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Are you truly worthy of that blade of yours? How long did you struggle in order to embed it's essence into your very heart? How long, until you could visualise it's presence into every weapon you could find? Have you been able to wield it as if you were moving your own hand? If not, then I am afraid you are never worthy of your weapon. Either, find another, or, be destroyed

—, Kosenjou to any wielder of a blade

Kosenjō Yūyoku
Blade Mask (身面 Mimen)
Sea Angel (クリオネ Kurione)
Lion Queen of the Sea (海の獅子王妃Umi no Shishiōhi)
Name Kosenjou Yuuyoku
Kanji 有翼古戦場
Romanji Yuuyoku Kosenjou
Personal Status
Birthdate July 28
Age 35
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 55kg
Blood Type A+
Hometown Kirigakure SymbolKirigakure
Home Country Land of Water SymbolLand of Water
Affiliation Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
Previous Affiliation Hunter-Nin
Occupation Swordswoman, Hunter-Nin
Previous Occupation Student under Kushimaru Kuriare
Team Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
Previous Team None
Partner Ayano Kisaragi
Previous Partner Kushimaru Kuriarare
Family Unnamed Parents
Rank Jounin
Classification Jounin
Ninja Registration 099876
Academy Grad. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Kekkei Tōta N/A
Tailed Beasts N/A
Hiden Techniques Dream Wing
Nature Type Nature Icon WaterWater Release
Jutsu Silent Killing
Water Release: Grinding Bullet
Water Release: Cartwheel Saw
Water Release: Beheading Lion Grappling
Water Release: Spiral Pillar
Water Release: Chain Grinding
Hiding in Mist Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Ocean Shedding
Water Release: Lion Cross
Water Release: Devouring Lion
Mystical Palm Technique
Direct Unforked Road
Crescent Moon, Misty Rain
Tremor Hilt
Falling Curtain
Drawn Sword Cross
Hiding in Leaves Technique
Chakra Flow
Weapons Nishikigi
Wire String

Kosenjō Yūyoku (有翼古戦場 Winged, Ancient Battlefield) is one of the many skilled Hunter-Nin of Kirigakure, a member of the new generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and is also a direct subordinate of Mei Terumī. Known for her skill in assassination and skill with a blade. It is due to these that she is known as Blade Mask (身面 Mimen). Also noted for her signature technique, Water Release: Cartwheel Saw, she is also known as Lion Queen of the Sea (海の獅子王妃 Umi no Shishiōhi). Finally, to those who have seen her most secretive technique, Dream Wing, she is remarked as the Sea Angel (クリオネ Kurione)

Gaining the blade, Sanzen Shodai Nagamichi many years ago, Kosenjou wandered Kirigakure to avoid pursuers that wished to take her blade since the war between Kirigakure's military personnel and the former generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. However, going into hiding, she would eventually return as a seasoned warrior, assassin and overall ninja. Realizing that it would be a waste to let such a prodigy stay away from Kirigakure's small military forces, Kosenjou would become the new head of the Hunter-nin as well as one of the new members of the current Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.


Kosenjou is a woman who bears an unusual, haggard look to her, despite her age. Her tall height, matched with a slightly hunched posture gives one the unusual outlook that she is older than she truly is. Kosenjou's eyes are a maroon colour, and surrounding them are eye-bags that yield an appearance of exhaustion to many. Kosenjou's complexion borders on an unhealthy-pale colour while her figure is quite slender and has, although not large, but a noticeable bust size. Kosenjou's hair is a darker-blond colour, adding to her haggard look, it is kept messy, and is at neck-length. It is almost spiked, and kept flared out at the back. Her fringe is kept lowered too her eyebrows, and her bangs down to her neck.

Her attire is simple, consisting of a dull-pink, sleeveless kosode which is accompanied by a large red obi sash across her waist. Along with this, she clads a dull-pink skirt, similar to a hakama, with detached, red bell sleeves, the length of which goes down to her shins. Nishikigi is forever kept with her, she keeps it sheathed and kept at the right nof her waist.



Kosenjou, born into the infamous Yūyoku Clan, a small clan who were known for their marveling skill in executions, assassinations and almost any form of mercenary work. Noted to have great aptitude in swordsmanship and Battōjutsu, their most infamous members were known as Kiri no Battōsai (霧の抜刀斎 lit: Drawn Sword Purifiers). She would be born as Senna (仙名 Hermit Name) to her parents and family, yet despite this wondrous occasion being upon the clan, another conspiracy lied hidden. The government feared the growth of the Yuuyoku and immediately began to rally troops for its complete annihilation. These troops included the famed Hunter-Nin….

Birth and MassacreEdit

Born into a time of relative prosperity, Kosenjou would be noted for her supply of chakra at birth, which would only increase and refine it as she matured. However, it was here that her life would immediately take a different course. The clan’s annihilation was upon them, the Hunter-Nin rallied enough forces of Hunter-Nin and standard ninja to annihilate this clan. A fierce battle had been waged. Blood sprayed from the chests of the wounded, floods occurred due to impeding clashes of Water Release techniques, and swords would gleam with vermillion upon them. It was here that a masked figure would annihilate all who opposed him; a small wire tied the knots around his victims and annihilated them completely. Kosenjou was merely a spectator of these events and had no knowledge of the world around her. Escaping with her life just barely intact, one of her relatives would take her into a nearby forest, leaving her in the care of Mother Nature’s embrace.

The massacre was completed, no more words needed to be said, and all that remained were the corpses of the fallen. Unlike most missions, this one had no need to be hidden, it was merely disguised as a war waged between two clans in gain of power. Those were the stories of those times, battles of supremacy were waged every day, so how was this any different? Yet a single voice could be heard within the silence, a cry of a small child. This small child, was now, Kosenjou.

Sanzen Shodai Nagamichi and Kushimaru KuriarareEdit

It would seem that right before the execution of the clan, the clan’s trademark weapon otherwise known as the Sanzen would be passed down to the last remaining clan member, Kosenjou. Although far too young to be able to realize it, she would inherit this blade. It lied next to her crying infant body, although the most expert of sensors could pick up her voice. Yes, the one who was renowned throughout the land for his tracking, assassination and most exemplary, his amazing swordsmanship skills as one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Sanzen and Kosenjō were found by him, and although his merciless, emotionless nature would usually cause him to annihilate the baby before him, he instead, took upon morality and presented the infant to the government, alongside the sword next to her.

In a few days, a meeting was conferred amongst the lesser-tier government in Kirigakure. They had discussed and rambled on about what was to do with the infant and the blade. Albeit it was almost certain that the blade would remain with them, a little hint from Kushimaru would change their minds. He suggested that Kosenjō would become a servant to the government, a hired blade who would only respond to the government’s commands in the Hunter-nin squads underneath him. The government, rather unusually, approved of this, only under the conditions that Kushimaru himself would bring up the child. Although reluctant at first, he accepted this offer, merely due to the whims of the government being upon his shoulders.

Under Care of Kushimaru KuriarareEdit

Kushimaru had no qualms, well technically, he could have no qualms. Under the pressure of the government, he merely followed their orders without any hesitation, despite the Mizukage’s input not being put into any of this at all. Kushimaru began taking care of Kosenjō, not like a daughter, but like an assassin. When Kosenjō became the age of 5, there were no more nannies that took care of her, and Kushimaru took her under the art of assassination. He assumed that due to being born in such a formidable clan that she possessed high skill in the art of assassination and swordsmanship, it seemed he wasn’t wrong.

Kosenjō had proven herself a child genius, no less than what was expected of her. Even at her meager age, Kosenjō fulfilled whatever expectations the master assassin had, she learned under him, grasping knowledge of assassination, stealth, warfare, strategy and most importantly swordsmanship. Soon enough, it would seem that Kosenjō would be able to deal with academy students of her age with no problems at all, being compared to the former Zabuza Momochi in sheer skill in regards to the physical. However, one disadvantage plagued her; she had not learned to mold her chakra.

Ninjutsu training from Kisame HoshigakiEdit

This…inability as she called it, had greatly irritated her, and although she had learned to compose and essentially be rid of her emotions from younger, she constantly nagged Kushimaru to teach her the ways of nature and shape transformation. Unfortunately, Kushimaru had not been skilled enough in Water Release to teach her this method of combat. As such, he had opted for the famed Kisame Hoshigaki to take her and teach her these arts. Kisame Hoshigaki was a notorious and somewhat famed mercenary warrior, who showed great ingenuity and skill in combat, and was considered to be very well-versed in Kenjutsu and Water Release Ninjutsu, particularly due to his unusual, but surprisingly effective shape transformations he applied to them.

Under his wing, Kosenjō learned to mold chakra, utilise the water surrounding her to her advantage, and even create substantial amounts of water by merely accumulating the moisture in the air to do so. The final skill she learned was to apply shape transformation to her jutsu, causing them to take modified appearances and since Kisame instructed her to bring originality into her jutsu, she opted for the approach of a lion.

Gaining Sanzen Shodai NagamichiEdit

Kushimaru was pleased with the progress Kosenjō had made, both as a person and a ninja. She was considered to be on-par with a high-level Chūnin at her current age, in regards to pure physical and ninja ability, however when coupled with her intelligence, she could even take on Jōnin-level opponents if terrain and the overall battle is advantageous to her in numerous ways.

Finally, Kushimaru deemed it appropriate to hand the blade of her clan back to Kosenjō, considering it would be immoral, especially for a warrior such as Kushimaru to not do so. Personally, he invaded the government’s head-office, along with Kosenjō. Their masks were on as they with extreme accuracy evaded their eyes. However, they did struggle nevertheless, a man known as Fuguki Suikazan, along with his accomplices had been present at the time, guarding the sword from any thieves.

Fuguki was a man of both power and fame; he was known throughout Kirigakure as one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and had been the previous wielder of Samehada, the blade known to devour chakra. A man with great levels of chakra, masterful swordsmanship and most notably, his experience, Kushimaru and Kosenjō had to face a man of power almost equal to Kushimaru’s own.

Kosenjō, due to her inexperience, had rashly attacked the man head on with a fiery onslaught of water-release techniques, but to no avail. Samehada had merely absorbed the chakra inside this water effortlessly, causing all techniques to dissipate before Fuguki. Kushimaru quickly took over the battle, while Kosenjō retreated to take care of the mercenaries that had accompanied Fuguki.

A battle of wits had begun; both opponents were of equal calibre, both of their niches had counter-balanced one another. It was now about who could utilise their abilities to their optimum level. Kushimaru’s Nuibari had been faced with a formidable rival, both swords clashed repeatedly, one upon another the environment surrounding the two had been destroyed.

Kushimaru’s assassination skills however, would prevent him from being locked with Fuguki in direct combat. Rather, the man swept through the shadows, linking together explosive tags, senbon, poisons and expert use of Nuibari to attack his rival with an onslaught of tremendously precise and accurate attacks. Yet Fuguki had been no less, his hair became the catalyst for his next technique, as hordes of needles parried the onslaught that had been thrown at him.

This battle was far different from what normally would be expected for Fuguki. Normally, Samehada would be eating chakra that his opponent threw at him, but currently, Samehada was ‘’truly’’ fighting alongside Fuguki. Their swordsmanship was pitted against one another, delicate skill versus power coupled with timing. There was no definite outcome of this battle, and nobody could ever tell it. Yet, the most unusual occurrence had happened. It would seem that the Mizukage was informed of this battle, and rallied up the rest of the Seven Swordsmen.

Finally, the dragged on battle between Fuguki and Kushimaru had been, momentarily, paused. Yagura had intervened, along with the rest of the swordsmen. Kushimaru explained the situation to the Mizukage and those of his fellow rank.

His fellow swordsman had believed him and had even recommended to the Mizukage that Kushimaru should not be punished. However, the arrogance of the upper-tier council of Kirigakure had made this impossible for him. It was here that, a single battle between two sides of Kirigakure would be fought...with Kosenjō being in the middle.

Hunter-Nin and Acceptance into the Seven SwordsmanEdit

Kosenjou Hunter-Nin

Kosenjō as a Hunter-Nin novice



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

One of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist and a former student of one of the strongest ninja ever produced in Kirigakure, Kushimaru Kuriare, Kosenjō is a highly skilled kunoichi, both in terms of kenjutsu and common ninja-related abilities. Her skills are advanced enough to be able to fight on equal-footing with a fellow Swordsman, Ayano Kisaragi, who is also in her ranks. Kosenjō fights tactfully, rarely unleashing an all-out assault against another unless needed, preferring to use attacks of proportionate power and range to any given situation. Observing the given environment around her, she uses everything in her range to her advantage, whether it be a mere stick all the way to a body of water, she swiftly is able to react to situations placed upon her, using any means to get across them with the most minimal amount of damage. As an assassin, her skills are also upper-tier, using the signature Silent Killing of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen whilst accompanying it with the Hiding in Mist Technique for the maximum efficiency. Even without these techniques, her base physical abilities give her opponents a very short time to react to any of her techniques, and most are felled before they can even put up a fight. She boasts a notable amount of Chakra, considering that she is able to repeatedly use many lower-leveled Water Release techniques rather effectively in battle

Ninja SkillsEdit


Kosenjou is a highly accomplished when it comes down to her abilities in regards to the physical. She doesn't necessarily use them solely to overwhelm her enemies, but rather, keeps them hidden till the opportune moment. Remaining stationary in battle, only using her kenjutsu to keep her opponents at bay, Kosenjou will observe their movement patterns, and experiments with different strikes to deduce their weaknesses. Once doing so, she will move with immense speeds, exposing their weaknesses, using it against them to cut them down as swiftly as possible. If needed, she would even resort to the use of Silent Killing to accomplish this.

Although her skill in the arts of hand-to-hand combat aren't exactly remarkable, in-fact they are likely weaker than most of her rank, Kosenjō, as a Hunter-Nin, is highly knowledgeable in the anatomy of the human body. Thus, she combines this with her natural, rather angular style of fighting to pin-point and disable an opponent with a few strikes, usually leaving them at her mercy soon after-wards. Kosenjō only uses this against her weaker targets, considering that prolonging this would be meaningless against a substantially powerful ninja.

Kosenjō has substantial strength for a ninja of her rank, capable of rather easily causing grievous damage to an average fighter with a single strike from her palms. Even with the sheath of her blade, she can cause her adversary to be flung away by the sheer force that lays behind it. Even with her blade drawn, the pressure formed by the shockwave resulting in a clash between another's blade is enough to disrupt the surrounding environment to a certain extent, hinting at her great strength. She has also shown substantial amounts of stamina and durability, fighting for prolonged periods of time without seeming tired in the least and taking most attacks at her person without too much reaction.

Likely her most developed skill is her natural speed and agility. Considering that Kushimaru Kuriarare was her master, who possessed a considerable amount of speed and agility when fighting, as well as precision, Kosenjō would inherit these traits through training. Kosenjō is capable of rather flawlessly moving through the battle, using speed and agility to correctly evade attacks and simultaneously striking her opponents with swift and accurate swings, normally felling them in few blows.

Medical NinjutsuEdit

Kosenjō possesses notable skill in the arts of Medical Ninjutsu, capable of using the Mystical Palm Technique to great effect, along with the Chakra Scalpel, though not on the level of those such as Kabuto Yakushi and Tsunade, Kosenjō, as a Hunter-nin, possesses in-depth knowledge about anatomy and chakra functions in order for better potency during assassinations. Noted to be able to rather easily disable limbs through the use of senbon combined with various poisons and occasional use of the Chakra Scalpel, Kosenjō for minor missions relies on her medical prowess rather than her actual combat prowess, though she is able to seamlessly blend both for the most efficient results. Her skill in conventional healing is enough to immediately suppress most of her comrade's injuries if need be.

Nature Transformation and Shape ManipulationEdit

Kosenjō is noted to be highly skilled in the use of Ninjutsu, more specifically in Nature Transformation and Shape Manipulation. Having been a direct student under the likes of Kisame Hoshigaki, Kosenjō has taken a very innovative approach with her Water Release techniques. Like Kisame, she has a particular animal motif, in her case, it is the Lion; seen in her Beheading Lion Grappling, Lion Cross and Devouring Lion techniques. Aside from this, she has created many of her own unique techniques which are very versatile, such as Cartwheel Saw and the like.

Though after her initial training with Kisame, she began to delve into even more complex techniques, including those such as her Ocean Shedding Technique, clever use of the Hiding in Mist Technique. Finally, she has shown to create variations of traditional techniques, including Grinding Bullet and is knowledgeable of traditional techniques such as Water Fang Bullet.

Overall, her skills are such that she is able to form water without the need of a prior source of water by causing the water molecules in the air to condense and form into water. Out of all the Seven Swordsmen, she is likely one of the most proficient in Water Release techniques due to her extensive training.

Hiden TechniqueEdit

Though she only possesses a single Hiden technique, known as Dream Wing, it is an exceedingly intricate technique that she only relies on in the most desperate of situations. It is a "shroud genjutsu", that allows her to preconceive and create conditions in order to evade virtually attack in proportion to her senses. However, she isn't capable of using this technique for long periods of time due to it taking a large amount of chakra as well as concentration. Yet regardless, if used in short periods of time, it can be highly useful.


So refined, so simplistic and yet how is it that even the most devious of enemies fail to the mighty blade It is not the blade itself, but it is the hands who wield it. A single parry, and one thousand onslaughts. All in a single motion, and yet, the blade ever so slightly is removed from it's exquisite, black sheath.

—A bystander commenting on Kosenjō's Swordsmanship

Kosenjou, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist as well as an exceedingly skilled Hunter-Nin of Kirigakure, possesses an almost abnormal skill in swordsmanship. One of the finest Kunoichi ever produced in Kirigakure, perhaps even rivaling the likes of Reika Masamune, Ayano Kisaragi and even Mei Terumī, very few are able to best her in sheer combat.

Refined and elegant, her style isn't necessarily considered "graceful", it is still considerably amazing to watch her performance in the stage of battle. It is noted that her skill in swordsmanship is enough to dispatch of multiple samurai with ease, merely coupling her skill with Chakra Flow to battle against them.

Kosenjō practices the arts of Battōjutsu (抜刀術 Drawn Sword Art) and her own unique form of combat known as Kawagekidō (皮撃如何 Way of the Sheath Attack) seamlessly blending in both styles of Kenjutsu for a truly devastating form of combat that very few can hold their own against.

Speed makes up the core of her style, with low positions similar to Seiza albeit with feet standing are made to gain great collective damage from her adversary whilst evading the majority of attacks. Preferring to remain in this position, she will at specific moments use twirls and singular parkour movement to swiftly attack from an enemy's blindspots. Battōjutsu is rarely used primarily, and is preferably a secondary form of combat either for elimination or merely to improve her own chances of victory. Reactions are incomprehensibly precise, with accurate dodges and counters that are created with fluidity yet angular accuracy.

Kawagekidō is placed into the battlefield, the guard of Nishikigi impales the abdomen of her adversary, spilling blood from their mouth, Hassō-no-kamae is taken, and a leap into the air with a rotation of a drill, a sheath is stomped upon her opponent. Landing with a single palm to the ground, an enemy attempts to strike, yet it is unfathomable that he does so. A sheath replaces the blade in an exemplary display of speed and deception, a momentary distraction and a single draw. The battle has ended, with the blood of her enemy, written upon her blade.

  • Hassō-no-Kamae (八相(八双)の構 All (eight) directions) an offensive stance which is one of the primary kamae of many Koryū Kata, namely, Kendō. The sword is held pointing upright, the hilt in front of the right shoulder and the blade sloping slightly to the rear. The practitioner's left foot is placed forward. The stance emphasizes the use of reactions and allows one to respond to any situation from any direction, (in this case, the eight directions of a compass).

One of her most exemplary traits of Kenjutsu is her masterful skill over Battōjutsu. She is capable of drawing her blade in barely a moment's notice, similar to Iaidō, however, while doing so, she increases the momentum of the blade by slashing through her draw. Combined with Kawagekidō, she commonly is seen to flawlessly combine the two swordsmanship styles for marvelous effect, counteracting the momentary weakness of Battōjutsu through her skill in manipulating her sheath in a battle.

Kosenjō is capable of repeated and powerful strikes, although she doesn't use these to wholly overwhelm her enemy, as this would be rather pointless, but rather, she uses concise strikes which are increased when the necessity arises. Simply put, her skills are great enough to be considered formidable by the other swordsman in her rank, including the famed Kenshin Yagami.

Sanzen Shodai NagamichiEdit

Hunter-Nin SkillsEdit

Assassination ProwessEdit


Usage of PoisonsEdit

Weaponry ExpertiseEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

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