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Kaigan Clan
Kanji かいがんいちぞく

The Kaigan Clan (かいがんいちぞく, Kaigan Ichizoku, Lit. Clan of the Spiritual Awakening) is one of the numerous clans of the Land of Water. Renown for possessing numerous spiritual abilities many Lands including their own, have seen them more as spiritualists rather than Shinobi. The clan at one time had a great firendship and immense allegiance to the Uchiha clan. Due, to the civil wars that plagued the Land of Water, the clan was forced into hiding until the Fifth Mizukage was named.

Clan HistoryEdit

Few reliable records details the beginning history of this clan. This has led to false theories to clan's true history. However there are few things that are true. One being that the clan was founded in the Land of Water. Another is that, for as long as it has been remembered, the clan has be renowned for possessing some of the strongest spiritual abilities within chakra. Furthermore, the clan seems to possess a natural affinity for Water Release and possibly Yin Release due to possessing remarkable Genjutsu and other spiritual talents. Not much more is proven but there are many theories.

Clan InformationEdit

Size of Clan Population: The clan seems to have numerous family members. It not uncommon for someone to have several children within a generation. A common family house hold normally has four or more children. The clan it seems to have a head family. The head family and the numerous branch families seem to all get along for the most part. And unlike other clans nearly are Jutsu and Techniques are known to the entirety of the clan population.

Clan Professions: The Kaigan clan has unique profession even for a clan. One is that they are known for being healers for the body and mind. They developed various abilties to help to restore mental stability and restorance of the body.

Clan JutsusEdit

Water Release AffinityEdit

The Kaigan clan due to be a native clan of the Land of Water, naturally has an affinity for Water Release. One of their two Kekkai Genkai comes from this Chakra Nature. 

Possible Yin Release Affinity What made the clan famous was their numerous talent for spiritual related Jutsu. While it is unknown if these abilities come from the Yin Release, it has been hinted at times.

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