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Kori Shishido
Kori headshot
Ice Demon of Iwagakure
(岩隠れの里の氷の悪魔, Iwagakure no Kōri no Akuma)
Kirā (キラー, Killer)
Name Kori Shishido
Kanji 宍戸氷
Personal Status
Astrological Sign Capricorn.svg
December 26
Age 17
Gender Male Male
Height 6'
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type B+
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Suzuki Suzuki Clan
Yuki Symbol Yuki Clan
Occupation Jonin
Family Jūbei Shishido Twin
Classification Jinchūriki
Ninja Registration 652658
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 12
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Ice Ice Release
Tailed Beasts Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse
Hiden Techniques Steam-based ninjutsu
Nature Type Nature Icon Ice Ice Kekkei Genkai
100px-Nature Icon Water.svg Water
Nature Icon Wind Wind
Nature Icon Fire Fire Tailed-Beast
Jutsu Steam Armour
Rain Tiger at Will Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Nature Icon Water Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Nature Icon Ice Ice Clone Technique
Nature Icon Ice Demonic Mirror Ice Murder
Nature Icon Ice Demonic Thin Ice Mirrors
Nature Icon Ice Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors
Nature Icon Ice Ice Prison Technique
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: One Horned White Whale
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique
Nature Icon Ice Ice Spikes
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard
Nature Icon Ice Ice Armor
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release: Frozen Dragon King
Nature Icon Ice Ice Shuriken
Weapons Senbon
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Kori Shishido (宍戸氷, Shishido Kōri) is an anti-hero in Naruto Keishō and one of the title characters in Shishido Gaiden. He is a survivor of the Shishido clan and the twin brother of Jūbei Shishido. He has the rare Kekkei Genkai of the Yuki Clan, the Ice Release. Though born a few minutes after his brother, unlike his twin he inherited the Ice Release which Jubei did not. For this reason he is known as the Ice Demon of Iwagakure (岩隠れの里の氷の悪魔, Iwagakure no Kōri no Akuma). He is also the jinchūriki of the Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse (五尾のイルカ馬, Gobi no Irukauma) and acts as the guardian of Iwagakure. His battle prowess has also earned him the title of Kirā (キラー, Killer).



Kori is a short, fair skinned young man with a highly youthful appearance. He has turquoise eyes and short, spiked, white hair.

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