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Kagehoko Clan
"The Walkers of Shadow"
Name Kagehoko Clan
Kanji 影歩行一族
Hidden Techniques Shadow Arts

The Kagehoko Clan, (影歩行, Walkers of Shadow) are a ninja clan within the Shinobi World. They are nomadic, traveling from place to place, they set up camp at areas, and stay out the season. Sometimes, they are allowed to rest within a Hidden Village. The clan is known for a specialized Shadow Art, similar to the Nara Clan of Konoha.


Not much is known of the history of the Kagehoko Clan, other than they do not call any village home. They wander about the Shinobi World, setting camp is strategic areas around the many countries. The clan members have been known to pass through lesser countries mostly, but have been known to set camps in The Land of Fire, and the Land of Earth.


Shadow ArtsEdit

The Hidenjutsu, or Secret Art of the Kagehoko Clan, bearing similarity to the techniques of Konohagakure's Nara Clan. The Kagehoko Clan's Shadow Jutsu isn't limited to actual shadows, but more of a darkened chakra, that creates "tangible shadows" that can be manipulated for their own use. Members have been known to creat chains, or arms via these shadows to ensare, or provide multi-melee combat against opponents. Members with a Nature affinity display adding the shadow Chakra to the element, changing it slightly.


The Kagehoko Clan display proficient skill in the use of Genjutsu. They are known to weave illusions based upon darkness, or false imagery of safety. Other times, they use it in mental warfare, or to protect certain treasures. Kagehoko Clan members are said to be immune to illusions.


Some members of the clan have great skill in Sealing Techniques, using them for various purposes, such as sealing certain powers of enemies, or keeping barriers in blace.


Members of the Kagehoko clan have fair skin, and either blonde, black, or even white/silver hair. What truly makes them stand out, is their deep red eyes, which are said to be immune to the effects of Genjutsu. The basic uniform of the clan are a black shirt and pants, with a deep purple flak jacket, and utility belt. The members utilize the basic weaponry of Shinobi, although most take favor to Needles.



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