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Sword Pressure
Name Sword Pressure
Kanji 剣圧
Classification Offensive
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Kenatsu (剣圧, Literally: "Sword Pressure") is Nōsei no Mikoto's trademark fighting style that exploits the user's chakra network to achieve extreme feats of physical ability. The simplest usage of this technique allows Nōsei to include his sword as an extension of his chakra network. This is accomplished by flowing chakra in and out of the weapon in question at the same rate as the user's natural chakra flow. This allows a constant flow of chakra to be present within Nōsei's sword while his is wielding it, thus allowing him to activate chakra based Kenjutsu and sword based Ninjutsu much quicker than normal. It should be noted extending the chakra network in this manner doesn't expend chakra.

The second usage of this technique allows the user to supplement their nervous system with their chakra network. Under this effect Nōsei possesses extremely quick response time, surpassing some other abilities that provide similar enhancements. The third performance of Kenatsu allows the Nōsei to concentrate and release chakra upon the edge of his blade with extreme precision. This makes it possible for him to unnaturally multiply the force of his blows to extreme levels, allowing him to cleave through stone without the use of elemental chakra flow. Additionally, such precise bursts of chakra allow him to counteract the blows of much physically stronger opponents, to the dismay of others.

In terms of combat style Nōsei's performance of Kenatsu appears to take a structured approach. As such, he often switches between various stances in order to adjust to the attributes of his opponent(s) and the surrounding environment. Therefore, he may appear to be minimalistic and conservative at time, before suddenly switching to a more acrobatic style. Depsite this, Nōsei appears to prefer quick precise cuts that debilitate his opponents or kill them outright.

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