Kenshi Inuzuka
Name Kenshi Inuzuka
Personal Status
Birthdate 21st of August
Age 12
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 62 kg
Blood Type AB+
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Genin
Previous Occupation Acadamy Student
Partner Shin, Kyatchi
Family Unnamed Brother and Sister
Rank Genin
Classification Genin, Sensory, Tracker, Melee
Ninja Registration 481516
Academy Grad. Age 12
Hiden Techniques Man Beast Clone
Passing Fang
Nature Type Wind
Jutsu Wind Style Fang over Fang
Fang over Fang Tsunami
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Weapons Kunai, Shurikan, Death Mill Shurikan

Kenshi is a Genin ranked Kunoichi from the Inuzuka clan. She was considered the lowest of the seven Genin who passed, but after the graduation she was shown to actually be one of the most promising. She was always known as the loud and dangerous overconfident one of her team. However, when Lenten was killed she became more cautious.


Kenshi, like most genin, has her own attire. Kenshis’ more common casual outfit is similar to Kibas’. It is a large black overcoat with white fur edges. She always goes barefoot and with her hair let out similar to Kurenai’s but black and almost down to her knees as well as it not well kept. She has a black ellipse for pupils like many members of her clan. However when her chakra flares they become red, something that no one understands the reason to. She is also fairly tall and extremely slim due to her constant working out. As she is from the third branch of the clan she has three red “scratches” on her cheeks as opposed to one fang.

Her standard shinobi suit however is full body tight black and red leather, designed as a second skin. She wears this because not only is it comfortable but also acts as light armour easily stopping senbon and improperly thrown kunai and shuriken. Her hands and feet are covered by separate leather gloves so that she may remove them if required. Her hair is tied together at the top, bottom and irregular intervals in-between.


Kenshi is a caring person but this is only known to her closest friends. She loves animals and she enjoys a good spar. Like many of her clansmen, she is angered easily and is rather impulsive but still tries to be polite as long as she isn’t angry. She enjoys the taste and smell of an opponent’s blood which often freaks out those who do not know her. She is ferocious and quick to point out any possible issues she may have with an idea often offering alternatives when she can think of them. She display’s an overwhelming tendency to be over protective of her friends and she demonstrates her loyalty in the form of self sacrificing behaviour and rarely questioning what her “pack” asks of her. She contains an empowering will which causes her to do things thought to be out of reach. Her favourite pastimes are to lie in the grass, run, swim, paint and draw as she enjoys the feel of wind, water and grass on her skin. She often comes across as overconfident but this is became a feint to put off her opponent.


As a member of the Inuzuka clan, Kenshi has a couple of companion ninken. She also has wild chakra, is skilled in several of the clans’ secret techniques and is well versed in Taijutsu and more recently Nintaijutsu. She also boasts a large supply of chakra and can mix it in between her dogs and she is skilled in tracking, teamwork and has fast reactions.

Ninken and clan TechniquesEdit

As a member of the Inuzuka clan Kenshi has some back up dogs. Each of these dogs are special as Aoikitsune blue fox is capable of draining an opponent’s chakra and using the water nature type. Midorijakkaru green jackal is capable of forming his own wind chakra and splitting into two dogs when a death blow is struck before reconnecting. Kuriokami black wolf is capable of storing extreme amounts of chakra and once he has reached a certain speed invulnerable but incapable of turning. All the Ninken are also capable of tracking, trap laying, mixing and forming combos and individual combat. They also mix with Kenshi in order to use the clans secret techniques such as the man beast clone and passing fang techniques both of which she has mastered. When mixing with her shadow clones she invented a technique called the “Fang over Fang Tsunami” which is a heap of shadow clones mixed with her and her Ninken to have a mass attack that is almost “undodgeable” but is extremely taxing.

Wind natureEdit

When she was made a genin, Deku taught the team members about their chakra natures. It was revealed that Kenshi is a wind style user and as such was taught to use her wind style by Kyatchi. By adding her wind style to her claws she is capable of extending their range and cutting through many materials, something that is helpful when mixed with her dogs and passing fang technique.


As with many of the Inuzuka she is highly skilled in Taijutsu so much so that she was said to have been equal to a Hyugas (Kyatchi). She is also noted for the second highest speed in all six years surrounding her own and the strongest hit following Lenten.


Although not her strongest point she is easily capable of making and maintaining forty clones at once and could make more. She also is capable of mixing wind chakra into her own body, which is not only dangerous but difficult.

Medical NinjutsuEdit

As a dog handler, Kenshi has basic medical training for her dogs. She later becomes better and learns to heal people, is capable of making the nature poison and its antidote as well as identifying poisons and poisons plants.

Curse markEdit

When the Oorochimaru’s copycat tested his new curse marks he gave the Beast curse mark to Kenshi. When activated she loses her mind to beast as it has no outlet such as Oorochimaru. This causes her to go feral and have her already wild chakra go uncontrollable were she loses control of herself but gains massive amounts of speed and power.

Chakra, Stamina and Animal InstinctsEdit

Kenshi has extremely violent and wild chakra and when augmented with K9 level chakra pills (a family secret recipe) her chakra becomes so vast and out of control that she is incapable of controlling herself. It is also so powerful that it becomes a physical form that can be used as a shield. She is also noted to be able to react even when asleep due to her animal instincts and training with Lenten. Her senses of smell, hearing and intuition are all well above normal humans and with added chakra can become even better. This makes her a secondary sensory ninja (after Kyatchi) to her squad.

Sage modeEdit

When Kenshi, Sofu and Shinko travelled to Mount Myoboku with Kasumi for her sage mode training Kenshi along with others trained (despite the toads not being their summons). Kenshi took the longest to master her inner focus. Once she finally managed to she again had trouble with actually gaining it. She was also the slowest at gathering it something which frustrated her greatly. However she managed to create a work around by having Kuriokami gathering sage chakra as well doubling the rate of which she gathers it. Her imbalance of the chakra causes her to become most frog like as her claw marks become deep and extend to cover most of her body. However she is the strongest and fastest in sage mode (Kasumi excepted). She also can use her ninken to defend her and Kuriokami while they gather the chakra.


Kenshi has three death mill shurikans with which she can instantly swap her dogs even across relatively long distance. Kenshi also has two types of summons. The first are all dogs from the clan without masters or handlers that are often used by shinobi guarding the village. The dogs that she is capable of summoning are Akakiba red fang is a descendent of one of the first enhanced dogs. Akakiba is capable of exploding itself but not dying or taking injury from the explosion. Shirubahoundo silver hound is capable of a subspace time ninjutsu. Daidaiirodingo orange dingo can set fire to a target by touching them. Chariokoyote brown coyote can have his hair become needles shaper than senbon before firing them. Murssakisurasshu purple slash causes an infection on every scratch she makes. Kiirohaiena yellow hyena is capable of using a space time ninjutsu (named after the yellow flash. Shirubatsume silver claw can become solid steel. Shirounari white snarl can create a shockwave from a growl.

She is also capable of summoning her clan branches special summon, Cerberus. Its three heads are capable of splitting into separate bodies. All three are capable of fire style, while the inner is capable of lightning and the outer heads are capable of using wind style.


Kenshi was born into the Inuzuka clan and named after her mother’s previous dog that died in action. When Kenshi was two her mother had twins one male the other female. Because of the recent war there were more dogs than clans’ people. The influx of dogs meant that each member would have about three dogs with others waiting in summon or on the village watch.

When Kenshi turned five she was admitted into the academy and given three dogs, Aoikitsune, Kuriokami, and Midorijakkaru. She was noted for her speed and quick mastery of many taijutsu, escape techniques and her speed as well as her potential in ninjutsu, her large chakra supply and adept tracking and trap making. However her grades, genjutsu and chakra control were all consistently pitiful. She developed a close friendship with Lenten, Shin and Kyatchi and when she trained with them they became an effective trio (excluding Lenten), with Kenshi pushing the opponent into Shins shadows and Kyatchi disabling them. She also became an excellent independent fighter only relying on assistance from her dogs mastering her clans’ man-beast clone and passing fang techniques. During her time at the academy she focused on becoming faster, and increasing her large chakra supply. These lead to her becoming tied first in speed and taijutsu with Lenten and first in chakra amount and stamina. Her chakra was also allowed to become wild allowing her to use stronger techniques at the expense of extra chakra.

When she graduated and was put in team 7 along with Shin and Kyatchi with Deku as their Jonin Sensei. The now standard bell test was passed quickly and because of their teamwork they managed to get the bells with Kyatchi not eating by his own choice. Deku was impressed with their strategy and began increasing their skills beginning with chakra control of walking up walls and change in chakra nature. Lenten also joined their team as she had managed to get a bell from Hiruzen Sarutobi her previous sensei; however the rest of her team failed. As a part of the team Kenshi was taught to walk up walls and as a result better management over her chakra. After learning this technique Deku tested the team’s chakra nature and found hers was wind, the same as Kyatchi’s, so Deku had him teach her while he taught Shin. After learning the change in nature, team 7 was sent their first B-ranked mission.

The mission focused around four missing nin. Normally Genin only three weeks in would not even be given a C-rank but there was a shortage of available ninja and the Hokage believed that Deku alone would be able to complete the mission. During the mission Aoikitsune leads the team on the enemy’s team. Throughout the chase Shin recognises the landscape as the Nara’s forest. Team seven manages to catch up with the missing nin who are revealed to be three chunin and a Jonin. The jonin known as Daigome orders the chunin to kill team seven before running off. The Deku hears that the plan is to dig up an old s-rank missing nin known as Hidan. While the genin do not know who he is Deku recognises the name and chases after Daigome. Kenshi takes on the first chunin on her own. Because he uses lightning style she easily counters with her wind before tearing him to shreds with her wind style tunnelling fang jutsu. As the rest of the team defeats their respected chunin with Shin and Kyatchi disabling theirs, the team and captive continue after Deku who reveals that Daigome

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