Keigai Uzumaki (Heroes)
373px-Uzumaki Clan 2
Name Keigai Uzumaki
Kanji 渦巻き 形骸
Romanji Uzumaki Keigai
Personal Status
Age 56
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 114lbs
Blood Type A
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Land of Whirlpools
Affiliation Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki clan
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Clan Leader
Previous Occupation None
Team Unknown
Previous Team None
Partner Hashirama Senju
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Mito Uzumaki (sister)
Sannotō Uzumaki (son)
Rank Clan Leader
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Chakra Draining Seal
Four Symbols Seal

Keigai Uzumaki (渦巻き 形骸, Uzumaki Keigai) also known as Most Honourable Elder (御先輩, Senpaigo) by the Senju clan is the leader of the famed Uzumaki clan.

Personality Edit

An extremely bigoted person, Keigai has a strong belief that the Senju clan when standing alongside the Uzumaki clan are above all. He looks upon the Uchiha clan with a cautious eye, viewing them as power hungry, war-driven mongrels over anything else. Keigai has openly stated that he would rather die then watch Hashirama form an alliance with the Uchiha which is one of the major reasons the original attempt at a treaty failed between the two clans.

Having lived for many years, Keigai is a veteran to both war and life. Despite his bigoted and harsh beliefs, Keigai is a man of wisdom. He carries with him a sense of rationality and is the first to tell Hashirama when it is time to give up or even retreat.

Keigai is very spiritual as well, as most in his clan are. Keigai carries with him a belief that his ancestors are looking upon him and his people, protecting them and watching them. He believes the Uzumaki's lineage does not fade with death and that each and every Uzumaki carries with them a moral compass that is higher then that of others. It is because of his beliefs that Hashirama has found an ally in Keigai and his people.

Appearance Edit

Keigai is old, but not yet considered to be elderly. He has long, dulled white-colored hair and a goatee of a matching color. Keigai wears long dark blue colored robes with the Uzumaki clan symbol on the shoulders and samurai armor over this, similar to both Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. A pair of swords with curved handles sit sheathed on his back.

Abilities Edit

A veteran to war and a master of multiple fields, Keigai's skills have earned even the recognition and admiration of Hashirama Senju. As a member of the Uzumaki clan, Keigai has a heightened lifespan that makes even age nothing but a number to him. Even as he stands at the mid-point of his life, Keigai has the stamina and strength of any one of his clansmen. His chakra is unique, carrying with it properties similar to the water itself. An Uzumaki Elder commented that Keigai's chakra "was enhanced by the Moon itself and has been influenced by the push and pull of the tides just as the waters have."

Keigai is a veteran to war and is noted for his impressive military feats, often serving as an adviser to Hashirama on large decisions. Keigai is a skilled strategist, having lead the Uzumaki to victory many times before. During the Mid-Winter War between the small armed forces of the Land of Water, Keigai implemented ingenious naval tactics that lead his people to victory.

Keigai has shown to have an intolerance to the Genjutsu affects of the Uchiha clan having honed both his mind and his eyes to negate their powers. Among the Uzumaki, Keigai is the only one to ever achieve this feat.

Fūinjutsu Edit

Revered for his mastery of Fūinjutsu, Keigai has shown to wield a wide-array of sealing techniques that can be used in dozens of unique ways. Keigai is noted for the creation of many powerful sealing techniques, most notably the Fire Sealing Method. Keigai has shown to carry with him a large scroll that acts as his default "sealing mechanism." Keigai has shown to seal within it many things, ranging from incoming techniques to actual people. The paper itself was engraved with chakra collected from the Tailed Beasts, via Hashirama Senju, earning it the name: The Great Demon Scrolls (大きな魔万巻, Ōkinama Magan).

Nature Transformation Edit

A natural wielder of Water Release, at one point Keigai taught many of his techniques and styles to a younger Tobirama Senju. Keigai wields a wide array of powerful Water Release techniques and has instilled many of his teachings to the younger generations of the Uzumaki clan. Natural counters to the intense blaze of the Uchiha's Fire techniques, the Uzumaki pride themselves on being the ones to douse the flames. Keigai's signature technique, Water Release: Water Encampment Wall, has the capability to keep up against the full force of one of Madara Uchiha's Fire Release techniques.

Keigai's usage of back to back Water Release techniques in quick succession is a testament to his true skill. Capable of using multiple chakra-demanding techniques without much visible fatigue, Keigai has made a name for himself as a master of this sect of Ninjutsu.

Kenjutsu Edit

Always accompanied by his pair of curved-handled wakizashi, Keigai has shown both skill and precision when wielding them in battle. Precise chakra control allows Keigai to enhanced the reach of his swords as well as their cutting potential. Keigai has only once previously locked swords with Madara Uchiha and has shown to keep up with the powerhouse for a short period of time.

Applying his speed, strength and endurance to his sword maneuvering; Keigai has displayed great skill and can easily take down several elite ninja with his blades alone.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Keigai, although non-canon, is meant to serve as foreshadowing of the future of the Uzumaki. Keigai (形骸) meaning "Ruin" or "Wreck" foreshadows the future destruction of the Uzumaki clan.
  • According to the fourth databook
    • Keigai's hobby is gardening.
    • Keigai's favourite food is Okonomiyaki while his least favourite is Nori.
    • Keigai wishes to fight Tobirama Senju.
    • Keigai's favourite phrase is "The Uzumaki are the strongest" (渦巻きあれ, Uzumaki wa saikyō)

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