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Third stage burittsuai Kesshō Burittsu: Light Step
Name Third stage burittsuai Kesshō Burittsu: Light Step
Kanji 決勝ブリッツこうあつ
Classification Dōjutsu
Rank A-rank
Other Jutsu

A technique that offers Gray an ultimate offense and defense by continually rotating an extremely high voltage electric current around his body, which he himself is immune to. This field serves to bounce away any projectile thrown at him by means of a small electric shock, while the same electric shock prevents others from drawing near, while also numbing the targets body. However, should someone successfully strike Gray between the eyes, the entire technique will fail as it originates from the eyes. In addition, the aura serves to greatly enhance Gray physically, with many of the new generation of Konoha ninja comparing it to A's Lightning Release Armor and a natural evolution of the Burittsuai: Zōdai the Kazuki Clan practice from an early age. Like the Lightning Release Armor, the High Voltage technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster to danger and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, though like many high-level Dōjutsu, the strain on the eyes is tremendous, though the same holds true for the users body. This makes it incredibly useful for short, quick usages; such as required for the use of the Unshūmusan Kenjutsu techniques and less useful for long, drawn-out battles. When used at full power, Gray's strength, speed and reflexes are maxed; allowing Gray to subdue even Kage-level opposition.

Known Users Edit

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