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Kenshin Yagami
Holy General of Divine Speed (神速聖将, Shinsokuseishou)

God of War (戦の神, Ikusa no Kami)

Name Kenshin Yagami
Kanji 八神剣心
Personal Status
Birthdate June 20
Age Part I: 8-14

Part II: 15-16
Part III: 16-17
Part VI: 17-33
Part V: 33-35
Part VI: 36-37

Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 178.0 cm (5'10")
Weight 66.22 kg (146 lbs)
Hometown Nagato Province
Home Country 70px-Land of Water Symbol.svg Land of Water
Affiliation Yagami Crest Yagami Clan

100px-Kirigakure Symbol.svg Kirigakure

Occupation Samurai General
Family Yagami Crest Yagami Clan
Classification S-Rank
Hiden Techniques Niten Ichi Ryuu Gorin no Taisei
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin-Yang Ying Yang Chakra
Weapons Tsukikage (月影, lit. "Moon Shadow")

Kenshin Yagami (八神剣心, Yagami Kenshin, lit. "Eight Gods, Heart of Swords") is a general who rules the Nagato Province of Mizu no Kuni. Adopted from a young age by the former leader of the Yagami clan, Kenshin proved himself as both a capable leader and tactician, establishing alliances with neighboring clans, and preventing several wars from erupting during a tentative time for the Yagami.

Shortly after, Kenshin created the Special Tactics Squadron, to continue acting as infiltrators for the Yagami, going on to secure major military victories. His efforts helped the Yagami rebuild their military might, to lead the way during the ensuing chaos of the Kekkai Genkai Shoukyo (血継限界消去, bloodline limite purge). This would be one of the last civil wars waged all across the Land of Water, and the only time Kirigakure has openly participated in any of the civil conflicts in decades.

Kenshin is widely regarded as one of the most powerful swordsman in the world, known as the Holy General of Divine Speed (神速聖将, Shinsokuseishou), a moniker given to him by the Seven Swordsman of the Mist during his efforts in the years of the Bloody Mist, for his masterful swordsmanship, extensive knowledge and understanding of all things military, and godlike speed.

Appearance Edit

Kenshin's normal attire

Kenshin in his normal attire.

The soft rustle of his white trimmed azure haori flutters with each of his silent steps, hanging comfortably over a broad-shouldered and lithe frame. It is a symbol of his prestige, worn only by those who shoulder the burden and responsibility of the entire Yagami clan. Nearly hidden beneath this cloak of authority are the typical garments of a samurai, yet the dark lavender hues of the kosode and hakama reflect their finely woven craftsmanship, and station of their wearer. Cleanly folded, pressed and presentable, his woredrobe is always meticulously pristine, even in the midst of combat. For he is the honor of the Yagami, without equal, untouchable, pure. A pearl white cord criss-crosses over his chest, tied in the back securing the haori, but its true purpose is representative of the strength and bonds he shares with his clan.

Ebony hair dark as midnight frames a sharp and angular face, while magenta eyes shine with the intensity of the sun. Within these twin orbs, are oceanic depths of wisdom and experience, a warrior who has seen countless bloodshed. But there is a resolve within them, a determination and warmth despite the atrocities he has seen, and likely committed in his life. Below the long ridge of his nose are thin lips that smile softly at his company, as light glistens off his marble skin. Though hidden by the bulk of his clothing, a network of scars, small and large decorate his body, a testament to the battles and wars fought, and the trials he has overcome. While tall and seemingly effeminate, he possesses a rippling mass of tight sinew and muscle of an exceptionally trained warrior honed to a lethal edge.

He is Kenshin Yagami, Clan Head of the Yagami, and the renown Holy General of Divine Speed.

These traits together with Kenshin's aristorcratic heritage culiminate in a rather handsome and charismatic man of great influence and force of personality. His stride is of quiet humbleness, but there is an aura of confidence, and courage surrounding him that endear others to his cause. The battle scars sewn across his body speak of his experience, while the soothing words he utters show his wisdom. Despite the passage of time, Kenshin retains his youthful appearance, and incredible physical strength, endurance and durability well into his fifties, and continues to act as the clan head to this day.

Personality Edit

"The path of swordsmanship requires an immense level of dedication, hardwork and struggle, held together by our motivations and ambitions. Yet for many warriors remaining true to one's ideals is eclisped by the challenges they encounter, becoming nothing more than a tool to for war, than a philosophy to follow in life. Thus it is the wish of our founder that he who possesses the seven virtures will undoubtably become a worthy and honorable warrior, ultimately emboding the achievements of swordsmanship."
— Kenshin Yagami

As the heir of the Yagam clan, Kenshin strives to epitomize the virtues of Tsurugi-no-Kanjin (剣の肝心, "fundamentals of the sword") an ancient code that has acted as the guide of the Yagami since their founding. Since birth, he has been raised to shoulder the immense responsibilities that come with leadership and acting as a proper nearly exalted warrior. Kenshin grew up, listening with apt attention to legends of heroic samurai who vanquished evil, fought for honor. He sought to emulate the ideals, passions, and loyalty to one's clan and his duties as these legendary figures had done. In time he has grown to become an exemplarly man, possessing great courage, and a willinglessness to do whatever it takes for the sake of his clan, his loyalty is unquestionable. He is a symbol of the Yagami, a being who is bound by this ancient warrior code.

Yu (勇, "Valor"): Possessing the bravery and courage to face all of life’s challenges squarely with a resolute and moral heart. Perhaps the very first virtue Kenshin had ever displayed, for when he was burdened with the responsibilities of the Sanada at such a young age, coupled with the civil war brewing between he and his brothers, he remained steadfast. Since then he has only continued to demonstrate his bravery in every mission, and every battle he participated in. But it is important that bravery and courage should not be confused with pride. As powerful as he had become, he does not allow pride to cloud his judgement. Even when things go wrong, he continued to face them with absolute courage, to achieve his and the Yagami clan's goals without fail.

Jin (仁, "Benevolence"): A feeling of good will to all, a magnanimous and compassionate state founded on the understanding that we are all the same and should be treated with the same respect regardless of station or situation. Kenshin has always been a rather humble man, even from the time he was a child he treated the servants around his home with the utmost of respect. This trait has carried itself over well into his adulthood and could be said as to the reason he has been able to gain ally after ally in nearly every war that has plagued the Yagami since his birth. Even with the more current and prevalent sentiments of judgement particularly amongst the samurai and the shinobi, and even bloodline users, he treats all with deep respect. What he does not respect is an abuse of authority and has been known to brutally punish officers who do it, and can become uncharacteristically ruthless when executing his enemies who are known for such actions. His benevolence is tempered by the burden of leadership, if necessary he will not hesistate to strike down any being who recklessly destroys life.

Rei (礼, "Etiquette, respect"): Rei refers to the courtesies and conduct required to be a functional contributor to family, schools, and society. To show humility one must first demonstrate respect towards another. Kenshin has always been a courteous man, polite and well mannered in his speech. But it is not just flowerly langauge that shows respect, its deeper than that. It is a conduct, or right action that he practices not for fear of being ostracized for not adhereing to such, but because it is fundamental right of every individual. Kenshin respects allies, and he respects his enemies, and while they may adore or despise him, they still respect him. Even in battle, he is known for praising the actions of his enemies, which more often than not, such lip service only causes them to become overconfident in their abilities, something of which Kenshin will ruthlessly exploit.

Gi (義, "Rectitude"): Gi is closely linked to justice and a person that possesses the character to act swiftly and resolutely for the cause of justice. It is this virture that has garnered Kenshin such charisma amongst his clan, allowing him to rise the position that he currently is in. He is a man who conduts himself with esteemed honor, a characterization that is not borne of mere intellectual understanding, but an instinctive and intuitive understanding of that which is naturally good and just. Kenshin does not try to act in such a manner he simply does, for that is who he is. In war he may act ruthlessly, perhaps even mercilessly against his enemies, but his actions are never excessive. He uses the minimum force necessary to defeat his enemies, nothing more, nothing less. To do this however requires an immense intellect and ability to read the motivations and ambitions of others so that he may judge and retaliate appropiately.

More to come....

History Edit

Name Edit

His original name was Sanada Kazuhiro (真田一朗), but later changed his name to Yagami Seijuro (夜神清十郎) when he inherited the Yagami family name as part of his adoption into the clan after the destruction of the Sanada. He would again change his name to Kenshin (剣心), when he became General of the Yagami clan, believing one needed a heart filled with compassion to protect those around them, but at the same time one needed to be cold, unyielding and ruthless as any sword when the time called for it - the Heart of Sword.

Part I: Early Life Edit

Kenshin was the third son of Sanada Emiya, the clan head of the small but prominent Sanada Clan. Unlike the two elder sons, he was born from the concubine Yagyu Mikumo, after the first wife fell ill. As a result he was often treated very poorly by his brothers, although his father seemed to show great favor towards his youngest son. This action only served to aggravate the two older brothers who began to see Kenshin as an obstacle in their ascension to clan head. When he was young, he along with his mother were sent to the Nagato Province of the Yagami Clan for their own safety. His father had arranged that he would be trained as a vassal for the Yagami clan, and had made plans for Kenshin to be his heir. However it was only a few years later that Sanada Emiya would die, defending the Yagami army's flank, as they moved to a strategic position allowing them to secure a major victory over another clan, the Toyotomi.

Part I: Ascension to Power Edit

Forced into a position he wasnt ready for, and with his two older brothers seething with rage at being passed over as the rightful heirs to the clan, the Sanada Clan soon split into various factions all vying for control. The Sanada were the retainers of the Yagami clan, and so soon after the last war with the Toyotomi, the Yagami could not afford another war on their doorstep. Shortly before an all out civil war could erupt, that the two elder brothers killed one another and their factions swiftly disbanded. It was later revealed that Kenshin had been the mastermind behind their deaths, using their natural distrust with one another. He used his own faction to send various letters of correspondence to make it appear as though the other was going to side with Kenshin, and by effectively commanded his spies to leave evidence to implicate the other. To support these claims, Kenshin eventually began to provide small amounts of aid to both of his brothers, and through political manevuering manipulated them into killing one another. Similarly, their factions were likewise dealt with, swiftly and mercilessly. The aftermath had left the Sanada Clan crippled and but a former shadow of its former glory, leaving the Yagami clan in a weakened military state. For his clans crimes, and betrayal, Kenshin had planned to commit seppuku, but the Yagami clan head instead chose to adopt Kenshin, recognizing his keen mind and potential. As Yagami Hiko hadn't sired any heirs, that role instead fell to Kenshin, who was raised to eventually take up the reigns as clan head.

Part I: Terumi AllianceEdit

Teen Yagami Seijuro

Yagami Seijuro, as the bodyguard for Terumi Mei.

During a peace negotiation, Kenshin had been appointed as the Yojinbo to the Terumi Clan Heiress, whilst her marriage arrangements to another prominent Clan - the Fujiwara. The mission took a turn for the worse, the betrothed was killed with evidence pointing towards Terumi involvement with the Yagami as an accomplice. Thereafter assassins were sent after the group, forcing Kenshin and company to flee Fujiwara lands, whilst uncovering the conspiracy of who set them up, and to prove their innocence. Kenshin was successful in rooting out the conspirators amongst the Fujiwara faction, who were against the marriage to a bloodline family and another rival faction - the Toyotomi. The Terumi clan would become staunch allies of the Yagami clan immediately thereafter, bolstering the Yagami's military strength, who had been weakened since the fall of the Sanada Clan. This single act restored Kenshin's honor in the eyes of his fellow Yagami who, despite his status remained weary of the boy, who single-handedly caused the destruction of his own clan.

Part II: Fujiwara-Toyotomi Conquest Edit

Following the events of the Terumi Alliance, Kenshin returned to his clan only to find that they were on the brink of war with the Toyotomi and the Fujiwara. The clan conspirators had staged a coup, executing the ruling body, allying with their rivals and began building up their military strength. Finding himself responsible, Kenshin took it upon himself to lead a small strike force of samurai and shinobi hailing from the Terumi clan for reconnaissance. Kenshin led his team first to the Owari Province, the island inhabited by the Toyotomi clan. The Toyotomi clan had been rivals to the Yagami prior to their defeat years ago, made only possible by his father. So when the Fujiwara approached the Toyotomi, they were eager to regain their former glory by crushing the clan that had weakened them so. But despite the clans weakness, the Toyotomi have enjoyed a province rich with natural resources, making them very wealthy. So even with their reduced military might, they could afford to hire mercenary groups to do their work for them.

Kenshin used this to his advantage by hiring his own mercenary group and mingling with them, appointing one of their own as the official "face" of their band. He then found a buyer within the Toyotomi, and was literally paid to enter their province. Although he was unable to gain official military documentation, he was able to obtain intel on the various missions other mercenary groups were tasked with. These clues, when pieced together illustrated the various movements and strategies of the Toyotomi. With their mission objective complete, Kenshin opted to keep his force within Toyotomi borders, believing this was an opportune time for a preemptive strike. The Toyotomi had employed individual groups of mercenaries as cell units; independent and oblivious of each others movements, and actions. Kenshin exploited this hole by having his shinobi subordinates pose as Toyotomi buyers, maneuvering the newly hired mercenaries into skirmishes with other cells, before they secretly fled, leaving a trail of evidence to implicate the Fujiwara. His strategy worked, brilliantly at that, and this particular blunder, practically destroyed the alliance between the the two former rival clans, who had only allied to deal with a common threat. When their alliance finally dissolved, the threat of war soon died months later, as both had become distrusting of the other. Upon his return Kenshin was promoted to Vice-Commander of the Yagami Army for his efforts in preventing an all-out war, the Yagami werent ready to fight.

Part II: The Tachibana Request Edit

After the events of the Fujiwara-Toyotomi conquest, news spread throughout the Land of Water of the Yagami's clan rapid and decisive victories. But unbeknownst to Kenshin the loss of the Toyotomi clan left an enormous power gap, with several factions now vying for power. The Tachibana were another notable clan, renown for their warrior maidens, and matriarchal government, who occupied the Iga province out on the western shores. The Tachibana have had the most contact with the elemental countries since their very founding. The wars that have broken out have sent thousands of immigrants, particularly women hoping to escape the brutality of war, and the roving mercanaries that plagued the land. But recently there had been a particularly powerful clan of shinobi who have moved against them, attacking their settlements on the Iga province and retreating back to mainland. The shinobi clan - the Takamura, having possessed the rare Hawk bloodpact, used it and the Hawk's unique techniques to wage guerilla warfare against the Tachibana. Hearing news of the Yagami's success, the Tachibana sent a representative formally requesting aid. Seeking an opportunity to solidify relations with a respected rival, Kenshin convinced the then Yagami Clan leader - Yagami Emiya to send aid, specifically in the form of the newly created Special Tactics Squadron, commanded by Kenshin himself.

Part III: The First Blood Spilt Edit

Kenshin and his group meet with the Tachibana on neutral grounds on one of the many uninhabital islands - Ganryu in secret to discuss strategy and relations. However Takamura spies intercept their communications and stage ambush on Ganryu island. The Yagami and Tachibana are forced to unite, as the aerial forces of the Takamaru launch their attacks by air. During the battle the Tachibana demonstrate their prowess by holding up a defensive position, while the Yagami maneuver into position to launch their counterattack. Their efforts are successful in driving back the Takamaru, but with the threat of a security breach the group make haste to return to the Iga province. The battle at Ganryu was in fact a delaying tactic to keep them occupied while the main force of the Takamura launched an attacked in the Iga province. With surprise, and aerial superiority on their side the Takamura quickly overtake the Tachibana's main village and prepare to ambush the group as they return, intending on finishing the major leaders of this war off in one fell swoop.

To Be Continued...

Part IV: The Bloody MistEdit

Part V: The Fourth MizukageEdit

Part VI: The Fourth Great Shinobi WarEdit

Abilities Edit

Kenshin is a master swordsman and influential figure in all the Land of Water. He possesses knowledge and wisdom far beyond his years, and is considered a master in the realms of strategy and tactics. Even at a young age, Kenshin demonstrated exceptional tactical ability, exploiting the doubt between his brothers, forcing them to divide their forces weakening them severely, only to continue to win decisive military victories through the use of misdirection and subterfuge.

Kenjutsu Edit

Dual Weapon & Iaijutsu Mastery: The Gorin no Taisei is an ambidextrous style that makes use of the sword and sheath at the same time as dual weapons. As one who has mastered the style, Kenshin is also a master at wielding large weapons one-handed. Due to his weaker than average strength, Kenshin developed a means of wielding weapons by a highly acute sense of balance which allows him to wield the weapon. As the Gorin no Taisei uses an odd off-hand weapon it requires a unique method of fighting, a style in which Kenshin is notoriously famous for. He typically begins his attacks with iaijutsu, quickly unsheathing his sword and attacking in the same instant, while following up with a secondary strike with the sheath to temporarily daze distract the opponent. Kenshin is able to sheath his sword in positions not common in battoujutsu, making his swordplay very unpredictable. He demonstrates a masterful understanding of the mechanics of both dual weapon combat and iaijutsu yet uses them seamlessly in battle. Few shinobi are able to contend with him in melee, as they are unable to perform handseals, as his sword is capable of interrupting them before they can be completed, making him adept in Anti-Ninja warfare.

However, his focus is primarily in his mastery of iaijutsu, a skill that he has honed and favors more than the traditional dual weapon fighting of the Yagami clan. He has achieved the pinnacle of swordsmanship, a master in his own right, that few are able to stand against. In his hands, a sword is not a weapon, but an instrument, where each stroke, each movement performed is like the lines in a famous painting. His attacks are supremely swift, elegant and precise, that he could cut a leaf in two yet place them together again as though they had never been cut. His unique style is one designed to fight against many, possessing the same ferocity of a demon, attacks coming from nearly every direction, a combination born from his immense speed, and tactical ability. He engage his opponents utilizing an omni-directional offensive strategy bewildering them with afterimages, phantom strikes, and attacks from seemingly impossible directions. However, Kenshin practices a great deal of restraint, in the midst of combat, careful only to use the minimum amount of force necessary to overcome any threat. Due to his philosophy he prefers to minimize death, but will not shy away from it. His sword, his path is one that lives, fights and will die for others, not for himself.

Physical Prowess & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed: Kenshin's body is designed primarily for agility, speed and flexiblity, while lacking in strength. Therefore it became paramount that Kenshin center his training on building up his speed and endurance to inhuman levels. As a samurai and master of battoujutsu, speed is even more necessary if one wants to survive in the shinobi world, further adding fuel to his determination. The Gorin no Taisei is a formless taijutsu style allowing one to develop their abilities and influence their own training. For Kenshin this meant that his unique style is suited primarily for explosive high-speed movement, incredible agility and the use of precision based strikes to quickly and efficiently defeat his opponents. The training he has undergone, has been specifically modified towards the development and refinement of his speed in nearly every aspect possible. From hand motions, to step methods, to full body motions, his speed is one that has been acutely tuned since he was a child. As an adult, he has become one of the fastest beings in both the samurai and shinobi world, that few if any are able to compete against.

Immense Strength: Kenshin's frail body has always been a weakness, and no amount of physical conditioning would change that. Compared to his allies, his physical strength has always been the weakest but that was before his mastery in the Gorin no Taisei. The ability to control ones life energy, and then give it form through yin energy is truly a marvelous concept, one that Kenshin has developed extensively, allowing him to translate his will directly into raw power. By channeling chakra throughout his body, he can increase his bodies strength immensely.

Immense Endurance: The development of one's physical body is part of the foundation of the Gorin no Taisei in order to cultivate and develop one's Yang Chakra - life energy. It is a necessary component and one the Yagami has spent centuries perfecting through their unique training regiments to build and improve the bodies condition quickly, and efficiently. Kenshin has undergone tremendous amounts of physical conditioning, granting him superhuman levels of endurance and durability. His frame may be small, but he is capable of suffering through tremendous punishment, and has been known to block steel with his very skin by coating it in a thin layer of chakra. His will and determination are unmatched allowing him to carry on when his body has long since fallen.

Chakra & Nature Transformation Edit

Main Article: Yin-Yang Release

Purified Chakra Reserve: One of the principle techniques and philosophy's of the Niten Ichi Ryuu Gorin no Taisei, is the refinement and purification of one's chakra. Much like water being cleaned through a water-filter, the breathing methods that are taught in this style perform a similar function by removing the impurities within one's chakra, in order to generate more power overall while minimizing the amount of energy expended. Each unit of chakra thereby becomes more potent. Kenshin's chakra reserves are considered enormous, astoundingly so for a samurai, though in reality he has no more chakra than a typical jounin. However due to the training he has undergone to refine its purity, its potency is truly immense, comparable to the potency of a Tailed Beast itself, as pure chakra easily changes form with a little manipulation, he is capable of utilizing nearly all elements of ninjutsu. Furthermore since the breathing methods stimulate the circulation of chakra within his system, unlike other Shinobi who must wait for days for their reserves to replenish, Kenshin need only take a short rest to "catch his breath" to restore what was lost. The amount of chakra he uses for any given technique is minscule allowing him to use his techniques virtually at will.

Relationships Edit

Mei Terumī: Kenshin has known the Godaime Mizukage for the majority of his life, nearly two decades, first meeting her when he was appointed as her yojimbo, an escort during her meeting with the Fujiwara for her arranged marriage. Following the events of the Terumi Alliance, Kenshin and Mei would ally together during many joint operations, and missions administered by both clans. Though they hadn't always been friends, initially there was distrust, perhaps even a bit of enmity, after all the clan heiress wasnt always as kind and considerate as is she now. But through the constant battles, strangers became steadfast allies, friends, and perhaps something more. But before their feelings, they each held a responsibility to their clans - the duties and obligations would always come first.

Trivia Edit

  • Kenshin is loosely based off of the japanese daimyo Uesugi Kenshin.
  • Kenshin shares the same birthday and appearance (from the anime Hakuoki) with Hijikata Toshizou.
  • Kenshin's age suggests that he was 17 by the time Momochi Zabuza graduated from the academy, and what followed was the fallout of the years in the Bloody Mist. By the time Mei is the fifth Mizukage, Kenshin is already 34 going on 35 before the Fourth Great Shinobi War.
  • Miscellaneous Information:
    • Kenshin's hobbies are calligraphy and painting.
    • Kenshin wishes that he and Terumi Mei could find happiness.
    • Kenshin's favorite food is curry and other spicy foods. He dislikes sweets.
    • Kenshin's favorite phrase is "awareness of emptiness" (悟空, goku)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kenshin was designed with an emphasis on creating as unique a backstory as possible without the use of overused bloodlines, ridiculous and cliche plot lines, and expanding upon the back-story of the Naruto World. Land of Water was chosen because it was an ideal location for a character to grow as it was stated that they were plagued with a constant series of civil wars between the various islands. Much of this is inspired by the Sengoku Period in Japanese history, with the use of many historical clan names.