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Kaede Ryuusei
Name Kaede Ryuusei
Kanji 流星=槭樹
Personal Status
Birthdate November 23
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 159 cm
Weight 29 kg
Blood Type O
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation Ryuusei Clan
Occupation Chuunin
Previous Occupation Heiress of the Ryuusei Clan
Team Unknown
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Family Ryuusei Clan (deceased)
Rank Chuunin
Classification Missing-nin
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai None
Kekkei Tōta None
Tailed Beasts None
Hiden Techniques None
Nature Type Nature Icon Wind Wind Chakra
Nature Icon Void Void Chakra
Jutsu Wind Release: Cracked Sky
Wind Release: Twisted Twister
Shadow Clone Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Void Release: Chaos Vorago
Void Release: Starbright Blade
Weapons Unknown
Kaede Ryuusei (流星=槭樹, Ryuusei Kaede) is a young genin from the Land of Lightning. When she was five, her entire clan was wiped out "in a blink".


Kaede is a somewhat petite girl. She has pink hair, held up in a ragged ponytail that balloons out at the back. The bangs that frame the side of her face are held up in loops. The remainder of her bangs stick out the front of her face, and they cover her eyes with thin strands.

Her attire consists of a deep red traditional Chinese shirt with two cotton balls tied around her neck. The shirt has silver lining. It is split into two at the end, having flame like patterns on both ends, and connecting in the middle. At the back, the shirt sticks out like a flame. Her sleeves are detached, having red sleeves that reach from under her shoulder to double as gloves. They have blue patterns, and are tied near her shoulder with blue string. Her skirt is made out of mink, and each pellet is shaped like flame and sticks out everywhere. She wears thigh-high black stockings, and bandages are wrapped around them in cross patterns. She wears ankle-high red boots.

Personality and TraitsEdit




Physical CapabilityEdit


Nature TransformationEdit


Void ReleaseEdit



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