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Kuebiko Clan
Kuebiko Clan Picture
Name Kuebiko Clan
Kanji 久延毘古一族
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Storm Storm Release

The Kuebiko Clan (久延毘古一族; Kuebiko Ichizoku) is a family of skilled warriors located within the Land of Lightning. However small, they are a well-known mercenary entity with a firm hold over vital trade routes within their homeland. Though typically neutral in political affairs, they elected to adopt a shaky alliance with the Senju Clan.

Overview Edit

Though very little is known about the Kuebiko's origins, it has been said that their lineage has perpetually been located within the Land of Lightning since before the days of the Sage of Six Paths. It is believed that because of this lasting presence within the Land, they have been able to seize control of key trade routes and natural resources systematically throughout the ages; thus resulting in an untold amount of wealth and influence. This influence played a major role in their political standing, as they generally prefer to stay out of the affairs of neighboring Lands and concern themselves with only accumulating more coin and resources. Their alliance with the Senju Clan was forged only to continue this trend, as the prideful Uzumaki had began eyeing their trade routes. In exchange for the Uzumaki turning their passions away from the Land of Lightning, the Kuebiko would provide funds, resources, and in certain cases, expendable manpower to the Senju.

Synopsis Edit

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Influence Edit

Over time, the Kuebiko have accumulated an exceptional influence that has resulted in their vast wealth. As aforementioned, they have seized vital trade routes and access to natural resources and have even conquered peoples from whom they supply expendable manpower to the Senju. Among them are the Shinja Clan, a loose-knit congregation of nomadic shinobi "known" for pacifistic their behaviors on the world stage.

Traits Edit

Like few others in the world of shinobi, the Kuebiko are a clan first identified by their physical appearance; in particular, their dark complexion. Over the years, very few of such complexion have surfaced on the world stage and all have hailed from the Land of Lightning. On the field of battle, they are identified by their exceptional skill in wielding their bloodline limit, a rare combination of the Water and Lightning nature transformations known as the Storm Release.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied that the canon's Raikage have some relation to this clan.
  • Kuebiko is the name of the Shinto deity of knowledge and agriculture.

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