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Kitsui Sanretsu (きついさんれつ, Strong Presence) is a Chūnin-level shinobi formerly of Kirigakure, known for his usage of the rare Steel Release Kekkei Genkai. Roaming the lands as a Missing-nin on the run from experienced Hunter-nin, Kitsui has recently settled near the Former Land of Whirlpools off the coast of the Land of Fire.

Appearance Edit

Kitsui is a short but well-built young man with broad shoulders and a kind face. When still affiliated with Kirigakure he wore his golden-blond hair in a tight braid that rested between his shoulders, a red jacket over a black vest and trousers and brown hiking boots. At this point in time he kept his bangs in the middle so that they framed his face on either side as they fell and, in the center of the parting, he left a single strand of hair that stuck up like an antenna. Though lately he has been noted to be haggard and worn out, due mainly to living on the run. He often appears unshaven, with blond stubble growing in on his chin and cheeks. Instead of his braid he now wears a simpler ponytail with his hair generally being longer than it had been. The most noteworthy aspect of Kitsui's entire appearance is easily his prosthetic left arm and right leg, which are both made via Steel Release; with the end product being worked upon by experts in the field to create a lightweight but durable design movable through the use of modified Chakra Receivers. Due to these prosthetics, Kitsui's right arm and left leg are almost impervious to damage, though snow, ice and cold weather causes the stumps said prosthetics are attached to to ache.

Personality Edit

History Edit

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Part II Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kitsui maintains an almost strict Taijutsu style of his invention and has undergone harsh survival training before he left home. As a result his body is muscular and toned, and easily his best weapon, second only to his steel limbs. His right arm and left leg are entirely made from light but durable steel, which isn't a well known fact. This allows Kitsui to easily surprise his enemies and launch devastating combos without expelling much energy.

Steel Release Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

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