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Kugutsu: Eichi no Nou [Puppet Technique: Intelligence Gift]
Name Kugutsu: Eichi no Nou [Puppet Technique: Intelligence Gift]
Other Jutsu

Kugutsu: Eichi no Nou [Puppet Technique: Intelligence Gift] B Rank jutsu. This technique allows the user to bestow their human sense upon a puppet. It uses only a C rank amount of chakra per post and doesn't drain on concentration, but at a price. The user literally gives their sense or senses to the puppet. This means that whatever sense is given to the puppet, the kugutsu master loses it in his body. Unless given a good opportunity, or using kugutsu at its farthest ranges, this merely changes the location of the user's sense perception. The difficulty in actually performing the technique means that the user will lose the sense perception if the puppet is strained in any way or if the user is strained. The user has the ability to "slip" into the puppet in order to give the sense. This allows for quick grabs at information and to reconnect after losing grasp of the technique.

Known Users Edit

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