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I thought all Uchiha were dead?
Apparently not.

—Kawakami doesn't like to answer stupid questions.

Kawakami Uchiha (河上うちは, Uchiwa Kawakami) is a survivor of the Uchiha Clan Massacre through unknown means, although it has been hinted he had been around long before the actual massacre taking place. He currently poses as an assassin for an unknown revolutionary organization, setting his sights on Konohagakure in particular.

Appearance Edit

Similar to a large collection of other Uchiha clan members, Kawakami sports a bishōnen appearance, including long black hair, soulless eyes and a skinny frame. Said skinniness is largely the fault of his Markandeya technique, which disallows his body to grow muscle tissue no matter how tough or long the exercises. Kawakami is usually seen with an emotionless gaze, expressing irritation or disinterest at nearly every situation he comes across.It should be noted that, since his reappearance, Kwawakami is always seen with one eye covered up by a blindfold, for unknown reasons.

In terms of clothing, Kawakami always dons clothing that covers as much skin as possible, to keep anyone from seeing the tomoe markings that are littered from his toes until the base of his neck. He prefers dark colors, mostly black, and comfortable sandals. Both his obi and his scarf are white, contrasting heavily with the rest of his outfit, the former serving to hold his katana, the latter to hide the encroaching markings.

In the past, Kawakami's appearance was notably different. His hair was a dark purple, as opposed to the black it is currently, and kept together by a forehead protector engraved with the Uchiha symbol. His garments were also much more colorful, leaning towards green and beige colors. How Kawakami managed to change his hair color outside the influence of Markandeya is unclear.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Due the Markandeya "freezing" his chakra flow in place, Kawakami cannot mold his chakra and thus no longer use any jutsu.

Kenjutsu Edit

Sharingan Edit


Kawakami many years ago, sword at ready and Sharingan activated.

Years of experience have rendered Kawakami a true master of the Sharingan, claiming himself to have "learned every secret, searched every corner". Like other prodigies of the dōjutsu, he is always shown with activated Sharingan. However, this is only out of our necessity, as deactivating it would mean the deactivation of Markandeya as well, which would cause Kawakami to age so rapidly he would die instantly.

In battle, Kawakami is mostly seen using his Sharingan to enhance his swordplay. Using the eye's hypnotic quantities to slow down the opponent's reaction speed while at the same time observing every movement even before it has been made results in a nigh unbeatable way of close combat, even without the use of Shiranui-ryū. Kawakami prefers to activate genjutsu to get out of dire situations, instead of combat or negotiations.

Using the Sharingan, Kawakami has access to the forbidden technique Markandeya. It is through this technique he has been able to keep his youthful appearance despite his (probably very) old age. However, the tomoe markings that accompany usage of the technique have spread so far as the base of Kawakami's neck, severely reducing his capacities.

Mangekyō Sharingan Edit

In order to attain the next state, I had to kill the person closest to me... Except that I didn't have any friends, nor did my family mean anything to me. So I just figured I'd take someone else's

—Kawakami Uchiha explaining how he got his Mangekyō Sharingan


The pattern within Kawakami's Mangekyō Sharingan

Kawakami possesses the Mangekyō Sharingan which he, instead of by killing his best friend as the dōjutsu normally requires, gained by simply taking it from one who had already done that. Because of this, the pattern of his Mangekyō bears reminiscence to his original Sharingan, taking the form of six, instead of three, tomoe connected by a circle. What specific powers Kawakami has unlocked through this evolution, as is if he is even capable of still using his Mangekyō at all.

It has been revealed that Kawakami's Mangekyō is frozen in a permanently active state within his right eye, which he keeps sealed behind the blindfold he always wears.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kawakami was based off the infamous assassin Kawakami Gensai, which is ironic seeing the character portraying him is a member of the Shinsengumi, an organization founded to deal with said assassin and his colleagues.

And yes, this is the fanboy within me creating a badass Uchiha. Deal with it.

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