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Kentarō Suzuki
Crimson Samurai (真紅の侍, Shinku no Samurai)
Name Kentarō Suzuki
Kanji 建太郎 鈴木
Romanji Suzuki Kentarō
Personal Status
Birthdate January 11
Age 21 (Path of our Heroes)
Gender Male Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 140 lbs
Blood Type B+
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Suzuki Suzuki Clan
Occupation Clan Leader
Previous Occupation Unknown
Family Ayane Suzuki (Wife)
Mukuro (Father-in-law)
Tarō Suzuki (Descendent)
Saitō Hajime (Descendent)
Suzuki Suzuki Clan
Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki Clan
Rank Clan Leader
Classification Swordsman
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning
Nature Icon Wind Wind
Jutsu Chakra Sensing Technique
Chakra Suppression Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Generic Sealing Technique
Transformation Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Repulse
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Attract
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Levitation
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Railgun
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Sandstorm
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Shock Wave
Nature Icon Pulse Chakra Negation Technique
Weapons Katana

Kentarō Suzuki (建太郎 鈴木, Suzuki Kentarō) is a famous and well respected ninja from the Land of Fire. The young leader of the famed Suzuki Clan, he is capable of using the kekkei tōta known as Pulse Release, by combining three elements, Lightning, Wind, and Fire. In his youth his clan was almost destroyed by then unknown forces of the Samurai and Kentaro was taken to the Land of Iron as a hostage to preserve the Suzuki's continued loyalty to the Samurai and also to ensure that they did not reveal any information about the Samurai to any other clans or nations. As a result he grew up among them and learned much of the ways of the sword from them and it was there that he met his future wife Ayane, the daughter of Mukuro, one of the most prominent generals among the samurai. This helped to reduce some of the animosity between the samurai and the Suzuki and upon his elder brother's death he was allowed to freely return to his clan to help his father lead the clan. As a result of his samurai training and his flaming red hair he has earned the moniker of the Crimson Samurai (真紅の侍, Shinku no Samurai).

But while his links with the Samurai are quite strong, he still holds a grudge against them for the destruction that rained upon his clan because of them and above all the death of his mother for which, though unknown to him, his own father-in-law was responsible. He still sees the Samurai as dangerous enemies and though he is bonded to them by marriage, the bonds he shares with his own clan members and the Uzumaki, the clan from which his mother hailed, are still much stronger. As such he is in more than one way a man being pulled apart from within, on the one side is his love for his wife and a reluctance to harm her people, and on the other side is his sense of duty and to some measure a desire for revenge that pushes him in the other direction.


Kentaro Full


Kentarō is a tall and lean young man with long flaming red hair, a result of his Uzumaki heritage, and a prominent "X" shaped scar on his left cheek. He is fair skinned and quite well muscled despite his lean appearance. He normally dresses in traditional samurai attire, normally in shades of red and gray though the colors do sometimes vary.

The most standout part of his clothing is the kimono, consisting of an outer and inner layer. The outer layer is normally red in color though he is known to wear blue ones on occasion as well. The outer layer is made of silk and is light and fine textured. In winter he replaces the silk outer layer for one made out of heavier material such as wool. The inner layer is pure white and is much more durable and comfortable than the outer layer.

Below the kimono he wears a hakama: wide, flowing trousers in shades of white. The trousers are loose fitting which allow Kentarō to execute acrobatic stunts with ease. They are also made of durable materials so as to keep up with a lot of wear and tear. He wears a white cloth belt, a obi, around his waist tied up front. The obi is worn over his kimino and he normally keeps his sword thrust through it on the left side. If and when he carries to swords, the main sword is slung by cords from the obi while the short sword (Wakizashi) was worn through the Obi.

For footwear he wears sandals, cloth shoes or boots depending on the situation. Sometimes he also wears black bandages tied around his hands to improve his grip. Though this is his most common attire, he sometimes puts on clothing that is more similar to what would be called traditional ninja clothing consisting of dark pants, a loose half-sleeved shirt, equipment pouch on his left thigh and a flak jacket.







Pulse ReleaseEdit


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