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Kanō Clan
Kano Clan symbol
Kanji 加納クラン
Leader(s) Meian Kanō
Other Members Shiki Kanō
Kekkei Genkai None
Hiden techniques Transference Fist

The Kanō Clan (加納クラン, Kanō Kuran) is an old and extremely powerful clan centered in Hoshigakure, widely acknowledged as the strongest within the Land of Bears. All members are taught the Taijutsu style known as Transference Fist, affording the members a great deal of skill in the use of Yin and Yang natures due to the training.

Founding Edit

Although the full details regarding the founding of the Kanō Clan have not yet been revealed, Meian Kanō has stated that they have been existence as long as Hoshigakure itself, making it the oldest clan within the Land of Bears.

Abilities Edit

All members are Taijutsu specialist, mainly in thanks to their unique brand of Taijutsu that the members practice. The Transference Fist is a devastating style which allows one to turn their rotational force into raw destructive power when shot through a medium, such as concrete, which can easily shatter bones.

Known Members Edit

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