Kamisori is an article created by Kazeyo (風夜). Explicit permission, from the aforementioned creator, is required to utilize or alter the content found on this page.

Name Kamisori
Kanji 剃刀
Literal English Razor
Classification Offensive
Rank B-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This technique expands upon Horned Falcon, releasing channeled wind in a violent explosive burst. While most wind technique stress creating a thin sharp blade to maximize cutting potential, this technique maximizes damage upon targets. As such, the bursts of wind have a jagged and irregular shape, thus resulting in wounds are more difficult to treat. Though this limits the technique to close quarters due to lack of perfected shape manipulation. Both the cutting strength and the force of this technique is directly proportional to the user's skill with the technique, which most readily effects the depth of the cuts produced. This is best observed when Nōsei, much to his dissatisfaction, ripped open an opponent's chest by initiating Kamisori while in a deadlock. It should be noted that without proficient chakra control the user is a risk of cutting themselves with this technique.

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