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Katsuki Naoe
Name Katsuki Naoe
Kanji 直江かつき
Rōmaji Naoe Katsuki
Personal Status
Birthdate September 7
Age 20
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 115lbs
Hometown Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Home Country Land of Water Symbol Land of Water
Affiliation Daystar Clinic
Previous Affiliation Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Occupation Medic-nin
Team Death Dealers of Kura-ku
Previous Team Kiri Research Division
Rank Jōnin Symbol Jōnin
Classification Missing-nin
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Chakra Scalpel
Cursed Healing Regeneration Technique
Delicate Illness Extraction Technique
Hiding in Mist Technique
Katsuki's Juinjutsu
Liquid Poison Technique
Mystical Palm Technique
Water Clone Technique
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Water Release: Water Purification Technique
Water Release: Wild Water Wave
Weapons Antidote
Cursed Nutrient Pill
Katsuki Naoe (直江かつき, Naoe Katsuki) is a missing-nin and jōnin formally hailing from a Kirigakure research division. She currently operates an underground clinic outside of the influence of any government entities.


Early LifeEdit

Raised from a young age as a ward of Kirigakure a young Katsuki never had the opportunity to meet her parents. As per her status she was immediately enrolled into the local shinobi academy when she was of age. Much to everyone's surprise Katsuki, who many regarded simply as an overly exuberant orphan, was naturally skilled in the shinobi arts and extremely bright. Blasting through the academy faster than anyone of her initial class she graduated at the age of ten.

Kunoichi of the MistEdit

As a kunochi Katsuki moved through the ranks at steady rate, becoming a Jōnin by the age of fifteen. Immediately after claiming this rank the young woman transferred from the Kirigakure's standard shinobi forces into a research division fueled towards various medical and technological developments. It was here that Katsuki had finally found her niche, quickly becoming one of the leading researchers in the village. It was during this time that she developed wireless communication device that utilized used the satellite, which was commonly reserved to communication between countries. This development permitted Kiri to coordinate its operations with much greater precision by through communication between individuals in the field and the village itself.

Katsuki Kiri

Katsuki in the Research Division

Unfortunately, her quick rise in prestige had also drawn the attention of individuals who would strive to utilize her intellect for nefarious goals. She was recruited for a exploratory mission through former Otogakure hideouts through the mainland. The purpose of this mission was to collect data regarding Orochimaru's Juinjutsu, in hopes that Katsuki would be able to re-synthesize and weaponize the Cursed Seal. Recovering sufficient data and samples to do just this, Katsuki diligently continued her assignment until she discovered that research was not being directed by the village. Conversely, high ranking leaders in Kirigakure were illegally promoting this research for the purpose of overthrowing the Mizukage. Confronting her superiors with her knowledge on the subject, they decided to systematically discredit Katsuki and brand as a traitor. Nearly immediately a warrant for her arrest was issued for treason against the village.

Acting with the utmost speed Katsuki fled from the village before she could be punished for a crime she didn't commit. Though, before she abandoned the village that had forsaken her, Katsuki destroyed the satellites used for her communication devices and the mounds of information considering their usage. Furthermore, realizing that her traitorous superiors had decided to profit from her Cursed Seal research Katsuki stole all of the findings that she had gathered thus far, including key biological samples.

Life as a FugitiveEdit

After leaving the village Katsuki utilized her medical knowledge to setup an underground clinic that served anyone unconditionally, as long as they could pay up. Operating from an undisclosed location the missing-nin continued her research into the cursed seal, re-synthesizing an enzyme similar to that belonging to the original source. This permitted her to develop a cursed seal of her own for the purpose of aiding in an individual's regeneration. Unfortunately, she lacked a suitable test subject leading her to eventually place the seal on Hitori Koyama, a young woman who had been critically injured. While her juinjutsu allowed Hitori to survive, the seal was incompatible with her chakra and soon threatened her life. Luckily, Nōsei no Mikoto stepped in and sealed the juinjutsu for the most part, saving Hitori's life.

From this experience Katsuki would soon develop a supplement based on cursed seal enzyme. This supplement, which she encapsulated as a pill, allowed individuals to experience temporary cursed seal transformation with a higher survival rate than what was seen with Orochimaru's subjects. Out of spite Katsuki soon marketed this pill in the underground, arming potential enemies of her former village in the same manner they desired to obtain power themselves. Most recently Katsuki has begun to work with Nōsei and his antiestablisment activities, supplying communication benefits and medical support from the back lines.


Katsuki is a fair skinned young woman with a slim figure and thin face. Additionally, she possesses wavy brown hair, which she ties back in a ponytail, and matching eyes. She generally expresses a carefree and upbeat behavior, that contrasts to her appearance while serving her former village. Her clothing from this time also differs, appearing much lighter in coloration. Particularly, she commonly wears a white collared shirt along while operating with dark pants, which contrasts to the dark suit she wore in Kirigakure.


Katsuki is a brash and opinionated individual who seeks assert her feelings to those around her. Even during her early education in the academy Katsuki constantly expressed her opinion on anything and everything. After graduating this trait was severely discouraged leading her to lead several years of her life oppressed. After leaving Kirigakure her normal personality became apparent once again. Additionally, Katsuki possesses a strong connection to her accomplishments and completely refuses to simply allow another to take credit for her work. Futhermore, Katsuki is a strong believer in karma, though she seeks a neutral karma instead of a positive one. As such, Katsuki commonly cancels out her deeds, both good and bad, with additional acts. In this way she claims the effects of "luck" will be minimized on her life.

After leaving Kirigakure Katsuki has developed a deep rooted dissent against her former village. This eventually led her to perform several actions, such as weaponizing her Cursed Seal Nutrient, in order to spite individuals who betrayed her. After hearing the stories of various individuals who come through her clinic Katsuki has come to share a similar thoughts regarding the


Katsuki Stats

Despite her primarily non-combative activities Katsuki has been recognized as a skilled kunoichi since she first began her education at the ninja academy. Acquiring adequate abilities in the three primary types of techniques she was able to achieve Jōnin status by the age of fifteen. While she only possesses average chakra reserves and physical prowess Katsuki is skilled with water techniques, attributable to her time in Kirigakure. Coupled with her slightly above average proficiency in taijutsu Katsuki has the ability to survive against nearly any opponent, at least temporarily.


Katsuki's most notable abilities come from her highly advanced intellect, which to a degree appears to be inherent. Displaying skill in both technological and medical studies she was able to rise to high position within Kirigakure's research division. Furthermore, her inquisitive mind led her to expand the short range radios utilized in the field with a satellite array, drastically expanding their range. After becoming a fugitive she would expand upon this technology allowing her devices to relay the user's position and relative surroundings (including surrounding chakra sources) back to her clinic. In addtion to these accomplishments her greatest achievement may be her understanding of Orochimaru's work that allowed her to subsequently reverse engineer his experiments.

In combat situations Katsuki's intelligence allows her to accurately analyze an opponent's abilities in order respond effectively. While this information is usually relayed to her allies, it is without a doubt incredibly useful.

Medical NinjutsuEdit

In addition to her raw intellectual prowess Katsuki has a great understanding of the human body, which has manifested through her prolific medical expertise. Due to this she has been able to save the lives of countless individuals after establishing her clinic. Going beyond the normal limits of contemporary medical techniques Katsuki developed several new methods to aid in healing. The most notable of these is her application of Orochimaru's cursed seal research into medical practice. Developing her own variation of the cursed seal, and later the Cursed Nutrient Pill, Katsuki has been able to amplify an individuals regeneration through the controlled manipulation of unnatural modifications seen in the second level of the cursed seal in order to regenerate extreme losses of an individual's flesh.

In contrast to her skills with healing Katsuki has a high understanding of various poisons, even developing a technique that combines this knowledge with her skills with the water release. Her abilities with poison served as her primary combat style before joining the research division in Kirigakure. Furthermore, due to her skill with poison and intellect, Katsuki is supremely efficient at identifying and curing several types of poison based afflictions.


Birth of the Death DealersEdit

Main Article: Birth of the Death Dealers

Coming Soon!


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