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I'm not like the other Tailed Beasts. It takes time to earn my trust. Humans always talk about the same thing. I've been observing your actions for a long time now. So you should understand this too. No matter what you try to talk about, it means nothing to me. It doesn't speak to my heart.


Kurama inside Kaito

Kurama sealed inside Kaito

Kaito Hiroki is the current jinchūriki of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Kaito possesses its near limitless amount of chakra, stamina, and possesses accelerated healing, healing from the major gut would Kurama had given him within a day. After going to the Falls of Truth, he has since mastered Kurama's chakra. The inner world where Kurama resides takes the form of a forest, submerged under breathable water. Kurama itself is restrained with a "cage" of durable trees, and a barrier around them. After subjugating Kurama, the cage was changed to an inescapable barrier of water. However, when Kurama and Kaito forged a better relationship, this barrier was soon removed.

Initial Jinchūriki Form Edit

Kaito Initial

Kaito's Initial Jinchūriki Form without chakra

By simply tapping into Kurama's chakra, Kaito's body begins its initial transformation. The first signs of this are his eyes: his pupils become slitted, and his irides will change from blue to red. Following this, his nails and canine teeth grow longer and sharper and his white hair will grow longer and spikier, as it stands on end. Though he is able to stand on his own two feet, Kaito can move at greater speeds by maneuvering on all fours in a manner similar to the Four Legs Technique used by the Inuzuka clan. Depending on how much of the Kurama's chakra was unleashed, it will shoot out in a "ribbon-like" formation before wrapping around his body and glowing in an untamed way, like fire. The chakra when it shoots is also much lighter, white with red outline, before adopting the dark red color it has when it covers Kaito's body.

This form also increases his speed to such levels that nothing short of a fully matured Sharingan is able to track his movements. He can also use the chakra as a shockwave, sometimes merely using a roar or thrusting his fist out to send a rush of energy at his opponent. His strength seems to increase to a level that allows him to break a tree in half with a simple punch.

Version 1 Edit

After gaining full access to his bijū's power, Kaito can generate a red demon cloak that surrounds his body, which creates his "Version 1". Once activated, his canine teeth and nails extend, and his eyes stay slitted and red. The cloak itself gives Kaito paws of chakra around his hands and fox ears on his head. In this form, his attack power extends to easily being able to break through trees and solid stone.

Kaito has full control of this form, due to being on decent terms with Kurama, and thus can utilize it as he please. In addition to enhanced physical attributes and chakra reserves, this form grants him the use of the Red Chakra Arms. While using Version 1, these tails are translucent with bubbles of chakra forming on the surface. Other than an incremental increase in Kaito's strength and speed, as the numbers increase, there are no obvious differences between the number of tails.

Version 2 Edit


Kaito in Version 2

By tapping into Kurama's chakra reserves, Kaito can enter his "Version 2" (バージョン2, Bājon Tsū). Kaito explains that this is done by forming the chakra into a human shape. These transformations are meant to give him an edge in battle without completely releasing Kurama, as that would endanger anyone around him. Kaito can enter any number of tails from one through nine, and each is stronger than a Version 1 transformation with the same number of tails. 

The Version 2 chakra cloak is much darker than Version 1. Fox paws form around his feet, the fox ears on his head elongate. While in this form Kaito often creates chakra bones, such as a fox's skull, to increase the strength of his attacks or shield his body. Kaito can also mix his blood and chakra to create a Tailed Beast Ball of immense power.

Partial Transformation Edit

Kaito's control over Kurama is to the point where he could not only create different versions of the tailed beast chakra cloaks, but limbs of the beast itself. This variates depending on whether he is in his normal form, or the "Nine-Tails Chakra Mode". He is capable of partially transforming his arm into that of Kurama, which increases his strength greatly, or even summon Kurama's nine-tails from the base of his back, here the tailbone of a human is located, and with this, he gains a high degree of dexterity.

Kurama extraction

Kaito generating Kurama's head

When in the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, his "partial transformation" becomes unique compared to any other Jinchūriki. He is still able to manifest parts of the beast's body, such as its head, tails, or arms, however, rather than becoming a true flesh-replica of the fox, the body parts Kaito generates are made of pure chakra. This has the advantage as Kaito can summon various parts of the body like an experienced Uchiha would summon parts of Susano'o, for defence or offence. As opposed to the normal nature of the chakra, it no longer burns those who touch it, and is also translucent. However, Kaito is not able to generate a full-replica of the fox in this manner, and his Full Transformation has only been seen as flesh.

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Edit

Kaito Hiroki Nine Tails Chakra Mode

Kaito's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

The Nine-Tails Chakra Mode (九尾チャクラモード, Kyūbi Chakura Mōdo) is a third form Kaito unlocked after he managed to subjugate Kurama. While using this form, the chakra envelops Kaito, and the shroud takes on the that resembles a silhouette of the Sage of the Six Paths, with his new seal clearly visible on the shroud, and the color of his irises also changes from purple to red. In this form, he always has his hidden eye visible. Unlike the demon fox shroud, which releases chakra as seething bubbles, this form's shroud releases chakra as flickers of flame. He rarely uses this form except on occasions where it is necessary, and isnoted to prefer "Version 1" and "Version 2" to actually use in combat. 

With Kurama's power under his control, Kaito's strength is significantly increased to the point that he can pull off impossible physical feats, such as rendering holes in mountains from sheer physical strength. His speed greatly increases to the point that it seems as if he is teleporting, with only a "yellow flash" visible. Thankfully, he has gained no moniker from this, possibly due to this form's underuse. Though he can still feel pain, this form's chakra shroud gives Kaito a great amount of protection; regular swords are unable to pierce it, extreme heat temperatures slightly burn him, and extreme physical attacks do little damage.

Kaito Hiroki's Nine Tail's Chakra Mode

Kaito Hiroki's Nine Tail's Chakra Mode

Like the previous two forms, Kaito is capable of generating chakra arms, which increase Kaito's range without resorting to techniques like the Beast Shuriken or the Sword Chakra Blast. The strength of these arms have increased to the point that Kaito can crush the likes of stone without effort, and thus must be careful when he grabs humans. Kaito can use the chakra arms to increase his mobility and maneuverability, using them as tethers, or jumping off platforms using them to increase his jumping. Kaito has mastered the chakra arms to the point of generating many arms at high speeds, to the point that it seems like he's generating them by the thousands.

A final ability is the ability to sense negative emotions as well as chakra signatures from very long distances. This form is comprised of pure chakra, Yin and Yang, and as such, Wood Release techniques techniques will react to the Yang chakra's life-giving properties and mature into full-grown trees within a matter of seconds, either by contact or close range.

Kaito explained that, formerly, when he used this form, he'd have to temporarily "shelve" his own chakra in order to use Kurama's chakra, which allowed the fox to automatically drain Kaito's own chakra. If Kurama fully drained Kaito's chakra, it would result in his death. However, after he and Kurama obtained a relationship of mututal respect, Kaito no longer has this drawback.

Full Nine-Tails Form Edit

Full Kaito Kurama

Kaito's Full Kurama form

In this form, Kaito takes on the appearance of Kurama itself, rather than just a cloak, taking on the appearance of a huge demon fox-like creature with nine giant tails, orange fur and blood red eyes. Aside from being in the training chambers in the fall of truth, he first went into this form right outside the Konoha borders during a "training session" with his Uzumaki partners. He is in full control of the Nine-Tailed form, and does not go through the "chakra trade phase" managing to convince, or rather bargain with the Fox against it.

In this form, he is able to create a huge sphere of chakra in front of his mouth and releases it as a widespread blast, causing destruction on a large scale. In part with his control over Kurama, Kaito can turn parts of his body into parts of Kurama body. Likewise, while fully transformed, Kaito can manifest his own human form from parts of Kurama body.

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