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Third stage burittsuai Kesshō Burittsu: Light Step
Name Third stage burittsuai Kesshō Burittsu: Light Step
Kanji 決勝ブリッツけいかいそち
Rank A-rank
Other Jutsu

When using this particular technique, Gray's body is cloaked in lightning and when he moves, some of this lightning splits off from him and forms individual bolts which move in sync with his own movements. It has been found that the leading bolt, a role which Gray assumes, in a cluster of lightning moves at a speed of 140,000 mph. This makes it one of the fastest known Jutsu in the world, surpassing Swift Release in speed and rivaling that of space/time manipulation Ninjutsu. However, it does take it tool on Gray's muscles, meaning prolonged use could very well hospitalize him. Also, to utilize this Jutsu, one must first utilize Burittsuai: Lightning Strike, allowing it to strike their own body, where it proceeds to suffuse their limbs completely. In addition, should Gray combine it with the Body Flicker Technique he can reach speeds which are close to untraceable even with use of the Sharingan to trace the movement.

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