunate victim.

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