The Kaishin Clan ( かいしん, sea god) is a long sought after and powerful clan situated in the Land of Water. It could be said to be one of the most influencive and powerful clans in the globe. It's membership is unique in that few within it are related by blood and it consists of ninja from all corners of the world making for much variety. Members of the clan despite their variety usually tend to specialize in Water-based jutsu as in their region granting the stronger members of the clan the titles, Sons of the Sea God ( こどもくにつかいしん,Kodomo kunitsu Kaishin).

Due to their homeland being a country of water, members of the clan are specialized sailors with the clan having a variety of ships for both fishing, merchant and war use.


The foundations of the Kaishin is said to have been steeped in carnage and tradegy. The founder of the Clan, Hozuki Kaishin was a former member of Kirigakure's shinobi army but after the death of his son during the; now abolished; Bloody Exams, he went rogue and formed his own organization which soon molded into a clan. Hozuki soon died three years after founding Kaishin but his students went on recruiting and training the clan eventually letting it grow in power and status to their current state. Though this growth was not without its perils as Kirigakure often led attacks against this growing power in its own lands. However all these attacks failed due to Third Shinobi War in which Kirigakure had to devote the bulk of its resources to and so they couldn't focus on the Kaishin which allowed the clan to grow with only minor disturbances.



  • (Reserved by Kaze Yoni)



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