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Kesshō Burittsu: Heavenly Bolt
Name Kesshō Burittsu: Heavenly Bolt
Kanji 決勝ブリッツあまつさしじょう
Rank A-rank
Other Jutsu

This ability, using Gray's own innate lightning attuned Chakra, as well as real lightning directed to his hand through use of his Kesshō Burittsu, creates a large amount of lightning energy which focuses itself on Gray's free palm, forming into a small javelin-like projectile to be thrown. When thrown the projectile begins to spin like a drill, giving it a large amount of piercing power which can easily punch through even the strongest of defenses without incident. Due to the fierce vibration levels of the lightning itself only the most powerful of defensive jutsu can hope to guard or otherwise divert this powerful jutsu.

Known Users Edit

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