Tropes for Kaito

A-G Edit

All of the Other Reindeer: Averted. Due to Kaito becoming a Jinchūriki later in life, he has never recieved this treatment, and is a fairly well respected shinobi. 

Animal Motifs: Foxes due to being Kurama's host.

Attack of The 50-Foot Whatever: When Kaito uses the Full Tailed Beast Transformation.

Badass: Kaito is a shinobi skilled in multiple fields, and just so happens to be a Jinchūriki. 

Battle Aura: When tapping into Kurama's power, he gains a red cloak that takes Kurama's shape, or a golden flaming shroud around his body. He can punch people with both.

Black Eyes of Crazy: While never displaying them himself, given Dark Naruto,it is assumed the darker aspects of Kaito's personality had these as well.

Blank White Eyes: Version 2 only.

Body Horror: In his Version 2 states, as well as in the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Kaito shows stellar manipulation of his chakra shroud, capable of producing cloned duplicates made entirely of chakra that appear solid from his body that can do massive damage, as well as branch off chakra limbs, create bones, and the like, and even manipulate his body, showing himself to be quite flexible under the influence of Kurama's chakra.

Combat Tentacles: The Tailed Beast Chakra Arms can function like this, but Kaito takes it a step further, creating attachments that are essentially clones of his torso extending from his body, to do battle. Top that, Naruto.

Cursed with Awesome: Averted. Due to not having been a Jinchūriki since childhood, the villagers are pretty much in the dark about it, and thus, this has been averted.

Dating Catwoman: Kaito and Hantai have something going on.

The Dreaded: Due to his skillset, Kaito is one of the few shinobi to ever have a "flee-on-sight" order placed on him, should he enter a battle. 

Give Him A Normal Life: The entire reason Kaito, who was selected to become a Jinchūriki as a child, did not, was because his parents did not want him to suffer as a Jinchūriki would. He, rather ironically, winds up making himself a Jinchūriki in his later years to save his own life.

Good Parents: Refer to Give Him A Normal Life above.

H-P Edit

Heroes Want Redheads: Hantai is a member of the Uzumaki Clan, and thus has a shade of very red hair. Refer to Dating Catwoman.

Impaled With Extreme Prejudice: By Kurama himself. It healed when Kurama got sealed in Kaito.

Irony: Kaito was originally meant to become a Jinchūriki as a child, but his parents refused to let him suffer such a fate. He later wound up making himself a Jinchūriki to keep Hantai Uzumaki from sealing Kurama within herself, thus turning himself into what his parents tried to prevent.

The Leader: Out of his three-man cell consisting of Hantai, Shippu, and himself, Kaito is the one who takes charge due to Shippu's laziness, and Hantai's ego clouding her judgement. Kaito has the most level head out of all of them, and thus this role is effectively shoved onto him.

Multi-Armed and Dangerous: After mastering Kurama's chakra, in his various stages of the fox's shroud, Kaito can summon multiple chakra arms, and, in many cases, split these arms off into a multitude of even more, and utilise these limbs for battle. Through this method he utilises the Rasenrangan.

One-Man Army: By virtue of being a Jinchūriki, Kaito has the ability to whipe out platoons with his skills. The fact that he has a "flee-on-sight" order placed on him during times of war only reinforces this. He is also a literal one-man army due to being able to use the Shadow Clone Technique, or his multiple uses of the body-horror-esque manipulations of his chakra shroud.

Opposites Attract: While Hantai is brash and hot-blooded, Kaito is much more calm and collected. Rather ironic, considering his nature affinity.

One-Winged Angel / Superpowered Evil Side: At first, any tailed form past three would qualify. Then Kaito gained control.

Partial Transformation: He can do this in addition to the full transformation.

Q-V Edit

Red Eyes Take Warning: Whenever he calls on Kurama's power. Also, it is assumed Dark Kaito had these as well.

Renaissance Man: Kaito has a rather wide movepool, and uses this to his advantage.

Sealed in a Person-Shaped Can: Kurama is sealed within Kaito.

Space Master: His Genmagan allows Kaito to suck objects into a dimension, warp them away, expel them from his dimension, among other things. It's incredibly chakra draining, however. He also has the Summoning-Technique, which is a Space-Time Ninjutsu.

  • Teleporters and Transporters: Kaito can utilise his Genmagan to teleport himself and others to any location he pleases. He can also warp attacks to a different location. The larger the target is, however, the more chakra Kaito has to use to warp it.

Super Mode: The various stages of Kurama's chakra.

  • Golden Super Mode: The Nine-Tails' Chakra Mode completely immerses Kaito's body in a flame-like, chakra shroud which grants him perfect control over Kurama's immense chakras.
    • Power Up Full Color Change

Superpower Lottery: He's the Jinchūriki, skilled in multiple ninja skillsets, and possesses the Genmagan which grants him similar abilities to Kamui.

There Is No Kill Like Overkill: The Bijūdama.

Unholy Nuke: Again, the Bijūdama.

W-Z Edit

White-Haired Pretty Boy

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