Komura clan
Name Komura clan
Kanji 濃村一族

Komura Clan (濃村一族, "Komura no Ichizoku") was a relatively small clan rooted in the Land of Whirlpools with strong ties to the Uzumaki Clan.


Hiden TechniquesEdit

Talisman ArtsEdit

The Komura Clan's most powerful techniques are its Talisman Arts, a set of 12 Talisman that enact extremely powerful sealing jutsu, to release something sealed away or bind something. These seals are on the same level as the Uzumaki Clan's Seals and as such the two clans have formed a bond to protect each other. These seals are named for the 12 animals of the zodiac.


Clan InformationEdit

Clan MembersEdit

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