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Kemonogakure Symbol

Symbol of the Village Hidden among the Beasts

Kemonogakure(獣の里, Village Hidden among the Beasts) is the Hidden Village of the Land of Beasts (獣の国, Kemono no kuni) and possesses a bond with nature not found in any other village, despite this they still hold to a few of the values from the Shinobi World. As with most villages, Kemonogakure is led by a Kage. While Kemonogakure's leader holds the title of Kage, it is not officially recognized due to Kemonogakure not being one of the Five Greats. Their Kage is known as the Genshokage (原初影, Primal Shadow) and is masked in mystery, even those who live within the village have seen the Kage only during the holiday known as Beast's Rising.

Background Edit

The birth of Kemonogakure began with those who had grown weary of the ways of the modern shinobi world. These ninja deserted their villages in order to find a new land, one in which they could lead a life without constant interference from other nations or the stress of having to constantly be involved in the affairs of rivaling nations. Their original numbers were minuscule, just over 100 nin, and they were constantly under threat of invasion from any larger Nation, yet steadily they began to attract shinobi from other villages due to their way of living until a massive influx of shinobi and missing-nin from various nations lasting over five months occurred, this event is also referred to as The Great Migration, immediately launching their numbers to rival those of the Five Greats. As their numbers increased, so did their strength and with it an uneasy peace existed between nin who's origins lie in rivaling nations, their new-found freedom was resting on a razors edge and threatening to collapse. This uneasy peace existed between the nin until an entire clan known as the Natoro stepped forward and began to organize the other nin, pushing them to unity and interaction with the lands around them. They emphasized being at peace with both each other and the land, using only what was needed and helping the land in return. This message is what caused Kemonogakure to be the only location in the entire Land of Beasts which permanent buildings are found. The peace steadily evolved into that of true harmony, shinobi who were previously rivals existing as neighbors and helping each other to progress. And thus, Kemonogakure was born.

Appearance Edit


Kemonogakure's appearance.

Kemonogakure lies between a ring of mountains, using the terrain in order to better protect the village. While their are two ways into the village, both are heavily guarded and one of which requires any who wish to travel through that path to climb the surrounding mountains to do so, a task which is arduous, dangerous due to the wide variety of creatures which are only found in the Land of Beasts living in the mountains, and pointless since any who would climb the mountains would be spotted long before reaching the village. The entrance which is easily assessable to travelers lies within a foot thick towering wall of stone which has been polished in order to both reflect the surrounding landscape, rendering the wall nearly invisible until one is directly in front of it, and making the wall impossible to climb through the normal means due to its smooth surface. The door itself is hewn from the same stone as the wall and bears the same qualities concerning thickness and the polished surface. If one gains entrance to the village they are greeted with a sight like no other, both shinobi and animals, some strange and others found everywhere in the shinobi world, living together. The buildings are masterfully crafted from sturdy wood, made to be both beautiful and long lasting. The village itself is sizable, one is unable to see the furthest wall from the gate, and holds a distinctly comfortable feel, as if everyone was at ease. The intimidating wall holds an entirely different appearance from within, every inch is covered in murals of the creatures found in the Land of Beasts and is both shockingly realistic and beautiful in its appearance.

Geography Edit

Kemonogakure is located in the exact center of the Land of Beasts and is nestled into the base of a range of mountains. Due to this, there is only one viable entrance to the village, which allows it to be defended if an invading force managed to infiltrate to that level. The major lake lying to the north of Kemonogakure, within the mountains.

Militant Forces Edit

Unlike most Hidden Villages Kemonogakure has no formal militant force, when necessary the people of the land are gathered and six man squads are formed with at least one Natoro clan members in each squad. While there are various titles granted to those who go down certain paths (such as Trackers, Beastmasters, Jounin) these simply designate the bearer's specialty, not overall ability. The path that an aspiring ninja travels begins with the unique educating process used in the Land of Beasts, and once one "graduates" they are considered a Genin. From there the aspiring ninja must further their in-field education, observing the ways of Jounin, Beastmasters and Trackers to gain more knowledge and once they are considered to be able to hold their own against an above average Chūnin from another Land they hold the rank of "Newleaf". A ninja who has just attained the title of Newleaf holds battle experience and knowledge comparable to that of a well-versed Chūnin, from there the ninja's knowledge is expanded further and are made to select the path that they would like to go down: Jounin, Beastmaster, or Tracker. A Jounin from Kemonogakure is considered to have a blend of the skills present in both Beastmasters and Trackers, they are a powerful force in battle and able to strategize on a respectable level. Beastmasters specialize in the use and training of the many animals and insects that originate from the Land of Beasts, their fighting styles are modeled after the forms of animals and many of their jutsu are inspired by animals. Trackers specialize in strategy, tracking, and stealth strikes. Their fighting styles are often stick and move, attack before backing away and rapidly attacking again and their use is similar to that of the Anbu.


  • Genshokage
  • Natoro Clan
  • Kōhei Group
  • Jounin, Beastmasters, and Trackers
  • Newleafs
  • Genin
  • Student
  • Civilians

While there is no direct line of power or authority, an invisible hierarchy does exist within the village. At the top of this hierarchy sits the Genshokage, a powerful shinobi who is rarely seen within the village, followed by the founders of the village, the Natoro Clan. While they hold a high standing in the village, commanding both respect and awe from those around them, they have never been seen to abuse their power and live just as others in the village do. Just under the Natoro is the Kōhei Group, a board of 15 advisors who have close ties to the Genshokage and serve as both a selection of impartial judges and guiding opinions for the village as a whole. The remaining "brackets" are occupied by: Jounin, Beastmasters, and Trackers, Newleafs, Genin, Students, and civilians.

Clans Edit

  • Natoro Clan

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