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Third stage burittsuai Kesshō Burittsu: Living Lightning
Name Third stage burittsuai Kesshō Burittsu: Living Lightning
Kanji 決勝ブリッツリビングらいこう
Rōmaji Kesshō Burittsu: Ribingu Raikou
Rank A-rank
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Chakra Nature 100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
User(s) Gray Kazuki

This technique uses the Yang principle in conjunction with the Kesshō Burittsu to breathe life into the lightning formed, allowing Gray access to a number of allies all subject to his very whim, while minimizing actual Chakra drain. As such it stands out as the only Jutsu granted by the Kesshō Burittsu that doesn't invoke some form of strain.

While very useful for swamping an enemy with sheer numbers, should Gray be struck and flinch, the lightning giving the creatures formed shape will vanish however. As these summoned creatures are essentially an extension of Gray's own lightning Chakra he can treat them as he would Shadow Clones for reconnaissance in enemy territory, as he recalls everything they see and learn in the same manner; which easily allows him to gauge enemy numbers, strongholds and their state quite quickly.

He can also use these summoned creatures as a source of additional Chakra, though not directly by absorbing it into his body. Instead he can use the lightning forming these creatures to power other Lightning Release justu, such as the Chidori with minimal Chakra requirement from Gray himself.

Known Users Edit

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